26Santa Cruz, United States
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My self-summary
"It's like we weren't meant for this world. Though I wouldn't really want to meet someone who was."

My sense of humor favors the absurd. Most everything can be amusing. most everything else is tragic.

Though I am quite reserved and experience most pleasure in the quiet moments of life, I occasionally seek adventure.

i am seeking new female, LGBTQ, and straight male friends
[platonic relationships]
What I’m doing with my life
pursuing a BS in Cognitive Science, with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence. wanted to minor in Electronic Music. i later had to abandon that idea when i became a Panic Attack Monster.

I am putting of graduation until I gain optimal levels of sanity
Meanwhile. What I do is get stoned and watch tv and draw. I often walk to destinations for the purpose of both exercise and socialization.

eventually ill probably end up researching shits and giggles and a few of my favorite things. hopefully in the UK. Cognitive Neuroscience. PhD! Autism!
I’m really good at
being frustratingly impartial
book learnin
entertaining my cat with feathers and strings
feeling alien
college radio
taking fat bong rips
truly enjoying dubstep. musical whippets
chillin mayne
loving others
wobblin upon the tight rope between existentialism and nihilism
The first things people usually notice about me
people that I am in the process of meeting generally choose to comment on
my "exotic" looks
that i am "fun-sized"
that i don't talk much
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
...... .....i wish i possessed the mind of..... ....
___________ Richard D James _____________
ruxpin. amon tobin. .3tronik. skip. acidburp. tycho. Loom. boards of canada. wisp. moth conk midi. felix da housecat. burial. wagawaga. air. koen park. Autechre. squarepusher. borgore. cookie monsta.modestep. downlink..
...rephlex records!!!electronic music!!!net labels!!!DJs...Creators Project
music__hip hop
macklemore. grieves. outkast. aesop rock. eminem. Scarface.
mf doom.dr. octagon. jay z. 2 pac. childish gambino ...
cocorosie. Nirvana (sploosh). devendra bandheart. beirut. of montreal. peaches. portugal. the man. megapuss. cream. greatttttful dead. the unseen. elliott smith. the sound of animals fighting. chiodos. deftones. radiohead. the streets. modest mouse. the doors. system of a down....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-----thought loops.
brain fucks.++++++++++
singularity surrealism perception cognition posthumanism reality hallucination meditation space illustration love 420 scifi
my dream gay best friend.
my skillfully crafted alternate lives.
silly things. stoopid things.stoned things. my cat. serious things.
how NOT to give a fuck
my happy place
black/white.chemical reactions
genius. beauty. bodies. aliens
WEED. green eyes. blue eyes. Blonde hair. abs. sexy time.
grungy shit. nutella.
models. fashion. hip things. american apparel.
when my self-destruct sequence will finally come to an end
On a typical Friday night I am
crying myself to sleep
You should message me if
you are nice and groovy and genuine and have a distinct humour about you
must love to chill!must live locally!
The two of us