32 Temple, United States
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My self-summary
I think the answers in my question section will do a better job explaining who I am better than I could.

Every time I wrote anything about myself I always felt I was either being too arrogant or too self-deprecating. I couldn't find a way to talk about myself without feeling uncomfortable.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Incognito: the secret life of the brain, the 4 hour body, the nerdist way, god is not great, the moral landscape,

I'm working on reading more.


Arrested development, walking dead, breaking bad, game of thrones, mystery science theater 3000, it's always sunny in Philadelphia, workaholics, archer, Doctor Who, Sherlock, orphan black


The dark knight, fight club, snatch, shawshank redemption, ip man, Pineapple Express, anchor man, Star Wars ( original trilogy only).

Video Games: Current/recent games.

Skyrim, fallout 3, call of duty: black ops, portal 1 & 2, half-life games,


Star talk with Neil DeGrass Tyson, nerdist, WTF with mark marron, comedy film nerds, you made it weird with Pete Holmes, in our time podcast, weird things, indoor kids, Jordan Jesse Go