29San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a cheerful cynic, an avid shoe shopper, and a bit of a workaholic.

Breaking out into impromptu dance parties is a big part of my life. So is reading; I do a lot of it at home and on the train. But however hellbent I am on efficiency, reading and dancing simultaneously continues to be a challenge.

I have an off-color sense of humor and am terrible at censoring myself, but am also always overdressed, which in conjunction with my personality and interests serves only to confuse people.

It's hard for me to turn down any competitive activities except for bowling and croquet because I'm bad at them. Fuck rolling balls.

There's nothing I love more than intense, tangential conversations about all sorts of stuff: psychology, society, relationships, whether to buy those damn shoes or not. I'm rational to a fault and enjoy exploring the gray area far more than I do taking sides.

I don't fit into any one particular scene -- I'm more of a chameleon. I like buying fancy handbags and funny taxidermy. I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie but I love home decor. I grew up in NYC, but really like doing dumb redneck shit (think ATVs, not meth labs). I'm equally comfortable in corporate board rooms, skateparks, snooty yacht excursions, punk rock bars, and Bloomingdale's -- though in reality, I spend most of my free time being a workaholic or chasing my neurotic rescue dog around Duboce Park. That said, you won't find me at music festivals or football games anytime soon; despite being an extrovert, I generally avoid large crowds and have an aversion to tribalism, though I do have a giant soft spot for cheesy nightclubs.

I have a Facebook I check sometimes, but beyond that social media isn't really a big part of my life. I'm the kind of person who goes on a big trip and forgets to take even one photo.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm just another tech startup douche like everyone else here. I head up product management and design at an enterprise software company and very much enjoy it. Day job aside though, I avoid the tech scene like the plague and couldn't care less about recent valuations and who's invested in what and all that tomfoolery.

I'm also an amateur psychiatrist at the School of WebMD. Mental health fascinates me and I have been known to impose my diagnoses on friends, family, and unsuspecting homeless people.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Not a food or drink snob -- I don't cook and I'll eat most anything. My wine knowledge is just refined enough that I can occasionally tell the difference between white and red.

Books: Mainly psychology, fiction, and pop science. Hitchhiker's Guide, American Gods, Good Omens, Ender's Game/Ender's Shadow, The Brain That Changes Itself, Middlesex, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, World War Z, A Wrinkle in Time, Blood Meridian, Blindness, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, The Prince, The Book of Lost Things, East of Eden, The Drunkard's Walk, Thinking Fast and Slow, Stiff, and of course Harry Potter

Other things I like: animated movies, Radiolab, Less Wrong, Quora, Taboo (the board game), charades, Miyazaki movies, catchy top 40s songs, xkcd, gifting people strange arts and crafts creations, Jeopardy when I can yell answers at the screen, and admittedly Game of Thrones.

I live in a bubble. Sometimes I'll raise my head only to find that four months have passed since I last saw a movie or a YouTube video or listened to any new music. It's not that I don't enjoy these things, it's just that they're not top priorities.
Six things I could never do without
Do six pairs of shoes count, or would that be twelve things?
You should message me if
...if you think we'd get on swimmingly, but you're okay with not dating me or boning me. I now use OKCupid to make friends, which is why I'm still on here despite being in a mostly
monogamous relationship. I tend to have a hard time meeting like-minded people and I'm fairly new to SF, so I'll be damned if I won't try to take advantage of what might be the world's best matching algorithm to continue meeting new people.

OK, now back to your regularly scheduled profile, which for reference was written when I was still single.


You enjoy getting down on a dance floor or taking impromptu road trips. Actually, you should really just enjoy both.

You're creative in relationships. I love surprises and wordplay and witty email banter and funny handmade gifts -- both giving and receiving.

You're a skeptic and a freethinker. You like to talk about the things most people take for granted and you challenge the status quo when you see fit.

You still practice the ancient art of writing sentences with words rather than just stringing together emojis all day.

You know how to have fun without always being fucked up on something or another. Sure, I'll have a few drinks here and there, but I can also go without and still have a great night.

Ideally you will also agree that spending a weekend building a project together, in a two-person book club, swinging from chandeliers, playing charades, or getting muddy on ATVs can all be deeply romantic activities.

Superficial stuff: Not attracted to beards (though stubble is A-OK).
The two of us