53Wauconda, United States
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My self-summary
I am looking for that connection of the heart soul that is indescribable with words; that is only realized once it's there. And from there, anything between the two is possible. I cannot "see likes", so please send even just a quick note to say hi if you're interested?

I enjoy staying fit (165 lbs) and work out regularly. Ran my first marathon a couple years ago....and live a fairly active lifestyle...I enjoy almost anything outdoors. I love anything that has to do with the sun, surf, and sand!

I would love to meet someone that not only enjoys my passions in life, but someone that I can admire through their passions as well or spend tender cuddle time with her, too; someone that is equally thrilling to be with when doing absolutely nothing (yes, the "whole package" cliche applies here!)

Don't you just want that relationship that everyone notices how in-love and devoted the two of you are? I do. I know, right?!

I enjoy spending time with my son, riding rollercoasters, or traveling with him to Orlando to visit the Mouse; otherwise, you can either find me playing my sax or cruising on my motorcycle over long country roads in the warmer months.

My taste in music varies with my moods. You will probably hear me playing high energy party music on on my satellite radio on the way home from work on Friday afternoon, as well as the sophisticated sounds of jazz while sipping coffee on Sunday mornings.

Would you believe that have been trying to influence my local village to update their ordinance that will allow a miniature potbelly pig named Harley to live there. yes, I did say potbelly pig. He has been a fugitive from the law and had to hide at an undisclosed location pending the outcome of my efforts.

I love summer nights, warm rain, roller-coasters, eating food blindfolded, people watching, falling asleep in the sun, sledding and falling with the face full of snow, getting dressed up, getting dressed down, undressing each other (LOL), wedding crashing, affection and lots of it, cooking together, learning about myself, pillow talk, running, kid stuff, laughing so hard at myself I almost need a change of pants, kissing..did I mention kissing?, cold pillows, cool cotton sheets, holding hands, feeling safe and vulnerable at the same time, passion, making my child feel safe, a good cup of coffee, dancing, trying to out-do myself, saying I'm sorry first, being goofy, being known (on that deeper level).

I'm looking for someone that may be bi-polar since I'm always looking for adventure. Poor vision is also a plus, so I can totally let myself go...oh and hygiene is so overrated. I'd prefer you don't have any hobbies, friends, or heaven-forbid a career because I want us to be together all the time! Ok, just kidding. A good sense of humor and/or a quick wit is very sexy!

Seriously though, a first date maybe as simple as conversation a cup of coffee. I have become grateful for Starbucks and lattes; a simple venue to discover chemistry. Although, I am very open to any other encounter from bars, parks, to roller coasters, too. The important thing is the excitement of meeting someone new and discovering the new feelings within yourself when that happens.

If this sound like someone you would like to hang with, PLEASE contact me!
What I’m doing with my life
What? Did my mom ask this question?
I’m really good at
Paying attention.....hey, look, a squirrel!
Six things I could never do without
My son
My Health
My sax
...and did I mention, Kissing!! (oops that's seven)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Summer time fun!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll do anything once! Ok, three times, but then that's it!
You should message me if
You Love Me......Can't Get Enough Of Me!!!....LOL :)
The two of us