30 Vancouver, United States
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My self-summary
I love tide pools, science, cats, art supplies, sleeping, lying in the grass, sunshine, SNES, '90s nostalgia, stars (both the shape and the kind we see in the night sky), shōgi, cute stickers, appreciating how a particular color can look amazing depending on how it's used (and thus really any color is a candidate for favorite color—but if I was forced to choose one, it'd be blue), emoji, dreams, hugs, kisses, rain, and happiness.

I find beauty in the imperfect, the undervalued, and the impermanent. The magic of life, to me, exists in the "moments between moments"—the journey versus the destination. I approach much of the world with a childlike wonder. There's a story behind natural phenomena, our scarcely-recorded past, the development of our languages and their accompanying orthographies, the human labor involved in making possible the things we interact with at any point in time, and people's lives.

I'm definitely a morning person. People seem, to me, generally happier when they're starting out their day. 🌞

It's in my nature to try to resolve—or not engage in—conflict. I'm content to not have to have an opinion about everything. Certain people and things can simply be, without my having to add my two cents in. I'm not a competitive person. I stroll through life at my own pace, flying by the seat of my pants. Life's all improv, man. 😎 Patience is my patron saint.

Practicing mindfulness, being sensitive to other people's dispositions in life, realizing the impact words can have and thus choosing them carefully, treasuring acts of kindness, and accepting someone you care about for who they are—accepting the good and the bad, and understanding that everyone has a past—are qualities I look for in someone I'd like to share my life with.
What I’m doing with my life
I work for an agency which helps the homeless and those of low income find affordable housing. It's definitely rewarding to build a trust with those trying to get back on their feet. I'm very grateful. 🙂

For the last 5 years I've been studying Japanese, and really have a lot of fun dealing with the challenges a foreigner such as myself faces with a language so unlike English. And though I can boast of my knowledge of a ridiculous amount of kanji, thousands of vocab words, and a fair amount of grammar, my spoken Japanese has much to be desired. I suppose it's high time I hit up the conversation groups again. 😊

I also started gardening a few months ago (first time ever!). Going through the trial and error of how to take care of different kinds of plants makes me appreciate the availability of food that much more.
I’m really good at
Being super-analytical (a gift and a curse... you have no idea 😶), writing legibly, non-yell sneezes, alliterative oxymorons and redundancies, speaking (and being spoken back to in) cockatiel, fighting any temptation to hoard, bringing out the best in people, being forgiving, playing Oblivion and Skyrim on master difficulty, dying in Minecraft's hardcore survival mode, NYT crossword puzzles (well... mostly the Monday ones 🙃), Mastermind, staying present, and being an awesome partner. 🙂
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Eyewitness Books, His Dark Materials trilogy, Ishmael trilogy, The Sandman series, The Dragons of Eden, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Watchmen, A Short History of Nearly Everything, A Walk in the Woods, The Power of Now, A New Earth, Dao De Jing, A Brief History of Time, National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our Universe, The Phantom Tollbooth

The Rescuers, The Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood, and other old animated Disney movies

The Simpsons, Archer, Rick and Morty, Broad City, Always Sunny, Firefly, Arrested Development, The Office, The IT Crowd, Community, Monk, Mr. Robot, Superjail!, Spongebab, Bojack Horseman, Better Call Saul

Steak fries, ketchups that aren't regular ketchup, queso, ice cream (especially vanilla, which is not at all a "non"-flavor), Cherry Coke, cheesecake, banana-flavored anything (including slurpees), honey, unagi, ramen
The six things I could never do without
-Pilot pens
-A big comfy bed
-Highlight > Right-click > Search on Google
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why so many usernames on here end in "saurus" or begin with some variation of "annabanana" (or both!)

How, quite literally, evolution had, and still has, all the time in the world to develop, and that biodiversity is always only ever a result of time + chemistry + environmental attrition, rendering irrelevant our incredulity at the "chances" of it all having happened like it did

How so much of our view of antiquity is hazy, and is just our looking through an ancient writer's eyes who's looking through an even more ancient writer's eyes and so on

If the amount of Guy Fieri impersonators will one day outnumber the amount of Elvis impersonators

The backgrounds in 2D platformers. When I played any of the games in Super Mario All-Stars, or in the Donkey Kong Country series, for example, I'd persistently wonder just what is going on in the rest of the game world?

Unconventionally-colored cars, and how much I want one (think pastel colors, or a primary color with a faint secondary color for a sort of "heather" effect, or some sort of iridescent-type effect)

How Chopin's nocturnes can be so beautiful

How cool it would have been if photography existed hundreds of years earlier and we knew with accuracy what Henry VIII, Shakespeare, Washington, etc. looked like

If Yikes! pencils will ever come back

If animals even experience such a concept as "boredom" as we know it

If it's at all possible for a YouTube video of a Metallica or Megadeth song to not have a Metallica–Dave Mustaine flame war in the comments

What extinct languages sounded like (I'm lookin' at you, Old Chinese and Ancient Egyptian)

How much life remains to be discovered at the bottom of the ocean
On a typical Friday night I am
You should message me if
You're local to Vancouver, around my age, non-religious, left-leaning, naturally curious about the world, have passions and not ashamed to talk about them.

Most importantly, you're looking for something meaningful, fulfilling, and lasting. I'm in it for keeps, and I expect no less from you. 🙃