30 Vancouver, United States
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My self-summary
Always curious, always learning. INFJ, morning person, cats, art supplies, tide pools, lying in the grass, ice cream, emoji, happiness.
What I’m doing with my life
Drawing, JavaScript, crossword puzzles, Japanese, linguistics, smiling, reading
I’m really good at
Writing legibly
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Eyewitness Books, His Dark Materials trilogy, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, anything Carl Sagan, Bill Bryson, Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore

The Rescuers, The Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood, old animated Disney movies

The Simpsons, Archer, Rick and Morty, Broad City, Always Sunny, Firefly, Arrested Development, Monk, Mr. Robot, Superjail!, Spongebab, Bojack Horseman, Better Call Saul

XTC, Chvrches, Kanye, Massive Attack, Beck, Death Grips, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Mike Oldfield, Depeche Mode, Gorillaz, Head Automatica, Julian Cope, Porcupine Tree, Stone Temple Pilots, vgm soundtracks

Steak fries, ketchups that aren't regular ketchup, unagi, ramen
The six things I could never do without
Pilot pens
Spiral-bound notebooks
A big comfy bed
Highlight > Right-click > Search on Google
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why so many usernames on here end in -saurus or begin with some variation of "annabanana" (or both!)

Japanese Bobtails

California golden poppies

How U.S.- and Euro-centric views of the rest of the world affect our attitudes in modern society

If the amount of Guy Fieri impersonators outnumbers the amount of Elvis impersonators

The backgrounds in 2D platformers. When I played any of the games in Super Mario All-Stars, or in the Donkey Kong Country series, for example, I'd persistently wonder just what is going on in the rest of the game world?

Unconventionally-colored cars

How Chopin's nocturnes can be so beautiful

The Bronze Age collapse

What extinct languages sounded like (I'm lookin' at you, Ancient Egyptian)

How much life remains to be discovered at the bottom of the ocean
On a typical Friday night I am
You should message me if
You're local to Vancouver

You're left-leaning, naturally curious about the world, have passions and not ashamed to talk about them