32Bloomington, United States
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My self-summary
My old summary of my old summary was too long, as it turns out, to be considered a summary.
Those responsible for the old summary have been sacked.
Basically, I'm pretty awesome. I use my superior wit and sense of humor to cover for all other deficiencies I may have and my spirit animal is an American Gladiator named Nitro. I've got an awesome dog, an awesome sense of humor, an awesome grasp of a broad variety of interests, a group of awesome friends that I'm looking to expand via this site, and I keep myself in good shape considering how in love with cooking and good food I am (a lot).
I am the classic ENTP apparently because I've never scored as anything else. I love being around people and making them laugh.
I talk a lot when given the chance and say stupid things, but sometimes I don't.
Also, I don't drink but I'm cool with the bar scene and whatnot. About 5 years ago I decided it wasn't for me. It's a thing.
I'm a fan of the Atlanta Braves, Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Colts.
What I’m doing with my life
Just moved down to Bloomington for a new job in IT at the beginning of June. It's a great opportunity and I'm super excited, and I've also taken this opportunity to shake up a lot of my life. Living simpler, eating better, working out (almost) every day, etc etc etc. Bloomington is freaking great by the way. Also I work in a bookstore part time, which is also pretty fun. Going back to school once finances settle out and I hit a groove, hopefully Spring

I'm an EMT and Pharmacy Tech according to the state licensing board but am not practicing because those jobs pay piss unfortunately, and I'm joining my third concurrent DnD group soon because I'm also a crazy person.
I’m really good at
I do computer things to pay the bills. I enjoy it, but it's not particularly compelling as I'm not building an army of absolutely subservient Killbots (yet)
I've developed a quick wit and wry sense of humor as a response to growing up extra awkward and plump. They've served me in good stead all of these years.
I love to lift weights and hate doing cardio, but I still do it because if I do it I can eat more food and not get fat, and isn't that like half the reason to work out?
I'm very good at cooking a limited number of dishes. One might call these dishes very "bachelor" in nature, but that'd be a great oversimplification. "Caveman" would be far more apt as my canvas for culinary arts general involves open flames and large pieces of meat and I have no truck with fiddly things like sauces and fine dining where the portions are tiny but the plates are silver.
I read a lot and know a lot of fun (albeit useless) stuff.
The first things people usually notice about me
Sense of humor, possibly, or at least that's what I try to put forward. Lately it's been my Fallout hoodie which is practically an heirloom at this point and spends half the year being way more popular than I could ever hope to be.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books, oh man, I read a lot, here's the short list of more recent obsessions: Ursula K Le Guin is probably my favorite sci-fi/speculative fiction author ever, and I love her non-fiction articles and contributions as well. Everything by Kurt Vonnegut, but especially Cat's Cradle. All time favorites include: Hitchhiker's Trilogy, Lathe of Heaven, more or less the entirety of Terry Pratchett's works, Hey Nostradamus, Into Thin Air, Philip K Dick, Asimov, David Sedaris, Joanna Russ, Tatyana Tolstaya, anything pop science like The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt. Tons of stuff really, if you like reading we'll be pals.

Movies: #1a is The Manchurian Candidate (the original) because it freaking owns and #1b is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because sometimes I'm a big man baby. Also I enjoy the non-director's cut version of Donnie Darko, pretty much any documentary, Hedwig and the Angry Inch and very few other musicals, any Monty Python, those sorts of things.

TV I don't watch too much, just never got in the habit beyond sports. I love Parks and Rec, Archer, Venture Brothers, Rick and Morty, and digging into old Simpsons episodes and - of course - marathoning How It's Made

Music: Everything but pop country, though I love folk and bluegrass and especially singer/songwriter stuff. Excepting all the embarrassingly poppy remixes on my workout playlists, I like a song to tell a story but I'm not terribly picky. Big fan of all of Conor Oberst's stuff.

Food: I will literally eat and love anything put in front of me except big mushrooms. Smaller mushrooms I've learned to tolerate, and I don't even dislike the flavor, it's the texture that kills me. I love spicy, with no upper limit to what I can handle/enjoy.

I'm like that Simpsons episode where Homer became a food critic and gave everything glowing reviews because he loved it all.
Six things I could never do without
My dog.
Gym pass. I'd be crazy if I couldn't lift
Any sort of caffeinated drink
Just going to go ahead and list tiramisu again because it's just great.

This list is subject to change upon the event of future vexation.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Acute anxiety regarding the forking path of career choices laid before me
On a typical Friday night I am
I only recently got my Fridays free so I mostly just read a book or work out as nothing else has moved in to fill that niche.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
One of the driving passions in my life is to find the most depressing song ever written and performed. Not in an emo kind of way or anything, it just fascinates me.
Bonus points go to any song that sounds peppy but is actually about soul-crushingly depressing things.
You should message me if
If you think tacos are appropriate any time of day, or if you just want to chat, or you see my profile and are all like, "wow what a hunky dude" for whatever reason and can't resist

I'm a pretty amicable dude and would love to hear/hear back from you
The two of us