29 Ypsilanti, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Justin,

I currently own my home/live in Ypsilanti Twp. MI
I do not have any children. But if you do that's fine I am open to dating/seeing someone that does so please do not be discouraged from sending me a message.

People who know me best would probably describe myself and fun,lovable,Funny and caring. I very much consider myself a gentlemen and treat ladies with full respect. I enjoy many different activities, From Hanging at home curled up on the couch watching a movie, to riding motorcycles or Quads, getting dressed up and getting drinks downtown, all the way to visiting the zoo or art museum. My interests in musics are also across the board anywhere from 50's rock and roll to rap and country. I enjoy a little bit of everything. As far as sports go I enjoy nascar (so bonus points to you if you like it as well and if not that's ok too lol) I don't really pay attention to any other sports as of now but am sure I can be brought around to watching hockey, football etc if I find someone that is interested in it. I have been visiting the gym about 3 times a week, I am really close with my group of friends, At points in my life I really don't know what I would have done without them. We always have each others backs and that's also what I'm looking for in a relationship. Someone I consider and can call my best friend and feel I can share thoughts etc with and vise versa.

Please dont hesitate to Message me if you think we could be a match and would like to get to know me more.

*disclaimer* ( I don't mean any of this to sound rude just trying to save your time as well as mine )

- If you are unsure if you want or are ready/mature enough for a relationship please don't message me (I have dealt with this situation way to many times)

-if your into playing mind games, lying or cheating please do not message me

-If you are unable to express your thoughts/feelings/emotions please don't message me

-If you are or have been told that your "B*&chy" or mean on a normal/regular occasion please do not message me

-If your life is full of constant drama SERIOUSLY Please do not message me because I'm not subjecting myself to constant stress/problems I am a very easy going low tempered person

I put way to much effort and emotion into relationships to have people just be playing games with me and have been in that situation far to many times. I have this posting up because I'm serious about finding someone.

(side note: If i don't respond to a message please do not keep messaging me etc. I read/look over ALL the profiles of people who message me and If I also think there might be something there I will message you back otherwise I'm sorry I'm just not interested for a wide possibility of reasons)