69Belmont, United States
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My self-summary
I’m a person with many interests; reading Charles Dickens or James Mitchener stories with KCSM “chunky” jazz or classical radio in background, enjoy both the design and actual remodeling of my home or those of others, usually watch PBS- masterpiece theater-am a sucker for Jane Austen stories and anything with John Thaw or Martin Clunes, restore unique vehicles-jaguar is current favorite, alert and involved in life, stay current with geo-political-business worlds via internet, a thoughtful movie is great, look forward to hikes and social gatherings with extended hiking group, and road trips both short or extended are so stimulating.

I fully enjoy the luxury of exploring new interests, pursuing the course of my curiosity and meeting/learning from new personal connections. I am a positive person, with an easy smile and enjoy a laugh at the ironies in life. Although a bit shy in striking up a conversation, once started, I usually encourage a conversation, being engaged with life and having an interest in learning from others.

In metaphor, my life has been a road trip- at first, taking rather curvy backroads between a degree in psychology and earning grad degree in counseling/Human Resources. The road then straightened out to a freeway during a career in Human Resources Mgt. in various corporate settings. I’m now back to a curvy road without reservations. The GPS (in the form of OK Cupid ! ) and freely asking directions, now seems like a good roadmap. Trying to stay off the freeways and enjoy the passing scenery.

I’m single, without children. Although fairly contented and comfortable with myself, I now find that I’d like to meet and share new experiences with that someone special. I know that you are out there ! I’ve recently decided to put myself “out there” more actively and explore new connections. Open to what might develop.
What I’m doing with my life
I’m lucky enough to start each day with the sunrise. After meditating- have practiced TM for many years - and breakfast with the internet, the most interesting path for the day usually becomes apparent. Over the years, I’ve refined many ideas for home and vehicle projects, acquired most of the parts and have many books on my "to read" list. In my working career, time was MIA. Now, I’ve got the time. It’s wonderful.

In the last several years, I’ve taken numerous driving road trips, both short and longer. Some 4 wheels others on 2 wheels. Been across the country numerous times. Last summer traveled to Maine to remodel a friend’s coast side home, with some sailing for entertainment. Other destinations included visits to sibs and friends around the country, or just to enjoy the backroads scenery. I find life on the road without reservations, is a great adventure- freedom to engage others spontaneously, problem solve-"where should I stay tonight?" or just observe and think.

I've also traveled back to the family home in Albany, NY to assist in home maintenance and thinning out my parent's personal belongings and collections before their move to a retirement apt. It’s been a great treat to spend time with them- we’ve reminisced and viewed family slide shows. It's been special to enjoy our relationship while they are still present.

I find it rewarding to push along projects interspersed with reading a good book in the sunroom and watching primetime PBS. Day hikes or an extended overnight camping trip to the various beautiful, scenic parks in the Bay Area with an interesting, extended hike group is satisfying. Occasional live music and movies with friends, plus time spent on motorcycle rides and track days with other friends is stimulating. Not at all interested in NASCAR or RVing- I don’t fit into those worlds. Similarly, with most sports- I’d rather participate than spectate.

Yes, I am contented, not bored or lonely enjoying my present life. However, it definitely would be enhanced, shared with someone special. I’d like to get stretched and exposed to new experiences. As individuals, the differences in our worlds sure makes for interesting, stimulating conversation and opportunities to learn from each other. I'd enjoy that spark of a connection, emotionally and physically, at the same time enjoying and making space for our unique, individual interests. That’s my current inspiration. Thx. OKcupid.
I’m really good at
Although, I’m usually quiet or prefer not to be the center of attention, I fully appreciate and seek out good humor, wit, intelligence and a larger geo-political-cultural world perspective. You can make me laugh and smile. I do come up with and enjoy offering observations on life‘s ironies that can produce some laughs. Also, I can get into more engaging philosophical discussions. I tend to connect best one-on-one.

I’m a visual person, attracted to all things thoughtfully designed and executed. In addition, my natural aptitude is in understanding or figuring out how things work or can be created. I'm quite resourceful and a proficient DIY person. No surprise then, that I have great manual, execution skills and the tools that go with it. A guy thing perhaps…..Although, I easily realize when other expertise is needed and defer to others as appropriate. I’m also proficient in finding creative, elegant solutions to material or intellectual challenges. Have created unique art pieces from found objects - the classic wooden canoe hanging from the ceiling! Also created and marketed table top zen gardens for awhile. Fun, but no big $. Still there is a softer, compassionate side to those aptitudes. My counseling and HR training have given me a sensitivity for connecting with and being comfortable with a wide range of individuals. I have an active curiosity and openness to learning.

I do pride myself in honoring commitments that I’ve made. Clear communication, integrity and personal responsibility provide a good foundation for me. Yet, this is balanced with a sense of humor, wink and smile at life's possibilities. No ideologue here- you can‘t take life too seriously or impose your views onto others. Live and let live!
The first things people usually notice about me
Hey, without vanity - I do look and have interests younger than my age. Regular meditation, sensible diet and activity really does work. More importantly though, others have said that I’m easy to talk with. That kind of led me into the counseling profession. I usually listen with a smile and optimistic perspective. I like to seek out and soak up new knowledge and insights from others.

I’m physically fit and active, tending to walk fairly briskly.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music runs through my life - but the only instrument I play is the radio or the vinyl, CD or MP3 players! Chunky jazz is the usual music of choice- KCSM is normally tuned and locked in.

I enjoy anything that’s danceable or gets the body swaying and head bobbing - world beat, reggae, classic gospel, trans-dance, old rock and roll- got 'em all on vinyl and CD. But as Johnny Otis says, “no rap crap- that is not music!” I also appreciate classical music and have listened for extended periods as a change of pace.
Warning - Maybe too much info. lies ahead !!!!!!
Recorded favorites are electric Miles, Hendirx, Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, Les McCann/Eddie Harris, Temptations, Woody Herman and Jimmie McPartland/Vic Dickenson doing classic Dixieland- that vinyl is pretty well worn. My traveling tunes are all the classic R&B, soul, blues masters. Beyond labels favorites are Talking Heads, Taj Mahal, Little Feat, Traffic, Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye, etc. Still works for me....

TV viewing is mostly PBS- Newshour, Nightly business report, Masterpiece Theater-love Downton Abbey and Jane Austen, Friday Mystery night, Nova, Nature and other shows that stimulate intellectual curiosity. Commercial TV just doesn’t reach me- not much interested in current offerings. Historically was a regular for Hill St. Blues, St. Elsewheres, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Seinfeld and That 70’s Show. So........ a good, complex story line speaks to me. Therefore I avoid today's contrived, sarcastic, one-line, "witty" put-down fare or reality shows.

My reading path is eclectic. Favorites are/have been PG Wodehouse, Morton’s early 1900's international "in search of.." travelogue series, James Mitchener, Dennis Lehane, Charles Dickens, and whatever seems interesting at the library. Usually have multiple books going at a time.

I’m not a particular foodie, so any cuisine with a diverse menu and interesting ambiance works for me.

For movies, I like quirky, interesting story lines. Favorites in the past have been; Man on Fire, Tin Men, Red Rock West, Pulp Fiction, No Time for Old Men, Being There, Uncle Buck, My Cousin Vinny, Apocalypto, Aquerre-the Rath of God, and other foreign or indie films. Periodically go out with friends for a movie and beers. Last one, I did skip- Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- as I wanted to see the PBS season I Downton Abbey seven hour marathon before season II began.
Six things I could never do without
Interesting friends
The ability to pursue my interests
A view home

All pretty important, without priority- but need be in the Bay Area. There is no other place like it.....it's so special to be living here.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
With exposure to PBS, the internet, books read and friends around, I tend to think about the world’s geo-political-cultural and business issues. Being thus reasonably well versed, I enjoy a good exchange of ideas and discussions.

In micro view - thoughts turn to what projects or tasks are the most currently appealing and how they can be creatively, efficiently pushed along to completion. And honestly it’s been fun to think about what new connections might be made via OK Cupid. Hey, what is around the corner?
On a typical Friday night I am
Quite truthfully, a Friday night is not that much different than any other night. Yeee Haa !

So, a usual Friday night starts based upon what I’ve been doing that day. It could start mid-afternoon or early evening depending upon when it’s time to pull up from the current interest de jour. Typically it occurs at home with a meal - perhaps something more special since I do remember that sense of closure and beginning of a weekend from my working past. The night may then evolve into what is on PBS or picking up the current book. There could be movies and a beer with friends or perhaps some local live music. A Friday night out for dinner reflecting upon the week’s events with a friend may happen. I’m usually open to the many possibilities.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My life is pretty open and transparent. But there is also the intrigue of a little mystery. So, when the time feels right as a relationship evolves, I am sure we can mutually explore this topic. Though sorry, there is nothing criminal or unethical lurking in my past. Perhaps some faux-pas and personal embarrassments to laugh about.
You should message me if
my profile interests you or sparks a connection. Let's start a conversation and get to know each other..............
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