34Mount Rosie, Singapore
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My self-summary
I was born and raised in Singapore. "Singa-where?" That said, I look nothing like a typical Singaporean. I'm also a mix of 8 different ethnicities. You might guess one or two of them. (No, Middle Eastern, Indian and Brazilian are pretty off-base)

I moved to LA 8 years ago and I moved back to Singapore in 2013. Needless to say S'pore has changed a lot. LA was and will forever be my creative home. Singapore my biological home. Now that I'm back for good, I'm doing everything in my power to make Singapore the best of both.

I love being around people who make me laugh and intellectually stimulate me.

I'm a go-getter and very ambitious. I've had a grand master plan for my life since I was a wee little lad (of 7 years old)
I'm constantly working towards it. Curious as to what it might be, go ahead, ask me!

***Update: Now that I'm back in S'pore, I'm very proud of the fact that I get to say I made my childhood dreams come true and it's what I do for work although it never feels like work.

I love food, travel, I'm a die-hard Manchester United Fan and I almost always try to wear something red everyday.
What I’m doing with my life
I currently work as an actor and an acting coach in Singapore. I used to teach 40 Korean pre-schoolers(ages 2-5) drama and literacy. I also taught acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in LA. (Ages 15-70..although sometimes my preschoolers could teach them a thing or two about maturity!) I love what what I do. It never ever feels like work. I'm also not a wanna-be actor or a I-attend-parties-to-meet-directors kind of actor. I take my work seriously and I respect it. Someone once said it's the work of a lifetime that will take a lifetime of work. I agree.

Eventually I intend to open my own school for children as well as adults. (Done!)

I've recently written a children's book that I want to get illustrated and published. Any takers?
I’m really good at
Acting, teaching, working and playing with kids, connecting with people on a one on one basis, tying a cherry stalk into a knot, massages (giving and receiving), I'm a great hugger, eating chilli and spicy food, trying most things at least once, making a curry in a hurry.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile, I think. Possibly my teeth. I'm a lot nicer and friendlier than I appear. It must be the beard.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite Books: Anything written by Anthony Bourdain, The Doctor Doolittle Series, Anything by Roald Dahl, The Left Behind Series, The short stories of Ernest Hemmingway, Acting the First Six Lessons by Richard Boleslavsky, The Alien Vs. Predator series, The Little Prince, A Dream of Passion, A Life by Elia Kazan, The Life of Pi, God Calling

Favorite Movies: On the Waterfont, Love Me If You Dare, Citizen Kane, Casablanca, There Will Be Blood, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Aliens, The Matrix, Snatch, Scarface, What the Bleep Do We Know, Goodbye Lenin, The James Bond series, The Hangover, Zombieland, Tropic Thunder, Goodfellas, Romeo + Juliet, City of God, Fight Club, Inglorious Basterds

Favorite Shows: Top Chef, Iron Chef, No Reservations, Inside the Actors Studio, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Blackadder, Drawn Together, The Inbetweeners, Chapelle Show, The Office, The Simpsons, The Boondocks, Coupling, Fawlty Towers, The Benny Hill Show, Chopped, Man V. Food, Workaholics

Favorite Music: Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Jazz of any kind, Bossa Nova music, progressive trance, anything really except country music, death metal, punk and some techno music.

Favorite Food: Italian, Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, Singaporean, Malaysian, seafood of any kind, anything spicy or laced with chillis.
Six things I could never do without
1. My computer
2. My cellphone
3. Manchester United
4. Spicy food
5. The color red
6. Children in my life (in any capacity or relationship)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My life, what is in store for me, how I can go about achieving my life-long goals, how I can contribute to humanity.
On a typical Friday night I am
Chilling out with a friend(s) with nice conversation, a bottle of wine or two, perhaps some good food, maybe watching a movieor a play or going for a shisha session. Sometimes just staying home. I'm quite comfortable being by myself. You'll seldom if ever find me in a club. I've paid my dues there. I enjoy it from time to time but I no longer seek it out. Basically I enjoy chilling.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I had my appendix removed because I didn't do my homework. It's a long story.
You should message me if
there was something on this profile that resonated with you. You'll know if something did.....you'll know. =)
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