32Jamaica, United States
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My self-summary
I've never been a fan of writing about myself and as such I either tend to ramble on in disjointed sentences or start making lists. So please be patient with my lack of continuity.

There are a lot of things that I enjoy, ranging from the funky to the inane. Yes I love the simple things, such as reading, watching movies, video games etc. However, I also enjoy a good bowling game or getting outside and swimming in the sound or ocean of course I tend to lack the time to do such activities which I miss ever so. Oops, see disjointed sentences again. As for the somewhat funky activities....well you'll have to send me a message to find out. Those who send me suggestions get first priority.

I do enjoy the classy side of life, living it up at art galleries, enjoying a good glass of wine, or watching the opera. But you can also find me at a local bar getting my karaoke groove on (ok not so much but watching people sing badly sung songs. Thats a good night in my book.) I'm just as likely to be out at a techno club as to spend a night listening to jazz or watch a musical. That means I love to do both if you didn't catch my subtle hint there.

As my mobility has been rather limited at the moment, damn you blown out knee, I've been more with the movie watching and mystery listening (AKA audio books) than dance dance fever. Hey now, don't knock the MTS3King here. Bad movies are all the rage don't you know? It's the new IT thing, all the cool kids are doing it and I do so try to be part of the cool crowd (yes that was sarcasm).

Seriously, I'm looking to get back out into this huge wide world of ours and seek out new adventures and experiences.

I also adore books on tape, OTR (and if you honestly know what that is I'll be in awe), and *mumbles* playing second life. Yes I know, I mock WOW yet play SL. Bad geek bad!

I also love murder mysteries, and by love I mean LOVE. I collect new authors, shows, radio programs as much as I can. I tend to be a fan mostly of the British shows but even I must admit there are some very good US made ones as well. If you have something you think I may not know, give me a shout cause I'd love to hear about it.

If I've looked at your profile but haven't sent a message or if you've sent me a message and haven't responded, please see link to the great article that I didn't write.


Either that, or you've creeped me out. Sorry.
What I’m doing with my life
Wow been a bit of a while since I last updated this part of my profile. I moved to NY for a new job and was taking up most of my time. Now I'm heading back to the Boston area (same company, just transferred areas).

Also looking into going back to school to get licensed in massage therapy.
I’m really good at
Again, I do so detest writing about myself and especially promoting but hey I'll give it a shot.

I've been told that I'm a very serious person, of course this is usually by people who have known me a total of an hour or less. I love to laugh and more importantly I love to make others laugh. Now does this mean I crack jokes like I breathe air? No, mostly because I don't think I even know any jokes. I prefer to be a fun-loving person who finds humor in everyday life. Humor is a strength right?

I also tend to be rather creative, although that mostly shows up in my cooking. I love to see what goes together by channeling a bit of Emeril and a bit of a Fritz (If you get this reference you totally win) and see what comes together. So far I have yet to be disappointed. You're more than welcome to try what I make, although I would have to know you first but the deal is I cook and you do my dishes which I LOATHE.
The first things people usually notice about me
My stunning soulful brown eyes....which of course are hidden by my gorgeous and not so trendy but still quite fashionable glasses. No I think it might be the tattoo playing peak-a-boo that catches your eye and maybe your interest.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I already said I do so love me my mysteries, and I really really do. Rex Stout, Anne Perry,Tony Hillerman, John Bellairs, all captivate my attention and make my stress just fade away. I love to listen to these audio mysteries, to let my brain relax and unwind.

My musical tastes are wide ranging as can be. I tend to enjoy most music, from country to opera.

As for food, if its well done I'll most likely eat it and enjoy. New flavors and foods are an experience to actively seek out and relish on every opportunity.
Six things I could never do without
I truly detest this question. Either I make a list, boring as can be or I come up with long statements which are completely irrelevant. So I'm going to ignore the question on principle of it being idiotic.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why people EVER thought mullets or shoulder pads were attractive? Other than truly horrible fashion fads, I think about where I'd love to travel to, places I want to see and adventures to have.
On a typical Friday night I am
Home from work and playing with a very needy cat. Sometimes I'm out and about, you never know.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I will do anything to protect my friends, even drive half way across the country when one goes into labor. I love my friends especially my high school ones, we are all still very close.
You should message me if
WHAT? You need a reason? I'm dismayed that my oh so attention grabbing profile didn't make you want to stop what you were doing and send me a message right away. Well, obviously there's something wrong with your personality programming, you should get that looked at right away.

In truth, if your a bit of a sci-fi geek who understands the love of food and wants to explore new places send me a message. If you also love cats and share in my love of mysteries, we might make a connection.
The two of us