36 Red Bluff, United States
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My self-summary
((Hit me up, send a message: I like aggressive ladies. ))

tl;dr: Looking for a domme, an lg, a Pokémon Go partner and/or an M:TG group.

I went to possibly the strangest college in America, where learning for the sake of learning is valued above all else, including grades, sleep, or the ability to coherently & sanely interact with your fellow nerd. Having just moved to Atlanta from Portland to attend further schooling, I hope the experience will be similar, though I'd be okay with it if my classmates showered occasionally.

I laugh often, and have inherited my mom's hyena-esque manner of doing so. I go to the gym so that I can eat more cupcakes. My dimples are fierce, but not very intimidating. I poke badgers with spoons. Country music feels me with equal parts joy and facepalm. I am a complete sucker for puzzle games. Playground swingsets are a must on any date. I have just about no regard for "political correctness."

I have a...problem in used book stores. Don't take me into one, lightly. Or, if you do, you had better damn well have a strong ground game or a myriad of feminine wiles to draw me out.

I pretty much need to eat every four hours to stay conscious and ebullient.

If there is a beat, I will be dancing. On the MARTA, in a bookstore, whilst walking by a store, tell me to stop dancing and I'll look at you no more.

I'm polyamorous, which is fairly key to my character. For the uninitiated, this means that I believe being in love and loving on more than one person concurrently is healthy, sustainable and fun. I'm looking for someone who will snuggle up with me when watching movies (or Skins)(Or Six Feet Under)(or Misfits), and make equally squeeky noises when excited.

My favorite imprecation is, depending on the situation, "Double Plus Ungood" or "Dirty Commie Pinko Apple Pie Hating Hippie." Also of note is the fact that I will most assuredly make some not especially oblique reference to your mom, sex, how good it was, and quite possibly illustrate the point with hand puppets and funny voices.

My chief joy in life, apart from cupcakes, is travel. I've kicked up dust in Australia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Southern India, Turkey, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, England, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cambodia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, South Africa, Morocco and your mom's house. Tell her breakfast was great. OH, SNAP!

I also have a Fetlife profile. Interested parties can find me under the moniker Wanderlust_Written.

I am nerdcore, gender-bendy, and latitudinarian
What I’m doing with my life
I am currently assembling an army of Compsognathuses with which I plan to conquer all of Australia and New Zealand. I'm subscribing to the Michael Crichton theory that they inject a euphoria inducing, paralyzing venom when biting, making them the perfect, tiny assassins. Then I can just build up, build up, build up every turn and then sweep the board on the last go. The world shall be mine, but I'm going to need some lieutenants, so get in touch. Bonus points if you control a legion of undead.

In the not-to-distant future I see myself once again being an adventurer in Far Off Places. If all goes according to plan, this will be my work and my pleasure. Something akin to Drs without borders, or somesuch. I returned from South Africa not too long ago, where I amassed all manner of amazing tales, and thankfully, no parasites. Probably.

I love to adventure, here and abroad, and would love to have partners in crime for these endeavors.

I'm also trying to find uniques for Ingress, so let me know...
I’m really good at
Rolling 20's. Magic: The Gathering, especially EDH. Being an open minded perv. Snuggling. Massaging. Eating cupcakes. Watching movies or awesome TV shows while concurrently practicing the former three (four?). Writing personalized erotica. Adventuring. Teaching people the proper form for a rear naked choke. Losing at Dominion. Singing "Ballroom Blitz."

No seriously, I frakkin rock the house when I sing that song.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair: it is long, flowing and temperamental.

Or, if I am in a shorter skirt or tight pants, my ass. All that bouncing around has a bonus effect. Or maybe it's because I keep "accidentally" dropping things I have to then pick up.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like...books. My tolerance of lit crit is pretty low, but apart from that, my bookshelf runs the gamut from Illiad to The Giver to Diary of a Wombat to Snowcrash to Small Gods to Best American Erotica 2009 to Kushiel's Dart to 1984 to Poisonwood Bible, to Water for Elephants to World World Z, to Ready Player One...

I also like movies. And, uhm, music, come to think of it. Look, just come to my place and take a look at my various libraries and you'll understand what I'm trying to convey. Move aside that second Aqua CD and you'll uncover Lars and the Real Girl, which is holding up the shorts collection from the HP Lovecraft Film Festival, in turn precariously balanced on Oldboy. I'm pretty much a media slut.

I can eat you under the table. It's like drinking someone under the table, only with more pho, hamburgers, burritos, katsu, alischa tibs, ramen, pie, cupcakes and good ole fashioned pb&j involved.
The six things I could never do without
Books! Curse their delicious, knowledge saturated pages!

Touch. I need it like others need sun. I love to massage. No happy endings on the first date, no matter how big your puppy dog eyes.

My passport. My old one filled up, so I had to get a new one a few months ago, so now I must quest for more passport stamps. MOAR!

Dancing. I'm keen to shake my booty.

Intellectual discourse. All ducks have two legs. All humans have two legs. All ducks are human. Discuss.

Silliness. While I agree there is a time and place for serious discussions and somber-rain-spattered-battles-to-the-pain, there is ALWAYS time for butt smacks, frosting battles and funny voices.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Choreography. The exchange rate where I want to travel. Whether or not I should eat that second helping (uhm... or fourth). My friends in far away places. What line for DR HORRIBLE is most appropriate for the current situation. Interaction matrices for hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters. How much time I can afford to waste browsing 4chan. How much that time would be better spent watching a kung-fu film.
On a typical Friday night I am
Crashed out watching a Really Bad, Really Entertaining movie, or perhaps participating in some nerding.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My goosebump threshold is embarrassingly low.

Given that I am predisposed to ladies who have a well developed and curvaceous posterior, I am incapable of uttering untruths.
You should message me if
You can and WILL compose a message that is comprised of more than "Lol your [sic] cute lol."

You can take me in a fight.

You can do pullups without assistance.

You are a dirty pervert and wanna share/explore that side of yourself.

You are intrigued by the seeming juxtaposition of my manly demeanor and nerdy verbiage.

You can name 6 Planeswalkers.

You hug on the first date.

You think bubble tea and debating what fictional badass could possibly defeat Ip Man is a good date.

You understand what's happening at least 75% of the time in XKCD.

You are a snuggleslut.

You love costume parties. We throw one a month, at least.

You need more than one hand to count the number of places you've been, or are desperately keen to.

You are interested in meeting up for conversation in real life. Internet chatting is handy, but it's difficult to get an appropriate sense of a person over the intertubes.