61 Fredericksburg, United States
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My self-summary
Well, alrighty then, here's some info on me. I'm potty trained, and know how to put the toilet seat down. I'm a pretty good cook. I'm a single parent, and raised my son since he was 6 years old. He's now 28 and successful. The deal breaker when I divorced, and was dating, was with the problem children that the single mom's had. I didn't want my son to be negatively influenced by them. A father's presence is important, in spite of how they are portrayed on TV commercials (think clueless).
I attend yoga classes (Hatha and healing, not hot !) 1-2 times/week. I have lifted weights religiously for 40 years (3 times/week, no excuses). I like to bike ride, play tennis, hike, rollerblade, etc.
I'm a former Cubmaster and asst. Scoutmaster, coached soccer for 10 years, and hockey for 2 years. I do volunteer work whenever possible.
I HATE I-95 and avoid it like the plague when possible (I have commuted to Prince William County for 32+ years).
I try to eat healthy (mostly vegetarian), love seafood, and an occasional Filet Mignon (medium and seared).
I LOVE the beach. When there, I like to read, boogie board, eat crabs, play pool volleyball, and spend time with my son and his girlfriend (and their dogs Luke, Lydia, and Oscar), and their friends. Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I would rather hang out with a bunch of young people, than with people my age. While I'm sensitive to other people's issues, I would rather not sit around discussing recent surgeries and other "old-people" stuff. Life is too short.
I LOVE children and gardening. Still waiting for grandchildren. I'm gonna' spoil em' so bad !
I prefer talking either face-to-face, or on the phone, as opposed to texting or e-mailing.
I have an excellent, though somewhat sarcastic, sense of humor.
When I retire next year, I will either do charity work or work part-time at a nursery (plant, not baby!). I believe that having a job of some kind gives structure to your life.
What I'm looking for at this time, is someone to get to know and share time with. We'll see how it goes from there.
The first things people usually notice about me
People frequently underestimate my age by 10 years.