39Brisbane, Australia
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My self-summary

When I open my eyes I can see the world and a good many things in it. With my mind and the help of other people I can get some idea of what lies beyond what I can see. If I look down I can see my hands body and feet. My hands look nice they are fine without being overly so, tanned, smooth. My feet are similar - less tanned, my toenail is looking a bit long. My body is covered in clothes. If you put another body in the same clothes they would probably look similar. In the edge of my vision I can see my hair - like some sort of mane. What I can't see is my face (well I can with the help of a mirror. But I can't look at myself in a mirror and naturally interact with other people at the same time - maybe I could get somebody to follow me around with a video camera).

I have a good grasp on all the pieces of the puzzle except the one I am. I get clues from the things that other people tell me of myself - but can't really tell if you are going find me good looking or not. or If you think I am intelligent - sometimes I feel smart and sometimes I feel not. At the end of the day I am just me - the world happens around me and I try and make sense of it all. I could say lots about what I think I am but if we were sit and talk for half an hour you will probably have a much better Idea of who I am. Than I could write in 20 pages.

I am a forest dweller, a Floosey, and a Pirate Hoe
What I’m doing with my life

I live near the centre of the city of Brisbane. In a small room in a crooked old house. I have a Mattress, a bookshelf, a computer, some musical Instruments, a camera, a mirror and a pile of clothes - that will put back on their rack soon. The Walls are covered in Photos and Drawings/Paintings. Outside my door is a large Mural done by my predecessor. Next door there is a theatre

Where I work is also a theatre though I work in Architectural Visualisation. Mostly I am a code monkey - though just about everybody I work with are also musicians in their spare time. We have an Office Guitar.

Emotionally I am in hibernation and might be for a little while yet due to being stuck in a very tricky situation. I have been realising that my mind and body don't always agree on what is best. Because of this I have been something of a workaholic - of which the upside is that I am relatively well of financially - compared to where I usually am.

After missing my camera for a good section of the year - I have been getting in and taking lots of good shots - to the point where I feel I might try and get my work ready for exhibition over the summer break. you can see photos here, here and here. Painting and drawing have been taking a bit of a back seat lately (only so many hours in the day - though I have started life drawing classes recently). Instead I have been swimming lots, finding trees to sit under and read and animals to watch (city botanic gardens are awesome in this respect). I have pretty much dropped trying to play Violin - and at the moment I am enjoying learning to play Cello, I have been playing Fretless Bass for about a year now and I still do enjoy hammering along on the guitar,and making silly noises with my voice and looping them

most days I walk a couple of Kilometres - So I am fairly fit and since I have been swimming I almost have muscles

I’m really good at
Not admitting it to myself when I really want something (or someone).
Making Friends
Feeling out of place
Procrastinating (also being in the moment)
Being emotionally reserved (working on this one)
Laughing (particularly the evil type of laugh)
Helping others with their problems and realizing a few years later than nothing has changed and I probably should have been firmer.
Sounding like I am absolutely sure of myself (I am usually not so I am working on this one).
Making people realize the beauty in everyday life that they have so blatantly missed. Also having a meaningful conversation and being incredibly sweet :)
The first things people usually notice about me
People usually notice me - I don't find it easy to blend in. Even when dressed as a zombie and surrounded by a few hundred other people dressed like zombies people still single me out.

I asked a friend what he noticed about me and he said
My Hair. My Dress sense. My Candour.
A lot of people have commented on the fact that I smile a lot, also my eyes.
A get told I am a gypsy a lot too. (maybe I am?)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Books: Right now I have a stack of music books that I am working through - there are also photography books. On my bookshelf there are a selection of computer books - either programming or art related. There are books of some of my favorite artists and picture references Anatomy and nudes, the natural world, interesting places to travel to. Some books on physical fitness, cook books, Dungeons and Dragons Manuals, an essay on morality throughout the ages, Poems by Spike Milligan and a small amount of fiction I am completely into raiding the local library for pretty much anything that takes my fancy.
From my childhood I fondly remember Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, The Magick Faraway Tree, The Wishing chair, the Narnia Chronicles

I haven't had TV or gone to the cinema for a long time now. But I do occasionally watch DVDs on my computer. Lately mostly I have been going through the studio Ghibli Collection, Some other Anime series, I like movies with intelligence that don't reduce things to good v.s. evil and that reflect on the beauty, preciousness and complexity of life. Usually if I go to a video store I head straight for the foreign or special interest section

I log my music at last.fm which will give you all the details of what I listen to. In general music is a trigger for my imagination and I tend to favor music that makes my imagination flow.

I am a vegetarian, I don't eat bananas. I am trying to not eat sugar - I feel a lot better when I don't. Most of what I have been eating has been Sushi, salads, Rice Dishes, whatever work orders for dinner, simple Asian style food that can be cooked in a single steamer - sprinkled with soy and sesame seeds. Or just random things you find in Asian grocery stores

Six things I could never do without
Well I am a human being and I have been programed - There are very few things I could absolutely never do with out apart from the things that are essential for human survival, food, shelter, air, absence of aggressive humans wanting you dead. Instead I will list six of my favourite things
1) My near and dear fellow travelers. I can't overstate how good having like minds to be with is to the human condition (I am talking about specific people here too - you know who you are and thank you).
2) The fact that I can speak my mind where I live and not get shot - otherwise quite honestly I would probably be dead by now.
3) A vivid Inner world that can be channeled through art and more recently music.
4) An outer world that in spite of human civilization is not yet screwed up beyond repair. Seeing new creatures, Plants, Places fills the mind with wonder and makes me very happy.
5) The feeling you get when you wonder at the fact of how stupendously strange that it is to be alive at all (and all the questioning that goes along with that).
6) I admit it - I like women...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Just how am I going to implement feature x in game engine y. That is my day job and it consumes an awful lot of my time.

What it means to be human.If the universe is purely deterministic then why does life exist - shouldn't everything just follow the path of least resistance. If the universe was made by a divine agent - what does that mean? Does that necessarily mean that there is anything beyond the cycle of life and death.

That cute girl that seems to like me - what If I had said this last time we talked or what If I say that next time we meet. This is something I definitely guilty of - I am doing my best to try and stick to the here and now - difficult isn't it.

That would be cool to make/do. This applies to Music, Arts or social experimentation.
On a typical Friday night I am
Last few months I have been mostly working on into the wee small hours of the morning.
Even when I have time off I don't tend to a lot of going out being somebody with less than mainstream tastes in music, who is currently quite shy around people and doesn't really drink or do drugs there really is not a lot of venues that do a lot for me - or people in those venues to meet.

Monday is my main social night of the week and there are sometimes parties or other such things on Saturday evenings.

If I work at an event I will obviously be at that.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am generally pretty open - ask and you will find out
You should message me if
you really want to.
There is something about me that turns you on.
There is something about me that turns you off and you would like to let me know.
You live in Brisbane
- you are looking for somebody to photograph you
- You are looking for somebody to photograph
- You are looking for somebody to jam with
- you like hanging out in parks and watching things
- you know where there are good places to get dance lessons and/or are looking for a partner
- you dig role-play games - and are generally into story and acting
- your into linux or open source in general and you want an old fashioned geeky chat.
You would like an intelligent conversation
You would like to talk shit (creative shit)
you would like to have a go at editing my profile
The two of us