37 Kansas City, United States
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My self-summary
I am open-minded fair human. I am very liberal and progressive at heart. But, I try not to be up in your face about it. I live by the phrase "do what is right, because it is so" I stand up for other and myself when needed. I try to be clever rather than confrontational.

I like deep meaningful relationships, Both romantic and platonic. I don't do silly / stupid just for the sank of it. But I like to have fun. I enjoy having a cup of tea and talking about whatever.

I enjoy going for out door walk. I am really into fitness and hate treadmills and cardio equp. I love to walk. So being stuck indoor for winter workouts sucks. I love working out in nature. Or just walking outdoors and taking everything in doors.

I enjoy movies and stories about real people and real events. I thrive on being connected to the world around me. I am not a people-person, but rather a person - person.
What I’m doing with my life
A LOT! I have been actively trying to lose weight and live healthy for 4. I have lost a ton of weight, gained half of it back. But I have at least kept half of it off for 2 years and not giving up. I am continuing my journey. I am also socially transitioning gender and have been for 3 + years. I do not like to say I am transgender. I am a woman. I am a lesbian. I am kinda butch-ish. That is who I am. I happen to be born male. But my physical sex and gender identity are two separate things. I am a woman and always have been, If someone else sees me as something else, because they were socially groomed to think of all males as men, then that's their limitation not mine. In many ways I do not conform to expectation, and I like that. I am a woman, but not what society would expect that to mean. I am a Lesbian, but also not what society expects that to mean either. And I am a male born human that identifies as a woman. But not in any way that is expected. My feeling is F* the expectations. I am going to be me. not what anyone wants me to be. My weight loss and gender story are very related. foe health reasons I am delaying hormones until I am at a healthier weight and shape to do so. BUT not for any body shaming or self worth motivation. It is all about become the whole healthy me.

I am going to school full time to be a nurse. This field gives me a lot passion. I was meant to heal and care for others. I work full time too in a related field of care giving for special needs person. I have an awesome job where I work overnight and get to sleep. I just have to be there in case i am needed. So this allows me do a lot with my time.

I also help run a gender support group. And work with my campus LGBT group.

I am the main caregiver for my elderly grandmother too.

I stay pretty busy. But I am enjoying life
I’m really good at
I like to think I am very caring, and good listener. I always have an open shoulder to lean on and open ear. I am very open minded and have a lot of life experience. I am never judgmental and easy to relate to.

I am kinda new age, I am in to divination. I have studied Runes for more than five years, and consider myself a Rune Master.
The first things people usually notice about me
Perhaps my weight. which is decreasing all the time. I am still a big girl, but I am working on it, a lot. And it is not about what other people think. I do not care about others judgement of what I look like. I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT, for me and , my goals.

I ever growing hair.:-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Do not read as much as i would like. I do not wanna be one of the those non readers, i just do not do it a lot.

Sci Fi nerd. Star Wars, Star Trek... LotR, Harry Potter, etc.... yep I am a geek and proud.

BSG, Buffy law and order:svu , Stargate, Lost. just to name a few.

Lots of music. fav band Floggin Molly. as of late I am digging Adele and Natalie Bedingfeild

OH Food: do not get me started. I have changed my views on food. it is my fuel, that's it. I need it to keep me alive get me threw workouts and help be burn calories. This girl has goals and i will not be trapped my taste and food culture. Do not get me wrong it is hard, but it is what i need to be whole! and I am whole it.
The six things I could never do without
true sense of self
my car
My gyms (trainer's and classes)
My support system of friends and fam
KU basketball (rock chalk!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what is best for me and how to obtain my goals. I have a few things that work with and against each other at times. And I have to balance them out to get what i need.

That girl for me. where ever she is? I want some one in my life. but I know that right now I am already in a committed relationship with me, lol. I have failed my self and partners too many times before. and i know I have to get myself to where I am strong. my next partner / soul mate is just like everything in my life. Worth taking the time to get it right. I am looking for that one woman to be with. but it is ok if it take time, anything worth it always takes time.
On a typical Friday night I am
if i have nothing else to working out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am amazed and scared of all the great change in my life, i break down in the car and cry a few times a week.
You should message me if
ACCEPT ME FOR ME! I am a whole person take it or leave it. If you feel, who a person means more than what they appear to be.

I only have bi girls on my matches. It is really hard for me to guess if a straight or lesbian woman would want to date a MTF lady like me, Kinda depends on what you value the most who some one is physically or emotionally. But I personally am into woman no matter gay, straight, bi, pan, cis or trans. So if you are a girl and you want to get to know me, hit me up, lol

If you want to get to know me, for a friend, for more or to see where things go. if You can understand I want to find the person for me, but it will take time, I am in the middle of a huge journey and i would love to find a lady to enjoy it with.

No Drama or BS. really not wanting any of that.

If you want some one to workout with. I am not saying it is a must, not at all. trust me I am going to the gym if anyone joins me or not, lol. But if you would like some one to enjoy some fitness time with, and get to know each other, I am your girl.