30Indianapolis, United States
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My self-summary
As of today (Nov 2016), I'm recently single, and am enjoying that life. Mostly on here to see if I can meet people, but I have a very busy life traveling most weekends around the country as a performer. I'm recently 30, nowhere near ready for kids, and loving the life I have. I'm waiting to meet the woman who knocks me on my ass with her sheer amount of confidence and kindness, and treats her own life like a badass in everything she does. Then you'll really pique my interest!

I'm an extroverted web developer (we do exist) and business owner. I work as a freelancer and absolutely love it. Paying the bills currently with my trade, and at the same time always adding to my repertoire of knowledge in JavaScript and other web languages.

I am a person who is extremely driven to accomplish as much as possible, and do everything in my power to reach the goals I set. I am also likely to do so much that I get "overwhelmed" but that ends up making me actually accomplish something. Oh well.

In any case, I love enjoying life, laughing, watching the Steelers play as often as possible during football season, making sure I take time to be with my family since they're currently 3 hours away from me.

Oh, and words cannot describe my love for barbershop quartet music, and all that goes with that. I became an international champion quartet singer in 2015, singing bass in my quartet Instant Classic. You can look us up on YouTube, we exist. Or you can check out the quartet website (that I built lol)

Anyway, I'd love to meet someone who is as driven as me. I'm fun to hang out with, encouraging, enjoy time with friends, and I'll even make you laugh every once in a while!
What I’m doing with my life
Traveling the country to perform in my quartet
Building a business
Learning as much as possible about web development
Winding down with a video game or Netflix once in a while
Eating a Paleo diet
Listening to boy bands while I work develop the web from home. I don't care if you judge me.
I’m really good at
Singing, Web development, recording music, grammar, only accepting the best from myself
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: If only I could comprehend the text before the sixth time of rereading one paragraph...I'd have something to put here..

Movies: Star Wars, Mob movies (Godfather, Donnie Brasco, Goodfellas, etc), RENT, School of Rock, Ocean's Eleven.

TV Shows: The ones I watch regularly:
- Law and Order: SVU, Archer, This Is Us

Music: Barbershop, Luther Vandross et al, Four Freshmen, The Hi-Los, Jazz, Coheed and Cambria, RENT, Tool, Queen, Diamond Rio, Bee Gees, Boy Bands, some Hip Hop
Six things I could never do without
Asian Food
Pittsburgh Steelers
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Web development
My 5 year business plan
Lego Star Wars for Wii
What video game I'll replay and binge on next
On a typical Friday night I am
Flying/driving to a show
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I used to love the taste of mint mouthwash and I drank half of an economy-sized bottle and went to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. When I was 3.
You should message me if
If you are a complete badass, or strive to be such in everything you do.

You're ok with a guy who has good manners, but doesn't overdo chivalry. Look, I will hold the door open for you, but I'm not running to the door to open it before you get there. You're an adult, you can open the door too. In my opinion, overdoing chivalry is promoting the inequality between genders, and I'm not into that. I'm just into being nice to all people.

If you can correctly use apostrophes, and subject/verb agreement. If you capitalize your "I" when referring to yourself. Other grammar things are important to you.

If you are capable of keeping an open mind at all times and will not pass final judgement on people; that they always have another chance if they act right, but at the same time knowing when it's time to hang up the gloves (but in the future, people can change).

If you love a good smartass (think House), and you can take a joke, but at the same time can be serious.

Especially if you love barbershop. If you do, I might forgive some other stuff.
The two of us