54Asbury, United States
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My self-summary
I am transplanted from the Chicago area...and although my experience living where I am now has taught me certain things and exposed me to some arts and people and views- I still miss the diversity of culture, and the culture itself of an urban place. though quite gainfully employed here, I am in search of a more suitable location to relocate to. In addition, due to the cultural differences, I have had no success in finding anyone in my Immediate current area that is really a good fit for me as a partner. I am not someone that just wants a "warm body." So I am willing to travel..and even relocate if the situation eventually lends itself.
I am always young minded-we need to keep the good pieces of being young thinking.... this doesn't mean irresponsible and immature... but I will never say that I am "too old"...
I am kind of a renaissance man- I use both hemispheres of my brain-I am interested and have knowledge and talents in just about everything intellectually, artistically and spiritually. I believe in compassion. I just read that and it sounds a bit conceited.:-)...what I mean is that I am interested in everything. I am musically inclined and love all types of music- and like the arts, literature, film (as in more the arthouse, less the blockbuster). I like intelligent conversation. I have a sense of humor and can get pretty "base" sometimes as well. I can also handle tools pretty well- I can repair and/or make stuff. I cycle and work out and am health conscious -but not an absolute fanatic. I am socially conscious also, and my views are "pragmatically progressive"...I believe in compassion.. And I am very accepting and open-minded and believe everyone has a right to be whomever they are as long as it harms no one or nothing else..I am also very open-minded spiritually and accept many people's views-I am working toward being more of a minimalist-not fanatically-yet-(which is hard when I have Amazon Prime :-)) ....I also try to make sure those who are important to me know it. I tell them that they are appreciated.. I love being with people that I care about and the person that I am "with." However I am happy being by myself-as a matter of fact I relish "me time."I don't chase all the trappings of what people generally define themselves with these days.I am easy-going,affectionate and a bit of a "softie"... phew...that is more "I's" than I care to use usually.

I do wish to note-the photo right now is 2-3 years old. I am, trying to locate a newer one (I don't stroll around taking selfies). I have just spent 2 protracted business trips to India this summer that have kept me off of my bike and eating extraordinary food at no cost, so I am currently up to around 180-185 (I was 167 in that photo). I also do have a beard on or off. New photo soon...
What I’m doing with my life
Living it...trying to grow and learn and change and evolve...moving forward, life is not a goal, it is what happens daily and you have to appreciate it-there are going to be down times. Also, in relationships-it isn't always going to be bells and whistles-hopefully often enough-but there are going to be days where you both just had a routine day and are going to appreciate being together.
I am stepping forward and constantly redefining who I am, defining myself at the stage in my life without losing who I was.
I’m really good at
Hopefully more things that are important than those that aren't!/:-)
Listening-truly listening. This is what I have been told. I don't just listen passively to get to my next break to talk. I listen and feel and empathize and sympathize. Remembering. Problem solving. Music, writing, fixing stuff... I could go dirty here :-) but won't, being humorous. Everyone has talents hopefully.
The first things people usually notice about me
For my response here, I asked a woman whom I have had a first meeting with similar to what one from this site would be like (we remain good friends)...she said-"You are handsome, you have nice eyes, and you dress with some sense of fashion"...she also says that I am smart, but that that isn't something that you notice without conversation. My answer probably would've been "that I'm taller than average-luckily-'cuz I have male pattern baldness setting in...:-)...oh and maybe that I am in decent shape and look ok for being over 40....and that I can speak in complete sentences using proper grammar"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books-Steinbeck,...confederacy of Dunces...jeez...just about anything printed or cyber printed fiction or nonfiction I read all the time (yes, I am a 'bathroom reader' even).. add books by thich naht Hahn......movies-Lars and the Real Girl, Black Swan, Shawshank, -indie,arthouse,foreign, anything with character, plot, message, humor, good documentaries..., not usually into the action, violent, (I am a musician)-impossible to list as I dig everything and I mean that-some more than others but lately-a lot of new independent stuff, classical,jazz,alt,-I am not stuck on stuff that I listened to in high school as the being the last answer to Bang Theory, and PBS are the only things that I will go out of the way to am a vegetarian and a foodie-so all ethnic foods and regional foods-(Olive Garden is not my idea of Italian), If I am visiting somewhere that I have not been, I generally try to find a regular restaurant-not a chain.(with the exception of The Original Pancake House franchises-NOT IHOP)-..I like to cook in the winter (meaning trying recipes and being adventurous not throwing something in a pan with some salt)....
Six things I could never do without
breathable air, clean water, edible safe healthy food....shelter from the elements...soul/mind/body in full function..and laughter
Or-if those are a given.... music, laughter love. Myself-me -truly myself.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Too many things! My daughter, philosophy,food, sex, if I should or not, what I am doing I can change things that I can, what that noise was, does E really=MC2....will it snow tomorrow, politics, the environment, did I lock the door.... what to think about next....:-D....and then -thinking that I need to meditate to quiet my mind of all this noise.
On a typical Friday night I am
I grocery shop and prepare for the weekend in the winter. In the summer I may be cycling or doing something outside. All is trumped of course if there is something social, or some decent entertainment to go see or something good going on.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
like most people who answer here have said-It's private-If I admit it-It becomes PUBLIC....
You should message me if
You are open-minded and compassionate. That you are imperfect...that you love the imperfect..that you are capable of depth and love..that you judge no one... if you are an Artistic type,intellectual type, curious type,open hearted...not horribly somewhat about your health...can accept that I don't eat meat...I am drawn to strong women who think- I am a feminist. Do not message if you are racist,homophobic,...if you are far right wing or tea party we won't click...and I am accepting of faiths, but if you are Fundamentalist or feel that we should legislate based on your faith, or can't accept any other faiths or views than your own-we won't click because strict religious dogmas are hypocritical, judgmental and are a detriment to someone's spirituality.
The two of us