25San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
Well hello there dear reader and welcome to my profile.
I'm sure you've noticed by now that I'm at the very least somewhat awesome. Tell me, what was it that gave me away? Was it my incredibly creative username? Or perhaps my devilishly handsome pic? I thought the name was a good pick because it symbolises that I'm always reaching up for the...oh c'mon who am I kidding you saw my pic and probably swooned right there on the spot. I must apologize to all those pretty ladies who have been injured in the feinting process brought on by my raw animal magnetism. I also apologize for using the word "swoon" in the 21'st century...

Oh you're still reading? To be honest I thought my horrible jokes would have stopped you by now! Hmmm...well then...I uuhhh...I don't really know where to go from here...I've never had to keep talking to a woman-person after that, you uuhhh you sure you don't want to leave? Don't worry I'll give you a moment to think about it.

You're STILL reading?? Maybe you should read that first paragraph one more time just to really let it sink in?

Ok, alright! I guess you're almost as weird as I am. That or you are looking to use me for some sort of psychiatric experiment for your college Psych final? Either way I have a potential date reading here! I should stop wasting your time and get right to it!

I just moved into San Jose less than a week ago, So I really don't know anything about the area or the people here at all! Now I know what you're thinking, "but kevin" you might ask "Why move out to a place so far away from home without knowing anything or anybody around?" Weellll...I suppose I would have to say it's a bit of an adventure! A nice change of pace from what I'm used to. I came from the Pismo Beach area down in southern california and it was a bit of a small town so this is all very new to me! It's sort of exciting!

What's're actually still reading? Ok you I'm starting to think you really ARE someone looking to perform experiments on me! Why else would you actually take the time to read through all my babble? Well hey, if a few experiments gets me a date, who am I to complain? Right now you are probably going down a checklist of things about your new research subject, right? Ok! I think I can help you fill the list!

-I'm pretty laid back and easygoing
-I enjoy being with people, especially if I can make them smile
-I really enjoy drawing, but I'm super horrible at you can't see my drawings! They're embarrassing...weellll okok MAYBE you might be able to convince me to show you a stickfigure or something on the second date, but you are probably going to have to get a few drinks in me first.
-I'm a huge animal lover, I love both cats and dogs. Looking for a good way to break the ice? Shoot me a message, tell me what your favorite animal is!
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I work for RadioShack as a sales guy, but my ultimate goal is to become a computer animator, to make something to entertain the world. That's what I really strive for. I want to touch lives of as many people as I can, and put a smile on their faces.
I’m really good at
Making you laugh I hope!

Oh, and computer stuff! I'm awesome at that too.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm sort of bubbly, generally chipper and always smiling. I like being helpful if I can and will usually try to lighten the mood wherever I go.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite shows are, Stargate (all of them) Dr. who, BattleStar Galactica, Startrek, The River, The Dresden Files, Warehouse 13, Naruto, Walking Dead. Fringe

The Bartimus trilogy, the Erigon seris, and artimis Fowl, are some of my favorite books. You know, fiction stuff

THE PIRATES MOVIES!!!! Matrix, Inception, Prestige, Signs, Starwars (yes, the new ones too) Startrek, X-MEN, Spiderman, The Avengers, Disney and Pixar in general.

I like lots of music! My favorites are probably, techno, alternative rock, and hiphop. but really as long as its not country or rap, I'm happy to have noise filling the air.

NO FISH. that is all.
Six things I could never do without
My friends
My computer
The internet in general
Aannnd, I stuff? yes, Space stuff.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Well If you can't tell, I'm into fantasy. I like to imagine what it might be like If I were In a place that can't possibly exist, doing things I couldn't ever normally do.
On a typical Friday night I am
Where ever I can Get my roommates to go! Usually stuck inside at home lol
The most private thing I’m willing to admit only get to keep reading if you promise not to laugh.

You promise?

Ok ok, FIINNNE, you can laugh a little bit. I sometimes enjoy wearing mismatching socks.

Yeah I know, mind blown, am I right?? It just makes me laugh to know I have one red and one blue sock on my feet sometimes!
You should message me if
-You want someone to talk to, or maybe if I'm lucky you might want to go out sometime! I always love meeting new people!

-You're feeling kind enough to show the new kid on the block around town.

-Or if you want some company to see a movie in theaters! I always wanna see a new movie coming out and I never have anyone to see it with!
The two of us