46 Pasadena, United States
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My self-summary
Hi, and welcome to my profile. Just like me, it remains a work in progress, and that will probably continue to be the state of it for, well, ever.

I'm an astronomer, and have wanted to be one since I was younger than I can remember. No idea why that appealed to me at such a young age...apparently I got a hold of a science book and it captivated me somehow. I spent the next years jumping through the hoops at school (while also playing baseball and being the swim team captain), all the while angling to get to grad school and onwards to the PhD degree necessary to get into the field. I had plenty of fun along the way, but I'm one of those people who knew what they wanted all along and stayed dedicated enough to drive and get it.

After all the schooling was done, I landed a real job as an astronomer in Pasadena...and while that is invigorating and fulfilling, it's nice to share life outside of that. I have plenty of friends that I hang out with on a regular basis, but it's nice to have someone to share things with much more closely (as you know since you're probably interested in the same thing or else you wouldn't be on this site). I tend to be pretty easy to get along with, and I like meeting new people and seeing what they have to say about the world and how they live their lives in it. So, I see this as another opportunity to meet people, and if something more permanent comes of it then that's just a bonus.
What I’m doing with my life
At the moment, I spend my days writing software for a robotic astronomical instrument that will remove atmospheric distortions...removing that gives a clearer picture of objects in space. That's why the Hubble telescope is in space, to get above the atmosphere and its affect on astronomical images.

This, of course, means that I have the least romantic job on the planet...those "atmospheric distortions" are what cause stars to twinkle. :) I try to atone for this whenever I am given the opportunity.....
I’m really good at
Figuring things out, whether it's solving a problem at work or making my car work better, I'm really good at analyzing a situation and taking action. That doesn't mean I always take the right action, but for the most part I leave things better than I found them.

I'm also really good at being out of sync on fashion trends, so I finally just gave up and decided to wear whatever makes me feel comfortable. No, I won't show up on a first date in sweat pants, but metrosexual is never going to be a word that describes me.

Bad puns and, so bad that you cringe while laughing.

I also go with the flow really well...I just adapt to whatever situation I get tossed into and go with it.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a quiet, reserved person, but smart and quick witted. Those are usually the first impressions that I give...but, feel free to share your own.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like to read, a lot...I own around 800 books. Mostly sci-fi and history, but I like lots of other stuff as well, just as long as it's interesting and intelligent

Movies, I like a variety, from sci-fi to dramas to comedies. Anime is usually cool, as long as it doesn't get so strange that it no longer has a plot. Art films can usually be fun with the same caveat.

TV, I don't watch all that much, so I limit to things that are smart, fun or have something to say that I think is worthwhile.

Music: is all you need to know about my music tastes, it's a great mix of all kinds of styles.

Food, I tend towards the more straightforward stuff, not super adventurous but I've never been anywhere that I couldn't find something on the menu to enjoy. I should work on cooking more, when I bother it usually turns out good but I don't put that much effort into it just for myself.
The six things I could never do without
Honesty and integrity.

Hmmm, actually, after that all the things that pop to mind are conveniences to make me comfortable. But, when it comes to my interactions with other people, as long as I have those two things I'm in pretty good shape. I may fill out the same list as everyone else eventually, but I've found that I can live without most of those things for a while if it comes down to it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'm a research scientist, so I'm always thinking about something. Science, obviously, and not just astronomy, but lots of science things in other branches of science. Politics, why people do what they do, cars. I just think a lot about a lot.
On a typical Friday night I am
It varies...working, out with friends, a movie, at home relaxing, reading or surfing the internet.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That what I'm willing to share depends on how well I know you...and that I'm not going to put anything like that on the internet.
You should message me if
If any of this sounds interesting and you want to take a chance to learn some more.

Or, if you want to ask me astronomy questions, I don't mind messages about that either. :)

Also, I respect the age ranges you put up, so if your profile doesn't include my age then you have to write to me...I'd feel like I was being rude to ignore your wishes. Same goes for anything else you put down as a non-starter (i.e. you want someone taller).