43 Anderson, United States
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My self-summary
Well, it's hard to know what to write here, but I guess I'll just talk about why I'm here. I have had a job for the past several years which is basically as good of a preventative against finding a relationship that you could possibly have. Not that work is the ideal place to find a mate, but when you spend most of your time there- it doesn't leave that many other options. I've been called picky before, but that's mostly b/c I'm looking for someone who is at least somewhat like me.

I always treat women with respect and would not force anyone into something they didn't want to do. The main reason I haven't succeeded in the dating world is that most of the women I do meet seem to be too heavy of partiers for me. As a general rule, the more nerdy and boring you are- the better. But that doesn't mean you have to look like a

I just realized they don't really have a blank on here where you describe what you are looking for. I know most of the guys are probably just looking for sex but I am looking for a relationship. I know that you usually have to be friends first to get there, but that's my ultimate goal. I would really like to find a caring and intelligent person with whom I can have good conversations. While someone local would obviously be more convenient, I truly want to find the best match for me so I'm open to chatting with you if you are in Siberia as well.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working at a very boring office job which is the type of thing that "The Office" or Dilbert might remind you of. I'm an accountant and have a degree in that area. As that might imply, I pride myself on being good with money and enjoy financial type stuff- except for taxes.

As far as what else is going on, I'm a pretty big sports fan and football is my favorite. I'm not the type of person to force you to watch it if you don't want to though. I'm also into politics, although I'm very disappointed w/ the choices in this year's election. I took a health class a few years ago and have been trying to work out enough to meet all their rigorous requirements so I'm in fairly good shape anyway. I try to do some kind of exercise about 5 times a week so that takes up a fair amount of my free time. I also have a yard and a dog that take up some of my "spare" time.
I’m really good at
As I mentioned above, I'm good with financial, money management type stuff. This is kind of a nerdy quality, but I'm also simply good at working. I've been one of the top employees at every job I've had. I was also good in school. I'm also pretty good at sports- the main ones I play are football, basketball, softball, and tennis. I don't get to play any of those as much as I used to though since most everyone I played with long ago got married and basically left the rest of us in the single world.

As far as personality traits go, I feel like I'm better than the average guy at listening and caring. I feel a little guilty doing all this bragging, as I'm pretty modest too. If they had a blank for what you are bad at, I'd be sure to write myself up good.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, physically I'm not really sure about that b/c I've never asked anyone that question. I do know I've received compliments on my smile more frequently than anything else.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how quickly America's going down the tubes and also wondering if all the good ones are already taken
On a typical Friday night I am
On this stupid website and wishing I had someone to cuddle with instead