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My self-summary
Okay, decidedly unavailable. Have what I want in life right now, and hope it stays that way. We're focusing on us; keeping this profile for both amusement value, and in the event that we can meet one or two new friends who enjoy hanging out with us, as we don't do the party / bar / club scene.

I joined on April Fool's Day - this should tell you something about my humor.

I appreciate honesty, communication and mutual respect.

If you do, as well, then you'll appreciate me.

Hell, if you're intelligent, philosophical or insightful, I'm always up to a good conversation.

My ideal match is the gal I have. :)

Note: I am not a social idiot; I simply over-analyze and over-notice things by default, which some people find unsettling. :p

My girlfriend finds it amusing... :)

We have talked about bringing someone into our lives at some point, to spend some social quality time together. She has strong interests in anime, artwork, and spending many years with me. We want to make a good friend or two, locally, to with whom to share some of that time, as most everybody we know - in this area - is related to her or one of my exes.

We are not seeking a "love triangle" - threats to "us" will be "dismissed"... :)

In that same vein, if we don't feel you're safe, or both get a good vibe from you, it won't go any further than whatever it is at the point that it happens.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to ferret out who are my friends, and who are hanger-on's just out to use my trusting nature against me... :p
I’m really good at
I am going to answer this question, despite the poor grammar it exhibits...

Being humorous.

Being serious.

Entertaining my friends.

Intimidating my enemies (haha).

Being exasperatingly literal - for its "humor value".

Artistic endeavors.


Scientific explanations.

Paragraphs that make it look like I consulted a lawyer first.

Listening to the advice of female friends that want me to find success with this site.

Flirting shamelessly with everyone, for no other reason than because it amuses me, and it was somehow warranted in the context of the conversation; not because I'm hitting on them.

Philosophizing and debating the supposed existence of divine / supernatural beings.

Reminding people of Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, only more socially adept, and less all-knowing. Also, my IQ isn't measured at "187" - surely meant to be a joke about his "Killer IQ".

Being patient as the world is burning around me, and finding practical solutions to life's obstacles.

Reading for comprehension.

Seeing the intrinsic beauty of a person, place or thing.

Dreaming in color.


Enduring pain.

Making up my own style of exercise; incorporating trance-club music, belly dancing, and martial arts movements; into a fluid interpretation of music, rhythm and beat; I am epic, in my own mind.

Accepting constructive criticism; what do you think of my profile so far? :D
The first things people usually notice about me
You'd have to ask them; I'm assuming it's my face, height, hat, or something of a physical nature.

In a textual conversation, they notice my intellect, grammar and that I'm assertive - or is that tenacious? And that I tend to pick up on cues they didn't realize they were projecting (not queues, which are lines... that is not a typo - it is wholly the wrong word...) - which they then deny. :p

They also seem to pick up REAL quick that I'm flirtatious; don't take it personally - flirtation is fun, witty, and playful; it isn't my way of saying, "Do me baby!"

Apparently I'm intimidating, as well. No fights yet. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite foods are the ones that I prepare myself.

Big Bang Theory quotes that amuse me:

Howard: "You know what, if it's 'CREEPY' to use the Internet, military satellites and robot aircraft; to find a house full of gorgeous young models; so I can drop on them unexpectedly, then FINE, I'm 'CREEPY'..."

Sheldon: "When I try to deceive, I myself have more nervous ticks than a lyme disease research facility."

Sheldon: "You thought the opposite of 'stupid loser' was 'community college graduate'?"

Not that I have anything against a community college education; I just really like the quote. So if you say something about community college, don't take offense if I quote that. :p
Six things I could never do without
The oxygen-nitrogen ratio in the air that allows my respiratory system to oxygenate my blood; the necessary water to maintain a healthy digestive/waste system, cell health, and the 'radiator' cooling function within the body; nutrients derived from sources of low-processed foods, as the body is designed/evolved to extract them vs chemical compounds from non-whole-food sources; a means to semi-regularly cycle through the reproductive cell content manufactured in my testicles, preferably with the assistance of another, so that a fresh supply can be maintained - just in case; maintaining the delicate balance between items inside vs outside of my body - esp blood cells; and the intellect to appreciate my own brand of humor - I mean, how awful would it be if even *I* didn't understand it?!? I did find out last year, however, that I can live without my gallbladder... apparently it was not crucial to the balance of #5...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If Freud's philosophies were proven to lead to false conclusions, would that make them phallusies?


FB Status 09/02/10:

Why is is that I am, in my circle of people, arguably one of the most astute at objectively quantifying and qualifying social interactions; but when it's subjective in relation to my own attention to / by qualifying females, my purported intelligence takes a major hit?

Dad's comment:

Arguably your circle of people is purportedly qualified?


Dad seems to be supporting the idea that I need to make new friends; ideally smarter and more analytical than my regular set.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing what I do on a typical Friday night.

These days, that means cuddling up to my girlfriend, after working ten hrs in Nashville; watching a movie; and maybe grocery shopping & sex - not necessarily in THAT order.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm very intelligent, cognitively speaking; and in solving spatial awareness challenges; not so much in social situations.

Also, I do have a very strong sense of spirituality, but it's also bolstered by science and Eastern philosophy. It can best be described as a Taoist-Native American-Spong Christian tradition. I do try to take example from the lessons in the Bible, without regard for whether they are of divine origin; the lessons attributed to Christ are not negative intrinsically. I also follow some Native traditions, as I understand them. And my view of the nature of "God", for lack of a better universally-recognized term, is Taoist in both nature and in evidence; meaning it's not empirical, reproducible or scientific; it's also not supernatural.

Most of my heroes are family members, or spiritual leaders; the rest are everyday people who overcome life's hardships and obstacles, never letting it bring them down.

And I practice "mindfulness", a type of meditation in which each action is lived and experienced, rather than simply done. It is being aware of your movements - your tasks - mindfully; and moving with graceful purpose; versus lumbering about mindlessly through your day.

For most people this may seem like a poor category for this; but spirituality IS a personal path; and a private matter. It is one's own relationship between themselves, and their perception of what's divine in the universe; and what is not.
You should message me if
You are not a single male, or a couple; thinking we would have any interest in playing with you. She doesn't want another guy in our relationship, and neither do I.


Your shrink doesn't deadbolt the door and sigh in relief every time you leave his/her office. :p

Your OKCupid social experiment or psychology thesis requires another interesting experience to improve it... :)


If you're an attractive, bi girl, who isn't wallowing in self-pity, who thinks it might be fun to meet an emotionally secure couple; with no promises that something more will happen, but open to the possibility if mutual attraction and interest persists.


If this pick-up line would have worked on you, you should DEFINITELY message me:

"Hey, baby, I couldn't help but notice that your facial symmetry and general aesthetics point to a genetic predisposition for our hypothetical offspring to be successful, viable and advantageous with regard to others of our species; could I interest you in some food and conversation?"
The two of us