30Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
Let me make this simple:
I want to make out.
Do you? If so, proceed.
I cannot and will not promise anything I can't deliver, is that an issue?
I am trustworthy, and if I touch you I trust you. Trust doesn't equal love or a relationship...but it still has meaning. Does this make sense to you? If so, proceed.
I am a nice guy, but not in a place to commit... but I am monogamous...if you are the girl I vibe with. This confuses everyone I seem to be the guy whom one introduces their parents too... but I am not at that point in life. Is this OK? Proceed.
I can't spoil anyone. I work my ass off to pay for school and to eat, sleep, and live... I will always pay if I am out with someone. Is this acceptable? Proceed.
I am very honest. If you don't like what I am, it is totally OK...I will not be insulted, upset, mad or otherwise ... I am myself in the hopes that you will be yourself... if you don't like it ... no biggie... at least I know and you know a well-informed decision was made.

I don't like tempers and frivolous arguments. I notice many girls in the Chicago area have an inflated sense of self worth... expecting much in the way of personality...but hardly able to reciprocate. Great example: every girl says, "don't bother messaging me if you all you say is, 'hi' or 'what's up'....". First of all, in real life that is how all conversations start -- not with an essay. Secondly, I've yet to meet a girl who demanded this whom could actually do the same.... so don't give me that BS please.
If I message you and you aren't interested, don't reply, or just say, "no thank you, not feeling it". No need to be confrontational or rude.

You really should message me if I catch your eye. Given my personality and looks... it's better if I let my niche come to me than seek it out. Safer.

I have ninja-like reflexes that dodge a variety of photo-taking devices pointing menacingly in my direction.
Very few things bother me, I'm rather easy-going... maybe too much for my own good.
I have no expectations.

So I have been in the city for a while now... I am an expert in avoiding cops, parallel parking is a breeze, and potholes are accepted as being my life now.
I study, work, and sleep.
What I’m doing with my life
Working, studying, and occasionally sleeping.
I’m really good at
Being nice, being mean...I know it's an oxymoron.
Reading people/situations. EQ is hotdamn.
Making people feel at ease... I think... Maybe... Now my palms are sweating.
Being quiet.
Talking. .
Blushing. I blush like a pro... MAC has nothing on me.
Contradicting myself.
I'm ridiculously awesome at making the longest analogies to explain the simplest thing, and it's beautiful. You might shed a tear or two. Honestly, it's poetry-on-demand.
Telling people it's a Viral Infection not Allergies.
The first things people usually notice about me
My charming persona..../s
How much I look like that bad guy from that one season of know the guy who did that one thing in that one episode.
Telling white people - pardon me - those of Caucasian decent, that I used to by shy of them growing up. Now I chastise bearded ginger men for their lack of freckles.
How much I do not get offended. It offends people.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Game of Thrones, True Detective, LOST, Breaking Bad. I like complex stories.
Six things I could never do without
A truthful answer is: a good conversation every so often; a genuine smile directed at me; a place to lay my head at night; a meal once a day; a few moments of peace to daydream; and the optimism that if today isn't better than yesterday, hopefully, tomorrow will be.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Food. Specifically meat combined with cheese in some fashion.
When will plans actually go according to plan?
To be, or n....
On a typical Friday night I am
Stalking people on OKC. The room is dark - a soft blue glow eminates from my 2 year old mobile device; gently illuminating the effeminate features of my follicular-weed-ridden face.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am probably not going to message you first. You are a girl... there are 100s of messages in your inbox and waiting in line puts a strain on my feet. The socks start stinking up... it's a whole debacle. Anyways, if I "like" you... that is an equivalent to wave. So wave back, say 'Hi', or go about your day.
You should message me if
My bushy eyebrows tickle your fancy.

Facial hair is tantalizing and you find yourself repressing ungodly urges to hurt my visage. (Disclaimer: I will go stubble for da bubble.)

No hot heads or tempers allowed. umadbro?

Just message me if you feel like it. JUST DOOO IT. Nike™
If you're hesitating - stop.
This isn't a pair of heels. Chop-chop, haven't got all day!

I don't chase... Asthma and all that. Gotta get that inhaler refill.
The two of us