39Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
The typical start in most profiles on this type of networks:

I'm a single guy, currently located in "Canadian Florida" (i.e. Ontario...there are two seasons, winter and July) looking for other guys to chat, meet, laugh and have a great time with. Hope to succeed in building and developing as many good and deep friendships as possible. Explicitly not ruling out the possibility of, hopefully, finding Mr Right who might appear somewhere along the line.
What I’m doing with my life
Right now, I'm changing continents and countries on a regular basis about every one-and-a-half years doing postdoctoral research projects - some people call it holidays, I call it hard work! :)

My last change of locations has brought me to North America (Canada) recently, and I am not reluctant at all to settle down locally at one stage in my life if occupation and private life permit to do so and make it feasible
I’m really good at
whew...what a question...let's list some points that pop up in my mind:

* up to the present day I can recall all the dirty little cheats & tricks in computer games I used to play during my high school times (Out of money in Civilization, Railroad Tycoon or SimCity? Problems getting past the monsters in the Doom series? Looking for the best spot to have fun in Unreal Tournament? - No problem!)...think I still could even walk through most of Lucasfilm's graphical adventure games ("I'm selling these fine leather jackets!"). I should add, though, that I was very good at one stage taking out my own team mates in UT and wondered about all those angry in-game messages (Mr Pink: "Hey, you idiot, we're on the same team!!!!" - Brainbug: "I am soooooo sorry!")

* reciting Simpsons, Futurama and whole passages from movies - the worse the movie, the more citations I will be able to recall ("Climb the rocks as I do!")

* sarcastic remarks and, very often, borderline humor - I might create an impression of shyness at first, but be prepared...once started...

* baking and cooking - currently gathering and transforming into written form my relatives' and friends' favourite recipes (judging from the sometimes massivley diverging looks and tastes of dishes they often seem to have "forgotten" to inform me about the secret ingredient...)

* listening - although those people that have experienced me chatting a night away would seriously doubt that

* filling out fill-me-out fields in social network and dating websites

* I am _VERY_ bad at handling things in connection with animals featuring >6 legs - but I can turn into a protective "lion's mother" if somebody else with similar issues needs to get rid of one of these (my sister can testify for sure)...
The first things people usually notice about me
Given my size, most people don't notice me at all! ;-)

The few people that do notice me will comment on my smile (cf. profile name) and my eyes which I supposedly inherited to equal parts of my grandparents.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books (selection):

* Outliers
* A History of the United States
* The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxies (I never panicked afterwards)
* Going Postal
* Spaceship Titanic
* Du sollst nicht lügen - Von einem der auszog, immer die Wahrheit zu sagen (yep, written entirely in German and I still read it)

Movies (selection):

* Groundhog Day
* Star Trek (most of them)
* Run Lola Run
* Clue
* Evil under the Sun
* Saving Private Ryan
* Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
* Koyaanisqatsi (yes, I know what most of you think...)
* Final Destination (most of them)
* The Goonies (memories of my childhood!)
* Lost Skeletton of Cadavra (something trashy for a "Bad Movie Night")
* All three (classical) Star Wars movies, followed by Spaceballs (in one long movie night with friends)

Shows (selection):

* Simpsons
* Futurama
* South Park
* Fringe
* X-Files
* Desparate Housewives
* Sex and the City
* Good Christian Bitches
* Big Bang Theory
* Dexter
* Come Dine With Me (only due to the sarcastic comments by the narrator from the off, the rest is just simply crap)

Music (overview):

* Step 1: take a storage with all music ever produced and recorded
* Step 2: take out virtually all Rap and Country and bury it deep and deeper, hidden far away in the Atacama desert
* Step 3: the rest: shake well
* Step 4: serve me while still all messed up
* Step 5: me...smiling :-)

...basically, from classic (Bach, Beethoven, etc.) and classics (Glenn Miller Orchestra, Bill Haley, Edith Piaff, etc.), from "modern classics" (Madonna has a couple of stunning hits!) and movie soundtracks (Last of the Mohicans, Pirates of the Caribbean, Matrix), from more soulful (Brandi Carlile, Paula Cole, Jasper Forks, current favourite: Wherever you will go (Soraia)) to just plain contemporary stuff (Good Charlotte, Breathe, The Offspring - right now on YouTube while I'm typing: Stereo Hearts) - everything has its merits.

Food (overview):

everything that...
* is dead (applies to animals and vegetables)
* never had more than 4 legs (if any at all), with few exceptions, e.g. fish (as long as it's not "Blinky", served by Marge)
* never had to curl up in exoskelettons while being alive
* tastes good
* is diverse, international food - Indian, Thai, Chinese, South African, Italian - actually, there was only one Greek dish so far I could not really wrap my tastebuds round (must have been pure, concentrated garlic)

Good joke in this context: "...You're vegetarian? Yeap, but not because I like I animals - I just hate plants!"
Six things I could never do without
1.) my friends - especially the ones that shared good and bad times
2.) the internet - news! gossip!! movies!!! music!!!!
3.) my bicycle - how to get along in most places otherwise
4.) my sarcasm - the world is a sh.. place but with a bit of twisted humor...;-)
5.) a glass of orange juice in the morning - you have never seen a grumpier face before without one
6.) something to write - being scatterbrained as can be the only means to prevent me from getting lost in most aspects of life
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to invent a molecule that

1) cures AIDS
2) heals cancer
3) guarantees enough food for all starving people worldwide
4) solves the conflict in the Middle East
5) reverts global warming
6) turns into a superconductor at room temperature
7) removes cellulitis
8) puts common sense into rightwing politicians


9) prevents its carrier from getting hit by a lightning

I'm very close to achieving it nearly every single day but eventually become distracted by something else and have to start all over the next morning.

But one of these days, Pinky...!
On a typical Friday night I am
Actually, there is no typical Friday night but only a collection of stuff that might prefereably happen sometime between Friday night and Sunday night.

Since friends play a vital role in my life I do enjoy spending time with them - lunch or dinner at their homes, going out to a bar or a cinema as well as the odd visit to a museum or exhibition every now and then. Also fond of having a couple of them over for some food, a board game, a (bad) movie night or just coffee/tea/beer & chatting.

If I'm too tired from the preceeding week, I will charge my batteries with lots of sleep, some good music and a book or a movie.

Nothing is set in stone...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Since the sentence "I was young and needed the money!" already is the statement used most frequently by me in everyday's life I'm not gonna provide more ammunition to you, folks!
The two of us