46Portland, United States
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My self-summary
Give me an hour to kiss you...(5 points for the song reference and, ok, I'd easily take more than an hour ;)

"She's a combination romantic comedy and action adventure with a twist of sci-fi - no psycho thriller here!" - Rolling Stone

Kimba..."playfully dances on your taste buds" - Rachel Ray

"Be careful try not to lead her on, Shawty's heart is on steroids, 'cause her love is so strong...Her love is like a drug, I was tryna hit n quit it, but lil mama is so dope I messed around and got addicted" - Juicy J

"Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down
What’s going on in that beautiful mind
I’m on your magical mystery ride
And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright...
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections...
you’re my muse" ~ John Legend

NC-17 - for comfort with nudity, playful crazy fun, and no high school drama

An imagination is a terrible thing to waste! ;P

Just to clarify - there is no button for curious/questioning, and i like to think i am more interested in the person than all aspects of the packaging (although i admit i am, like most everyone else, a slave to chemistry which is most definitely affected by physical as well as intellectual characteristics). i am sex positive (if ya don't know, look it up :) and LOOKING FOR REAL CONNECTIONS TO PEOPLE NOT JUST BODIES OR CASUAL SEX (NO JUDGMENT). SO IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR CASUAL SEX, GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND PLEASE MOVE ON TO SOMEONE ELSE LOOKING FOR THE SAME. BE HONEST, BE YOUR TRUE SELF!

from now on i am protesting capitalism (or is it just capital letters, hmmm)

passion for life...i was kinda greedy in that line (my dna is supercharged with it)...i feel most everything strongly (it overwhelms me too sometimes). i am especially passionate about health and social justice.

i love quoting people, movies, music...and i obviously love ellipses (and parentheses - i am a punctuation whore evidently lol)! i am a hyper free-spirit who both rolls up her sleeves to do her part to lessen global warming and drives with the top down (the glass is definitely half full) ;P

today you are you, that is truer than true. there is no one alive that is youer than you. ~ dr. suess

blonde is not a hair color but a state of mind! living is about challenging yourself - i love to laugh, love, dance, sing, wrestle, and be a smartass. i am always looking for new adventures...i like to go at least a couple new places each year and learn at least five new things. Recently explored hawaii - played in a hamster ball, snuba'd, first time in the pacific (snorkeling, kayaking), cliff jumped (not the first time but first time on a former volcano :), hiked through a rainforest, went on a ghost tour!! smaller trips to wisconsin, texas, kentucky, (new orleans and mexico soon) and lots of chicago mischief too...

~this year is gonna be incredible
this year is gonna be the one
all the planets are lining up for me
this year i'm gonna have fun!
january I'll learn to fly
february love's gonna find me
march, april, may I'll get carried away!
...people will ask where'd she get that energy
this year I'm never gonna stop!
(ok, so that's every year with me :)

do you want to be a part of it?! you must be truly adventurous (no posers who will never leave the house a month after we meet - we'll have plenty of adventure at home too, believe me ;) there's a big world out there and fascinating people in it - especially if your mind is open to world views and new connections! life isn't about finding is about creating yourself ~ george bernard shaw

jump with me!
What I’m doing with my life
learning more about myself, others, and the world around us every day! wtfn - why the f#*k not?! :)

i feel fine
talking 'bout peace of mind
i'm gonna take my time
gettin' to good times...
loving a free and feeling spirit
hugging a tree when i get near it
diggin the snow and the rain and the bright sunshine!

work? when i have to...i am an aspiring author who is also sometimes an adventurous chicago health educator/science teacher and army captain currently. while money is necessary, if you value it over living beings or experiences we won't get along.

i'm still learning guitar and snowboarding (never stop learning!!). i have been skydiving, rocky mountain climbing, mechanical bull riding (i'm sounding like tim mcgraw, but i think i did most of these for the first time before the song - and i rode a lot longer than 2.7 seconds on a bull whose name i don't know)! i've been to the netherlands, caymans, germany, guatemala, england, cuba, france, bahamas, canada, and hope to add many more! i am considering teaching abroad or a couple other life changing adventures (so i hope you're flexible ;)!

i've been in the army since i was 18, first as an mp (military police, enlisted/staff sergeant) and now as a medical service corps officer (observer/coach/trainer, captain). i may be in for a few more years or get out tomorrow depending on life's demands.

i love the challenges i've lived so far and am ready for new ones!

and i'm not afraid to follow love around the world for a truly amazing connection (i've tasted it a couple times, but the timing wasn't right) be continued...
I’m really good at
goofiness! getting crazy/silly - no alcohol required! laughing at myself, laughing with others.

giving and getting massages.

wiggling my nose 2 different ways and at least one ear.

turning mexican food and props into entertainment, and most any sentence/phrase into an innuendo lol.

riding a bar stool like it's a mechanical bull.

tying cherry stems in a knot with my tongue. quoting movies. knowing the words to many songs. dancing spastically/stupidly (some would call it a seizure). hamming it up (think paradise by the dashboard lights on an army post club and sliding across the floor with a partner in crime). sneaking onto building rooftops or into pools to skinny dip.

living passionately...

***** i am *really* looking for friends/soulmate(s) who are not afraid to embrace their goofy/crazy side and not embarrassed of me being goofy! life's too short not to laugh and be yourself ;) *****
The first things people usually notice about me
my smile, goofiness/friendliness, mischievous side, adventurous spirit...i also tend to find oddly artistic things that make my style kinda unique (think zooey deschanel renaissance fair punk dutch) but i know how to fit my style comfortably without crazy looks and staring :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
nature puts on the best shows - thunderstorms! i love playing in the rain and snow! big fan of outside, mountains, water!

hobbies/activities - snowboarding, scuba, kayaking, whirlyball, hiking, camping, dodgeball, twister, truth or dare jenga, air hockey, hiball, tramps (trampolines...ok, and maybe the first thing that came to your dirty little mind lol), soccer, futsal, guitar, dancing, singing/karaoke, wrestling, tickling, road trips, fun events like renfaire/music fests/journey to the end of the night, cuddling/etc, trying new things

i love schoolhouse rocks! (my favorite is interjections!)

music -

release your inhibitions
feel the rain on your skin
no one else can feel it for you
only you can let it in - let it in!! (5 points)

green day, queen, cake, matt nathanson, touch n go, beastie boys, ludo, new politics, lindsey stirling, eels, train, cowboy mouth, matchbox 20, nin, the used, garbage, 80s, scythian, mcr, bowling for soup, fat boy slim, muse, 30 seconds to mars, def leppard, biggie smalls, heavy d and the boyz, ursula 1000, punk, ska, sexy funk - i *love* live music (summerfest, lollapalooza, etc) and i split my pants rocking out to a def leppard cover right before the lead singer told me i was hot :)

movies - better off dead, rock of ages, princess bride, life or something like it, avatar, safety not guaranteed, john cusack, jim carrey, edward norton, marilyn monroe, office space, monty python, zooey deschanel, kim basinger, charlize theron, mila kunis, friends with benefits, ps i love you, day after tomorrow, tears of the sun, team america, monsters inc, crash, kids, love actually, across the universe, love & other drugs, weird science, bridesmaids...

games - plants vs. zombies, cards against humanity, rock band, twister, city tag, words with friends, dominion, settlers, ticket to ride, blokus, apples to apples, maori, zombie larp, scavenger hunts, etc

art - salvador dali, leonid asimov

books - ishmael - daniel quinn, stieg larsson, hunger games, 50 shades, jon stewart, divergent, grossology, davinci code, cool stuff and how it works, joy of sex, five love languages, guitar, science, world, social justice, dali, twilight saga (trying not to be embarrassed but evidently i am a sucker for teen scifi true love i guess), etc. (mags - outside, adventure, wired, how it works, sciencey stuff, fitness, spin, etc)

sports - yes, most anything live (watch and/or play...haven't tried curling!?!) favorite is hockey (redwings all the way =D)

food - mexican, pizza, pannenkoeken (dutch pancakes), steak, bbq, italian, ice cream, sauerkraut (not mixed!), fruit, popcorn, gelato, i like to be adventurous but i can be picky sometimes

tv - dexter, in living color, firefly, doctor who, the office, glee, buffy, daily show, flight of the conchords, big bang theory, new girl, orange is the new black, zim, stng, teach tony danza...i don't spend much time watching tv, real life is way more interesting !

imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring...we should all start to live before we get too old. fear is stupid. so are regrets ~ marilyn monroe
Six things I could never do without
friends, sunshine, water (for drinking and play), music, sex, and ice cream (best when mixed lol)

...and i'd be lying if i didn't give my cell phone and computer honorable mention :}
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what will i learn today, the world, what is possible, making the most of today, what an amazing machine the human body is, touchable stuff - textures, how things work, how amazing this planet is, backscratches and massage, letting my friends know how much they mean to me, making my part of the world better, ice cream
On a typical Friday night I am i want to laugh with friends, find music/fun/adventure, stay up late ;)

i break tradition
sometimes my tries are outside the lines
we've been conditioned to not make mistakes
but i can't live that way

making mistakes is what it's all about, beautiful mistakes you can can laugh about make for great stories later :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i'm pretty open/straightforward...i'm quirky and messed up in my own 'fun' way (my fam is dysfunctional so i've been a crazy magnet and built my own fabfam), i'm a little ocd sometimes and i fight with inanimate objects
You should message me if had a hard time not (or actually did) jump up and dance in the theater during rock of ages =P have ever had your own pour some sugar on me or paradise by the dashboard lights moment that brings a mischievous smile to your face are truly adventurous, playful, passionate and not afraid of really connecting with someone...i have been told that getting close to me can be intimidating in a good way (by my very best guy friend who is one of the most fun, real people i know), that most people have trouble letting go of themselves like i do (without alcohol), and that i seem to look inside/read people well. oops, but this part is supposed to be about you... really can laugh about yourself and life, enjoy talking about anything (including topics you may not agree with people about but don't mind seeing all sides of an issue and why people believe/are the way they are), can entertain yourself/me/be entertained easily :) value those around you and resources, but don't live too conservatively or religiously (i'm not looking for a completely conventional life and i don't believe any one religion has the right answer over another - no offense, just being honest...if you are super religious i'm not right for you) celebrate life, you're creative and expressive'd be willing to go to a gaming convention, renfaire, or fun event and dress up in costume/be silly with me
...i haven't scared the s#*t out of you with my straightforward self...are you ready?!

***** i am *really* looking for friends/soulmate(s) who are not afraid to embrace their goofy/crazy side and not embarrassed of me being goofy! life's too short not to laugh and be yourself ;) if this is not you, no worries...don't waste your or my time pretending to be someone you're not. someone is looking for you as you really are. be your honest self and good luck with your search =)*****

**disclaimer** i try to answer, but honestly the volume of messages can be overwhelming and i am more excited/likely to answer a playful message that you put personality into than just 'hey' or 'has anybody told you your gorgeous lately' (yes, the grammar on that one bugged me too :)
i realize not everyone responds and you might get tired of coming up with new witty things to write, but making a girl feel a little special goes a long way in getting responses!
thanks for checking me out (reading my rambling randomness), good luck and be happy! cheers to finding new friends and love in 2015! <3
The two of us