62 Littleton, United States
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My self-summary
Divorced, financially fit, work from home, funny, smart, creative, unconventional. I look much younger than my real age, carrying some extra pounds but in the process of working them off. I'll never be truly skinny again but have curves in all the right places. I am very comfortable with my life and who I am.

I live part time in the mountains, part time in Denver, with a great lifestyle working for myself, lots of free time. Like to travel. Still kind of a hippie chick after all these years and love to travel around to bluegrass and jamgrass shows and festivals.

My daughter is grown up and independent, living in Denver. She is my best friend and we do lots of fun stuff together.

I was born and raised Jewish, but consider myself more of a buddhist. Very open to whatever religion you are, but not too interested in someone who believes God or the Bible or their church has all the right answers.

Not looking for marriage or living together but would like to meet someone to share special moments. A guy that knows who he is, reasonably happy with his work and his life, not stuck in depression. Someone who can be silly and have fun, try new things and doesn't have to have every moment scheduled. No workaholics or alcoholics, but fine to enjoy moderate drinking. If you feel incomplete without a woman, please don't respond - I want to be with someone who is a whole person on their own.

I am a calm, happy, tolerant person, and prefer the same. I enjoy the occasional cocktail and/or 420 buzz, but get turned off by someone that abuses those (or other) happy drugs. I generally like younger men but pretty open. Prefer someone whose life works - you have a home, a source of income, friends, etc.

For the first time in 50 years, I have no pets. But I love dogs and cats, and I don't mind if yours want to sleep in the bed...
You should message me if
This is more of a why you shouldn't message me...

Please don't if you are -
conservative on social issues
conservative on religious issues
anti-gay (some of my best friends...)
racist at all
dealing with substance abuse
think the government is watching you (because really,
you just aren't that important)