46 Kingwood, United States
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My self-summary
Kingwoodguy is looking for a someone to giggle with, a permanent dance partner. I seek a pleasant master of ease and sincerity, adroitness and flexibility, someone liberal and open-minded. Someone who smiles more than she frowns and laughs because she GETS IT! I find intelligence incredibly attractive. I'm looking for that sexy, smart type who's not stuck on herself. I'd like to meet someone genuine about her search: past the rebound, ready to share, realistic and sincere.

A match score on OKC doesn't mean much, if it's only based on a few dozen common questions. Use the tools they provide! The full site is much better than the phone app. To start with, you can only see half the pictures. Also, you can't see answers to questions that you skipped yourself. Show me yours and I'll gladly show ya mine (blush/dimple). You know you can go back and delete in 24 hours, right? It's a lot like life. If you are unaware of just a certain amount details about something, doors seem to lock you out of opportunities, wisdom, or of a perspective, which could change your entire life's path!

My profile is unique. It is also an investment. If this is too much for you, we aren't gonna work! You WILL know a LOT about me... (through comments I add to the m/c questions). I've been told that my profile is entertaining. Laugh with me, laugh at me, shake off the shock of profound revelations and be entertained- at the least?

I am very compassionate and really do care. I am highly educated. I invest thought to decisions, am eager for input from all sides, and am proud that I am capable of changing my mind, even admitting fault when appropriate- and apologizing, of course. However, I will NOT apologize for adamance in two important areas: religion and politics. Ignorance is my ultime' bête noire! I actively oppose the Conservative lean toward Tea Party radicalism, Nazi-like whipping into frenzied discipleship, and Dittohead mentality. I was a Christian minister years ago and I feel fortunate that I have evolved into a much better person, after abandoning religion! Please limit your religious fantasies to your compound and keep it out of our schools?
What I’m doing with my life
I kinda lost a complete year back in 2008, dealing with a surprise divorce after 14 loyal years. I do have primary custody and I view fatherhood as my FIRST full-time vocation. My oldest son is 22 and is starting his fifth year satisfying Pre-med requirements, post-baccalaureate at Texas State (he skipped a grade when younger). My middle son is 17 and is a senior in High School. My baby-girl is 16 and is in her Junior year.

I've owned an insurance business since 1994. There are not many business opportunities that offer persistent passive income, so it has been nice to have! My residual commissions have allowed me to invest a chunk of my hours writing papers as a full- time college, then graduate/post- graduate student and a TA/lecturer/adjunct professor over the past few years. Doing this was central to my healing process. I am that nerd, who got two Associates (who does that?), two undergraduate degrees (not just a double major), and yes- I did the same thing in graduate school.

All at the same time (back in 2008), I had THREE staple ingredients of my life fall between my fingers (my marriage, a major blow to my business, and serious questions about my religious perspective.) These also triggered a major shaking up of my entire social network, just as I needed it most! School was where I found refuge. As my kids have gotten older, things are seeming easier and easier. I may have figured a few things out after all?

Recently, I have reassessed my goals in education. The path to tenured professor doesn't seem to be the most efficient investment of my talent, but I will always be writing. I do have published works and have been working on a six- book series, which (due to its design) cannot be released until all are finished. Its pretty humorous stuff, though (I'm told; publisher said my writing style is as good as David Sedaris? So, where is that $6m per book advance??). Meanwhile, I have a few other things I want to accomplish, I have bills to pay, a house to maintain, kids to raise and have a life that needs to be lived. I had been "hiding" for too long! With that said, I recently sat for the LSAT (Law School entrance exam) and feel encouraged by a near perfect score. It seems that it's time that I go ahead and switch gears (I've been riding the clutch). I gotta keep moving, though!
I’m really good at
I'd say writing, my saxophone, dancing, giving massages, makin' dimples, listening and yes- I am good at gabbing, too! I think my kids would tell ya I'm good at being a dad, also! I may not be able to do the things a mom can, but being stable and dependable is what they need. By being "tuned in to their frequency" and knowing what they think is fun or cool, or at least trying to, goes a long way in their eyes and in their hearts.
The first things people usually notice about me
I guess you'll have to meet me to verify this, but people say my dimples are my most notable feature.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Quote which describes me:
"The best author will be the one who is ashamed to become a writer" -Friedrich Nietzsche
"They are hesitant to publish their inner thoughts, for fear of labeling, but do so dutifully." If someone is offended by something I write, they are exactly the person who needed to read it!

Books: Tough to say. I absorb well over a dozen books a month (Via audio books)!

Movies/TV: West Wing was my speed. Non-stop, multi-leveled, all-out offensive gesturing in moral relativism, wrapped in liberal condemnation of reactionary ignorance!

The deeper me? Well, I'd say Patrick Swayze was the man! Anything with him in it seemed pretty good to me. I was often told how much I resembled him in his- and my "heydays" in the early 90's (I lost the mullet). "The Time of My Life," was an excellent book and I believe we share a lot of views (listen to the audio- he reads it). Man, he could dance!

In many ways I relate to the character "Brian", the cool talking dog on Family Guy (that's also my name). Like any pupper, we like to have fun! We also yearn for someone we can share intelligent conversation with, but somehow don't fit in with the "geeks/nerds/dorks" (there is a funny test on OKC which deciphers this). Sometimes I feel like Walter White (Heisenberg, even) from Breaking Bad (best show, ever!), in certain ways. I'd like to be more like "The dude", from the Big Lewbowski, though.

Music: Whatever, I like a lot of stuff, but since I'm not in High School I don't think this really defines me. I will mention that the range goes from Jazz to RAP, Rock to Country.

Dance: My favorite dancin' music would be Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama, with a live band! I'd have my left thumb in my buckle or behind my back, hooked in my belt. My right arm would be holding you tight to me, your arms around me- one over my shoulder, close to my neck, the other around my waste, holding the fingers where my thumb was hooked. I'd direct us around the floor, two-steppin' our way, to a rock'n'roll stroll. I also like salsa, cumbia, and bachata. Other than Tejano and line dances, I'll dance to anything. Save a slow dance to a Marvin Gaye song for me?
The six things I could never do without
1) love
2) joy
3) hope
4) reason
5) balance
6) intelligence
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I know this sounds corny, but whenever I see old couples together who hold hands and embrace and are genuinely happy to be with each other, I cannot stop thinking of them- even days later! I also love to see older couples out for a night of dancing or on a date somewhere.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm open book.
You should message me if
Your curiosity is piqued AND peaked!
Message once you've read the questions section, my added comments, and the tests. If you can jive with my perspective and you appreciate my sincerity, then that's more than half the distance to my heart!

I am not yet where I am going, but have experienced a LOT and I enjoy each day while I am getting there! It really doesn't matter to me what you do or where you are going. Its the attitude that many things are interesting and fun, along with the maturity and awareness of the fact that TIME IS LIMITED. We have to constantly remind ourselves that pleasure is important and we have to manage our lives to find the quality and mix that fits our own need for satisfaction. Life is wonderful; we don't know what lies around the next corner, but we should realize that time is always ticking, ticking, ticking. My motto is: after responsibility, comes appreciation, then exhilaration!