32 Grovetown, United States
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My self-summary
I am genuine, playful, and intelligent

I have been told i give great hugs-i think it's an energy thing. I am big into energy, and i am learning more about it and how to control and project it on a daily basis-it's all about the connection for me, most of the time. Im a huge hedonist when the situation warrants, and get pleasure from giving pleasure.

After years of trying out religions, throwing around labels, and exploring my depths, I've finally settled on a label that seems to fit me fairly accurately-omnist, one who finds truths in all religions and claims none exclusively. I'm more spiritual in nature than religious, and dont care which religion you are or arent. I'll respect your beliefs, I may even find ways to participate and hold space with you....but if you're wanting someone who goes to church every Sunday (or more) and is devout....that isnt me. I'm more likely to find spiritual peace on a lake than in a church.

I dont give my cell # out to people I dont know well, and I'm not glued to OKC.
What I’m doing with my life
Facing my fears, running through endless pairs of big-girl panties, and gearing up for cataract surgery. It's hell getting old.

Taming the ever-elusive wild beast known as the One-eyed horned flying purple people eater...and working on my calves, thighs, and glutes at the same time, no less. Oh, look at you. You think I'm kidding, doncha?

I'm working on balance right now, in all aspects of my life-work/family, family/me time, exercise/endless roo cups of icees...You know how it goes.
I’m really good at
If I told you.... *grins*
I am a great listener. I am empathic and empathetic. I am great with children, old folks, and pets, and parents usually love me. I find it easy to relate to people. Im also a naturally talented (though clinically untaught) maseusse and good in the kitchen. I've become awesome at both adapting recipes for differing dietary needs and using whatever I happen to find randomly in the fridge/pantry to make some awesome on-the-fly recipe. Im a gifted writer, as well. I love to bootblack, and I am still a total novice with lots to learn but I've been given a lot of compliments...Plus some other things I just wont mention here. *winks*

Apparently I'm.also really good at scaring otherwise wonderful men away with my depth and sincerity. And being neurotic and insecure-I'm a pro.
The first things people usually notice about me
Yes, I know my username 'is spelled wrong-" except it's not. It's a play on a tattoo I have "Ancora imparo' and the word incorrigible. Both suit me well.

My smile, or lack thereof. I have a resting bitch face, and when that's not in use, I wear my heart on my sleeve unintentionally and it tends to draw people in either way. I have also been told I have a very musical laugh and a pleasant, sexy voice.

Lately I've been caught quite a few times using ears of corn as a microphone at work. Hey, when "Day-o" comes over the PA, you just HAVE to do the Beetlejuice dance...Or at least I have to. It might be a law somewhere. They've been playing Van Halen. Van-fucking-halen, in a grocery store. I'm an 80s child. They don't pay me enough not to dance to that. I don't care if I've got a knife in my hands at the time or not.

My sense of humor. I am usually looking for the funny side in everything-life isnt easy and stress is everywhere. Humor is a great diffuser. I have a wicked, caustic sense of humor and tend to push the envelop sometimes...If Im around the right company, I will say things that probably shouldnt be said but are true and damned hilarious just the same. If it didnt come out of my mouth, you can bet Im still thinking it.

My tattoos. (Just the two...)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Jane Eyre
A Prayer for Owen Meany
The Awakening
the Anita Blake novels
Harry Potter series

Wayne's World
At First Sight
The Hangover
Something's Gotta Give
Good Will Hunting
Meet Joe Black

Music (I once lost my Ipod at work and they couldnt tell whose it via the music choices. "There was Disney, there was Pink Floyd, there was John Mayer, there was Ozzie Osbourne, there was Rodgers and Hammerstein. After awhile I just gave up!")

Goo Goo Dolls
Evans Blue
Death Cab for Cutie
John Mayer
Pink Floyd
Nine Inch Nails
Rob Zombie
Rise against
Against Me
Barenaked Ladies
Blues Traveler
Chris Isaak
John Mellencamp
Phil Collins
Hootie and the Blowfish
Lady Antebellum
Alice Cooper
Cheap Trick
Dave Matthews Band
We could be here all day....


dark chocolate
dairy free ice cream

I also follow a gluten free, casein and most nightshade free diet. I promise you, I can cook....and there are still 'normal people' food that I can eat.
The six things I could never do without
cuddling, chocolate, coffee, my friends, bdsm, my dog
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Right now, finding balance in my life, striving to be a better person.

How to word my profile so that people just trying to get into my pants don't bother to message me and beg for sex, or try to convince me to beg for sex....

I also think that some of the categories that OkCupid makes us put ourselves in are inaccurate and restrictive-particularly 'bisexual' on my profile. Everyone and their brother has been asking so i'll clarify. I technically identify as heteroflexible and demisexual

I just read someone's profile-it made me laugh, he sounded like a pretty cool guy-and OKC wanted me to know that if this guy seemed cool, but I wasnt sure about his hygiene, that they could recommend someone "cleaner." I just...I dont know, man....Sure, its good to know, but how clean are we talking? Was guy A Pigpen from Peanuts? Was guy B Mr. Udall from As Good as it Gets? I now have the creeps...

I don't want to be with someone who thinks they have the answers. I want to be with someone who is wise enough and brave enough to ask the questions.

I dont want to be with someone who accepts me for what I am-I want to be with someone who accepts me for where I am and sees what I can become.

I dont want to change you-I want my presence, my influence to be one of the catalysts that inspires you to change....and that works both ways.
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends on my work schedule- but occassionally thrift store scouring with friends, cooking a family-style meal, breaking records on my vivofit while chasing after pokemon or snuggled around a bonfire.

I'm always lookng for something to do, some new activity to try, or to meet new people to hang out with, Fridays or not. If this sounds appealing to you, drop me a line, please.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a pretty open book, generally. I talk about nearly everything, and if you ever have a question please feel free to ask regardless.

I have an elipses addiction.

My mind is constantly running....if you can get me to STOP thinking every now and again? You're a pretty special person.

The most *taboo* thing I'll mention here is that I am into BDSM as a lifestyle choice (not just a bedroom thing,) and I'm interested in meeting a person who is, too.

I don't care if you disagree with _________. I live in America. I support your right to agree or disagree with me, Mickey Mouse, or Errol Flynn. You have the right to disagree, you do NOT have the right to judge. Leave that to the law and, if you choose to believe in such, to your god. Be human, see beauty in diversity, and learn to let go and LOVE.

Yup,I play pokemon go. Judge if you must but all my roommates play, and it's a fun activity to share. Also, the amount of walking I do in a day anymore is insane...anything that helps me stay fit and isn't boring us a good thing.

In the last two years, I've lost 75 lbs; 95 lbs total. I've not had skin removal surgery, which means I look awesome with my clothes on, and somewhat reminiscent of an elephant with them off. You've been warned.
You should message me if
You find me interesting, you'd like to hang out, you're looking for friends or activity partners in the CSRA area.

You should NOT message me if me being vision impaired (nondriver) bothers you, if you're not family oriented, if chicks with tattoos bother you, if you're uptight about religion, or if you're in another country and want a long distance relationship. It's not going to happen. Do not message me if you want NSA sex.