30West Bend, United States
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My self-summary
i have a theory that girls are like cats.

when a cat plays with string, she only wants the string while it dangles in front of her, just out of reach.

as soon as she has the string and it's not teasing her anymore, she doesn't want it..

I don't fall into this category. I am fiercely loyal and will fight the good fight. I keep my string and wear it around my neck.

all cats need their string...
What I’m doing with my life
I work a full time Retail job in a petstore. I am the animal manager, and I get to work directly with animals on a daily basis. It's a source of entertainment and I am extremely pleased with what I do most days.

I keep myself busy and am very independent. Not the type to really wait around on people who can't make up their minds. I work hard to make time for important people in my life. Maybe you could be one of them?

I love video games, cult classic movies, cartoons, being silly, listening to music and talking, sipping tea, wine, or beer (depending on the situation), DDR, taking pictures, going for a walk in the woods, playing with my pets.

I am not a player and I am not looking for players. I can't say I am "ready to settle down" and that idea frightens me to no end - but I want to find someone to share this world with, someone who likes to remind and be reminded of how amazing they are, a rock to lean on when times are hard.

There are much more pressing issues in the world at hand that must be attended! I crave some sort of stability in this fleeting moment. :)
I’m really good at
killing time
rambling on about nothing
being content
enjoying the small things in life
paying selective attention
The first things people usually notice about me
Infectious ridiculousness, sassy temperment, always laughing, being silly, or my zelda tattoo
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I tend to say that I like anything good - when it comes to movies, books, music

I've read most of the "classics", since I was in university for english, and I prefer fiction, and Palahniuk is a top seller for me.

If the names Miyazaki, or Miyamoto, mean anything to you, we should talk. ;3

I like folk (rock), electronic, ambient, rock (not crappy alternative rock though) , punk, foreign pop, polka, classical, jazz

I am a healthy eater by choice and I love a variety of foods! I was vegetarian for 8 years and recently began to eat healthy and good quality meats (So no, I dont want to go to McDonalds with you. thanks^_^)

chinese, thai, indian, mexican, italian, french, japanese, good ol' fashion home cookin

used to be a baker - i make killer cupcakes
fave foods ever are korma curry, vegetable potstickers and spicy tuna rolls, mm :)
Six things I could never do without
A gentle sign of affection
The company of my loves
Ever changing soundtrack of my life
The opportunity to laugh and love
...and prolly coffee :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why, as an english major, i refuse to capitalize words?
finding a nice person that will be my partner in crime <3
extra dimensional beings
Cupcakes / pie
People I care about
Video games
If my deodorant is still working???
being kind
What to read next
do people really read all of this?
ways to keep myself busy...
On a typical Friday night I am
I am definitely a night owl, and I enjoy being up late most nights. So they all bleed together ^_^

video games, magic the gathering, dancing, watching movies or anime, going out on the town, dancing, eating popcorn, crafting, having sexy pillow fights, playing with my pets, smoking cigs in my underwear (from time to time)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a hedonist, philosophical satanist, chaos magician.
I believe in duality and contradictions, but know they are all a part of the universal truth of one.

ALL girls are crazy. At least I admit it. If a girl says she's not crazy, she's extra crazy. EXTRA. CRAZY.

I also smell awesome.
You should message me if
if you farm your laundry for socks, or wait for the toast to proc
help me bake cupcakes
Want to do some karaoke and actually sing
want to watch anime! especially bubblegum harem style ^_~
want to look for vintage star wars shirts at thrift stores
want to go on an evening walk under the moon
hate getting your paws wet
if you know some roads.....
if anything I said sounds remotely interesting
if you want to play portal co-op!
if you're someone who is secure and comfortable with themselves
if you enjoy spontaneous adventures!!

If you think we'd mesh well :)
The two of us