32Montreal, Canada
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My self-summary
*I'm queer. You don't have to be too, but it's definitely a bonus.*

I sometimes have long conversations with homeless people.
I am Blunt. I think this is a good thing.
Sometimes I foot my put in my mouth. Hehehehehe, that wasn't even on purpose!
I have a ridiculously loud laugh. I am proud of this fact.
I cut my own hair.
I am extremely driven career-wise but I still like to live a fairly spontaneous lifestyle.

I live for crazy adventures that sound completely unbelievable, for example I once swam with a Bull Shark by accident (these are the most aggressive type of shark in the world, although thankfully this one was really friendly). *yes I have a picture*
I got a degree in something I don't really use but I'm still glad I did it.
I'm currently in the process of training to be a ninja and an astronaut. I believe that in the coming climate and economic change the world will soon have a high demand for ninja astronauts.
Also I'm a dinosaur. My favorite color is Azure. My favorite tree is Birch. And my favorite Fruit is the raspberry.
I'm crazy about my Mom.

I'm currently in a long-term, committed, POLY relationship with UmaWren. So we can totally meet up, but you need to be ok with the whole poly thing.
What I’m doing with my life
I mostly write and make music. I front/write for/sing/play in a band (, and I teach. I also work part-time in self storage (feel free to ask about why this is the best musician side-job ever!), I sing in a Synagogue choir, and recently started a fun dancy side project. I travel a lot (but not as much as I'd like). Sometimes I make films. I Love people. I laugh as much as I can.
I’m really good at
Music. Laughing. Eating. Talking too much. Getting really excited about random things that seem unimportant to most people. Noticing little details like new clothes or haircuts and complimenting them sincerely. Making out. Monopoly. Nerdy stuff. Hearing very specific details in my surroundings.
The first things people usually notice about me
My striking resemblance to James Madison.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Anything by Ursula K LeGuinn or Octavia Butler , The Ethical Slut , Cash by Johnny Cash, Max Brooks, Shakespeare, Dante, Virgil, Aristophanes, Beckett. Rubyfruit Jungle, David Sedaris, MARGARET ATWOOD (currently touring an album based on "The Handmaid's Tale"), F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson, Bukowski, Ghoete.

Movies: Casablanca, The Godfather, Memento, A Clockwork Orange, Pulp Fiction, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Brick, Run Lola Run, Amelie, Secretary, anything with Kevin Spacey or Daniel Day Lewis in it, Mad Max: Thunder Road.

TV: Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Buffy, GAME OF THRONES , Portlandia, Orange is the New Black, Broad City, Archer, Rick and Morty, Hannibal.

Music: Simon & Garfunkel, Queen , The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Patrick Watson, Johnny Cash, Tune Yards, Royal Canoe , Folly & The Hunter, NEIL FUCKIN YOUNG, Elvis, CSNY, Prince, The Police, Early Genesis, Arcade Fire, Stevie Wonder, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Wagner, Frank Zappa, William Shatner (surprisingly good), Michael Jackson, HonHeeHonHee, Of Montreal, Led Zeppelin, The Dragons, Bobby Mcfarrin, Howlin' Wolf , Muddy Waters, Frank Sinatra, Chet Baker, Cadence Weapon, Sigor Ros, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Rush, Macklemore, C2C , Jay-Z, Blacktreet, Dr. Dre, MGMT, MSTRKFT, Azelia Banks, Dry The River , Hot Chip, Knife, Deerhoof, Grandmaster Flash , Sylvan Esso, Capitol Cities, Kendrick Lamar, Chet Faker.

Food: Sushi, Raspberries, Indian, Poutine, chicken wings, Anything homemade from scratch, Squid, Family meals. Lately mostly pescetarian but I don't usually refuse meat if someone cooked it for me.

Webcomics: SMBC, Penny Arcade, Cyanide & Happiness, XKCD, Hark a Vagrant, A Softer World. And I spend more time on imgur than I'd care to admit.

Board Games: Catan, Fleet Captains, Game of Thrones, King of Tokyo, Chess, Go, Lords of Waterdeep, Stratego, Axis & Allies, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, Exploding Kittens, and a bajillion others probably.

Video Games: Any and all Zelda or Mario, Skyrim, Borderlands, Smash Bros, Most music related games (except for Guitar Hero, I'd rather play actual guitar, but good on you if you're into it), Final Fantasy, The Last of Us, Fire Emblem, etc.

LOTS more where all this came from. (especially in the music category but really all around)
Six things I could never do without
in no particular order
Mom, Guitar, Singing, Laughter, Sunlight, Affection
The wonder that is New people and places.

I know that's 7. Deal with it. Notice math is not on the list.
I spend a lot of time thinking about

Feminism and Queer theory/culture. How to combat privilege/nationalism/patriarchy/all the other bullshit and isms that people deal with every day. How to be an effective ally without dipping into appropriation. How much in-fighting I see between people in alternative communities and how I can steer discourse away from that sinkhole. How weird i feel about the fact that I'm a stocky bearded guy who identifies and feels infinitely more feminine than I outwardly appear. How strange it is that my wife and I are both queer, yet we present as straight, and how to maintain my queer identity within that structure.

I also think about new technology a lot and how most of it seems to come straight from Star Trek, which is wicked. I had an astronomy professor who gave lectures on how different Star Trek technologies could actually work. He wore thick glasses, a pocket protector, and listened to SLAYER. I love that man.

I spend way too much time thinking about the coming economic/energy/climate collapse and what I would subsequently do in a post-apocalyptic scenario. But on the plus side I know a bit about field medicine and basic engineering and agriculture, so it ain't all bad.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either home or at a friend's relaxing and playing music or playing a show. Or out and about. Maybe karaoke. Maybe dancing my face off. who knows?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was 22 my father killed himself. When I was 25 my mother was murdered in her home. Neither of these are exactly private as most people who know me know about them, but they do tend to come up in an awkward way so now they don't have to. Feel free to ask about it, it's become fairly easy to talk about.
You should message me if
You are as amazed by the wisdom of 11 year olds as I am.
You strike up conversations with strangers on public transit.
You love your Mom.
You love animals and the outdoors.
You don't take yourself too seriously.
You are driven.

*Being into some musical instrument is a plus but not a requirement, other bonuses include: Being into nerdy things, being a Habs fan, being petite with fair eyes, facial/armpit hair (no sweat if you can't grow any though, obviously).

Keep in mind, nothing on this list is a requirement, Some of my best relationships have been with people I never would have expected.

*And again*
I'm currently in a long-term, committed, POLY relationship with a lovely young woman. So we can totally meet up, but you need to be ok with the whole poly thing (and ideally also into it).

If you happen to know how to play the Game of Thrones board game and want to come play with us (even if it's just that) we're always looking for more people! (we're both a bit addicted to that game)

Queer people poly people bisexual men bisexual women

Obvious disclaimer that you should have sorted out by now:
If you are racist/homophobic/transphobic/misogynist/etc/etc/etc then please don't message me.
Also sending me one sentence about how you'd like to lick my asshole or whatever will never garner a response.
The two of us