35 Dublin, Ireland
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My self-summary
so, firstly i'd like to point out that, i have all my own teeth. you may not find that the most important thing to mention in a profile, but i'll be very clear - teeth are pretty much the most important part of the human body. also, i couldn't think of anything to write in this part. i've kinda been randomly waffling since i started typing. hmmnn. not the best start so far. so, i've decided to write a haiku.:

my dog is a cat / my brother is a carcrash / and i have good teeth.

or how about:

the kettle is boiled / would anyone like a tea / no biscuits at all.

i hope this has been informative.

ps: if you're christian, thats cool, but my tests are not to be taken seriously, so please stop sending me mails about how offensive i am. thanks!

I am carbon - based, 90% water, and a large prime number
What I’m doing with my life
what? are you my mother? (if so, hello mum! what are you doin here? whats wrong with dad? are you two breaking up? i can't believe you couldn't tell me. how long has this been going on? is this something to do with that guy from the chemist?)

anyway... um... i'm sorta getting on with it... its not too bad to be me right now, i like my job, i get to do most things and stuff.. yeah.. so right now i'm thinking of exploring a bit.. europe or something.. yeah.. i'm kinda daydreaming now... anyway, what? i'd like to drive soon. how do i do that? do i buy the car first then do the learning? or vice versa? are you the right person to be asking? can i see your licence? can you even drive??? you sicken me.
I’m really good at
not being able to identify my strengths. and smartarse answers. and self parody. and modesty. really. i dunno, do i have to answer this completely honestly? what am i good at.. ok.. i'm thoughtful. my mam used to say that, its kinda stuck with me a bit... oh! reading. i read loads. i read good. see? my vocablu.. my vocabula.. my words are lots.
The first things people usually notice about me
the smell!

no! er...joke!? i don't smell. really. i'm joking! ok, eh can i start again? no? fine... ok... uh... people often comment on my bulging trousers. there are various reasons for this, ie, my wallet (full of coupons), beer (i have snuck out of the pub with my pint in pocket. this will also account for the stain, so don't ask) or my collection of shrubs. (shrubs).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
{a}books eh? this would be a perfect opportuinity to show off my literacy and intelligence... i liked all the Harry Pot...erm... i mean.. the DaVinc... urm... lots of books. lots. {b}crap.. i laughed my head off at starsky, anchorman.. er.. hated thirteen.. erm.. the best movie though? i liked "Sin City", yeah... and erm.. 21 grams too... its not a movie but i also love peep show{c}music: interpol. um.. liking the rapture too at the mo. oh and radiohead and jeffy o'buckley and that sorta stuff. oh and bloc party... but i dunno, i'm not trying to convert you or anything. {foods} dunno. food is good. look at this thing! *pats belly* mmmmm.. *licks lips* ahhhhhhh *frowns at computer screen* is this thing reading my thoughts? *thinks about sex* HEY! i didn't think that! *thinks about sex again* this is a complete lie! *tries to stop thinking* gggggngnnnnn... *face goes red* Oh i give up *doesn't give up*
The six things I could never do without
my voice, my sight, my friends, my family, my sense of humour, and cash in my pocket.

there's probably like 'my health' or 'my walkman', 'sex', or somthing i should put in here too, but i chose those six. but really i could live without money... not that i'm a communist or anything.. not that there's anything wrong with being a communist... god.. can i just start this whole thing again? right from the start like? hello? will i just write my self summary in here and you can tidy it up? hello?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
hmmnnn... dunno. here's something interesting though, right now, as you read this: i probably have mayonaise on my face.
On a typical Friday night I am
spartacus. or sorry, em.. friday? tired. and possibly drunk. i'm sure everyone goes 'oh man, i'm soooo wasted on fridays dude, cos i'm totally wild! and lonely!' or something in here. i mean you're not going to say 'well, i sit at home organising my taxes'. i don't, incidently. that's for saturdays....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i dunno, what do you want? i dunno, i'm really kinda sweet, even though you wouldn't know it straight off...

actually that makes me sound like a complete spanner. maybe thats what i've just admitted.... damn. this is a disaster.
You should message me if
you wanna have a chat... sure what else would ye be doing? oh.. your hair? i see? well ok so, i mean, i was only asking you to chat as a friend anyway, like. *sob* ah no. i'm waffling again.