31Brussels, Belgium
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My self-summary
There used to be a 900 word "self-summary" here. The only thing that it basically said was that I like politics (both theoretically and practically), literature (ranging from the bible over fairytales and fantasy to (post)modern essays on stuff) and sort of everything else. if you would like to read the elaborate version, feel free to contact me. I'll save the monstrosity somewhere on my laptop.

Long story short (bullet-points to the rescue!)
- Born and raised in Belgium (Flanders (Aalst))) (The Flemish speaking part but sufficiently close (yet not too close) to Brussels for me to have escaped the latent racism which pervades so many of my fellow Phlegms)
- Studied languages. Dutch, French, German, Swedish, Latin, English and Greek. Not in that chronological order. My knowledge of them ranges from “native” to “where is the library?”. I understand a bit of Spanish and Italian and can confidently boss around a cabby in Nepal.
- I did a bit of political sciences but got distracted near the end.
- I am planning to end up in EU politics and/or EU lobbying.
What I’m doing with my life
I lived in Asia for three years. I got back to Belgium in April 2013. Originally intended to get my drivers licence (yes, I don't have one yet) and than move on. But I got offered a job in Brussels.

So at the moment I'm fully occupied with getting used to the new job, the less new city and a new (or at least for me) apartment. Boring, I know, but that's keeping me rather occupied.
I’m really good at

weird info.

interrupting people (un)intentionally


absurd humor.

meeting new people (very spontaneous me)

combining a (seemingly) huge ego with an (apparently) low self-esteem

procrastinating (I feel so unique)

listening (which a lot of people assume I can't because of my first "really good at")
The first things people usually notice about me


big smile.



I have some difficulty keeping track of topics & usually don't really attempt to. So most people will consider me to be a tad... scatterbrained.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
popularizing scientific books / Fantasy/SF / Religion/mythology/fairytales / general literature (not any specific authors, 'cept perhaps Auster and Murakami)


no particular kind of movie: I like historical, science fiction, computer animated, cartoons, weird (not drugs-weird, more Delicatessen-, Cité des enfants perdus-weird), fight club.


All kinds of food. Not Celery. Not Oysters. (and rather not raw carrots).
At the moment I have a particular craving for good quiche and maybe a nice assortment of cheeses. One can hope.


I have been told by numerous people I have a despicable taste in music. This is probably caused by it being very diverse & my not really subscribing to the obsession so many people have with specific bands...
Six things I could never do without
apart from the basics... (food, water...)


a social life.
- Acquaintances: and lots of them. New people are like drugs to me.
- Friends: or better, realizing I have them and who they are
- others




my brain (both the painfully analytic as the strangely odd part)
I spend a lot of time thinking about



random stuff (i'm great at connecting things in my head who don't seem all that connected in real life... which confuses others ...and me)
On a typical Friday night I am
there are no typical Friday nights. Reading, watching movies, going drinking, playing cards, just hanging out, going dancing, playing a computer game. All are options.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a really good liar.
You should message me if
if you're intelligent (or you can trick me into thinking you are (which I think is a good sign of intelligence, actually) )

if you think you know something I should know or if you think you could teach me something.

if you like how some clouds look like dinosaurs (or like giants, lying down, leaning on their elbows, with a group of happy looking gnomes advancing who secretly want to attack the giant) (true story) while others just look like clouds.

if you like random humour.

if you want to comment on one of my match-questions.

if I sent you a message. if you decide (for whatever reason) not to reply, I'd appreciate you did regardless (telling me the reason why you chose not to reply at first)
The two of us