32Midland Park, United States
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My self-summary
If you don't have time to read my whole profile, you don't have time to date me. And don't give me that whole "if I read your profile, we wouldn't have anything to talk about" bullshit. I can talk about ANY of these topics for DAYS on end. I'm almost never on here, but if I get a message I'll check it out.

I'm demisexual. If you don't know what that means, look it up. If you are not comfortable with dating someone who's demi, please don't message me to begin with--unless you want to be just friends. Now that okc has FINALLY included demisexuality as an option, I really don't see any reason for anybody to be surprised or not know going into this.

I'm non-denominational born again Christian, but I don't go to church or do anything religious at all--other than believe in it. I'm currently a crossing guard, but I have my MA in English. I'm an author, waiting to be published, one day. I write science-fiction and fantasy novels and short stories. I role-play, especially VtM. I love Harry Potter, anime, manga, yaoi, slash, fanfiction, tabletop games, board games, card games, and video games. I am a total dork/nerd/geek/otaku/gamer and proud of it. I'm probably more violent and irritable than you are. I'm also probably more religious and into fandom than you are. Also more into constant discussion of topics, both RL and fan-related. If those things work for you, contact me! ^_^*

Also, I've recently gotten into sci-fi/fantasy fandom, and by that I mean specifically television shows. So, now I can safely add a whole BUNCH of interests! YAY! Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Star Trek, Due South - for starters. Yes, I DO ship McShep, Wincest, Kirk/Spock, and Fraser/RayK. Thank you, God, for Callum Keith Rennie. Hallelujah and Amen. XDDD

I am literate, opinionated, and verbose.
What I’m doing with my life
Working on my original novel, as well as my slash fics. *shrugs*
Working on making a video game.
Working on making fanvids.
Working for little money to pay a lot of bills.
I’m really good at
RPG's, especially made by Squaresoft/Square Enix/whatever. Reading, writing, and being loud. Telling people my opinion. Getting out of trouble. Annoying people. Avoiding doing what I should be doing.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm usually wearing all black, I have paperclips in my ears (although this usually goes unnoticed), and I'm almost always by my twin sister. We're loud. There's a lot to notice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
- Harry Potter, baby. HPPoA, HPGoF, HPOotP, HPHBP.
- The Golden Compass trilogy by Philip Pullman
- The Samaria series by Sharon Shinn
- Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
- Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
- Animorphs by K.A. Applegate
- The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

- The Dark Knight (and most DC)
- Harry Potter movies: HPPoA, HPGoF
- Underworld series
- Matrix trilogy
- Spirited Away (Howl's Moving Castle, and most Miyazaki movies)
- The Nightmare Before Christmas
- A Muppet's Christmas Carol
- Pacific Rim
- Marvel (Iron Man, Captain America: the Winter Solider, Avengers, Hulk (Norton), Spiderman (most of them), Fantastic Four, X-Men (every single one))
- Edge of Tomorrow

- Battlestar Galactica
- Supernatural
- Star Trek (TOS, TNG, VOY)
- Babylon 5
- Farscape
- Stargate Atlantis
- The 100
- The Flash
- Agent Carter
- House of Cards
- Orange is the New Black
- Orphan Black
- iZombie
- In the Flesh
- The Walking Dead
- Doctor Who
- Hannibal
- Merlin
- Sherlock
Other: Hawaii Five-0, Criminal Minds, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Fosters, Gotham, Teen Wolf

- "The Graveyard Near the House" by The Airborne Toxic Event
- "Bigger Than Love" by My Favorite Highway
- "Call Off Your Ghost" by Dessa
- "Echo" by Jason Walker
- "Falling In" by Lifehouse
- "Hum Hallelujah" by Fall Out Boy
- "Love in the 21st Century" by Neon Trees
- "Love Somebody" by Maroon 5
- "Never Gonna Let You Down" by Colbie Caillat
- "Never Look Away" by Vienna Teng
- "Ordinary Day" by Vanessa Carlton
- "Suds in the Bucket" by Sara Evans
- "Swallowed in the Sea" by Coldplay
- "Tightrope" by Walk the Moon
- "Waiting for Superman" by Daughtry
- "Yellow Flicker Beat" by Lorde
- "24" by Jem
- "Back in Black" by AC/DC
- "Bad Intentions" by Digital Daggers
- "The Best Day" by Taylor Swift
- "Bullets" by Tunng
- "Civilization" by The Andrews Sisters
- "Climbing Up the Walls" by Radiohead
- every song Joker sings to Batman in the Arkham games
... and many, many more.
- Genres: J-Pop, Pop, Punk, Top 40, Goth, Rock, Light Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Country, Classical, Christian Rock, Techno, House, etc. Not much rap.

- Pretzels
- Mashed potatoes
- Chicken noodle soup
- Chicken sandwiches
- Macaroni and cheese
- Pierogies
- Cream of chicken soup

Video Games:
- Chrono Trigger
- Final Fantasy 6, 7
- Secret of Mana
- Secret of Evermore
- Earthbound
- Mass Effect
- Dragon Age
- Fallout 3
- Batman Arkham Asylum, City, Origins
- Borderlands 2
- inFamous
- Mobile Games: World of Goo, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

- Naruto
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Fruits Basket
- Digimon
- Hunter x Hunter
- Sailor Moon
- too many shounen-ai/yaoi to list here

- Avengers
- Runaways
- Young Avengers
- X-Men
- Generation X
- New Mutants
- Batman (Joker, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, The Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween)
- Young Justice
- Detective Comics
- Y: the Last Man
- Sandman
- Preacher
- Nimona
Six things I could never do without
- Fandom
- Deep, intellectual conversation
- Engrossing fiction
- Gaming
- My twin sister <3333333
- Chicken Pot Pie
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Harry/Draco, Sasunaru, Wincest, Roy/Ed, Taito, Riku/Sora, Batman/Joker, Kirk/Spock, Superhusbands, fandom, my stories, anime, video games, religion, God, supernatural stuff, yaoi, my angst.
On a typical Friday night I am
Catching up on TV shows I've missed during the week.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've got OCD, which isn't really private. It's not bad- just the usual thing. Touching, counting, running back to my door and touching it a few times then running back to meet up with my friends again, that sort of thing.

I'm demisexual. I know it's on the details section under sexual orientation, but people still seem to miss it. That, or not know what it means and then expect things I'm not doing.
You should message me if
*shrugs* You're bored, or want to talk about anime, or something. I guess. I don't know... SHOULD you message me? *gives a critical eye*

And BTW, I'm not going to assume you messaging me means that you want to go out or meet up or whatever. I'm going to assume that you just want to talk and get to know me before you make any kinds of assumptions about me. Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't--but you should know that's what I'm thinking when you message me. And please, don't woo if your status is anything other than "single." I'm not interested in "activity partners." Friends are great, and online friends rock, but casual sex is so the opposite of what I'm all about.

I don't appreciate single-word messages. Please don't send me things like "hi", "hey", "hello", or any kind of so-called compliment: beautiful, sexy, hot, stunning, gorgeous, etc. I am not interested in how you think I look. In fact, it's incredibly creepy to send people a message commenting on their looks, as if the only purpose they have is to be judged by you. Also, if you read my profile, and you can't think of a single topic to comment on, we're not going to get along anyway.

Stull, in case you need a guiding hand for conversation starters, these are the kinds of topics I often discuss. Feel free to start a conversation about any of the following:

Is Batman responsible for the people Joker kills? Are the actions of villains on the hero to stop? Can we blame people for the actions of others? Should we?

Does Steve Rogers have a 1940s mentality? Is it more important how a person is raised or how they live currently? How much impact does society have on a person's development?

Was the genophage an acceptable act of warfare? How far can one side go before we deem it abhorrent, a war crime? Are the Salarians solely to blame?

Is the Chantry right in their dealings with the mages? How do you measure the worth of freedom versus the potential for massive violence/destruction/death?

Is subtext text? How many instances of hinting at something count as it happening? Specifically for gay romance in fiction, but also generally for character development and plot.

Kirk: playboy or clever use of flirtation to manipulate people? Examples please!

Does Star Wars have canon incest? How about Supernatural? Dune? Is it only canon if we see the sex, Game of Thrones style?

Is it important to read "classic" books? How about popular books? Why?

Is each regeneration a decidedly different Doctor with a different life? What opinions, thoughts, and feelings transfer over? What, if taken away, would mean the Doctor wasn't the Doctor anymore?

Given the lack of female characters in most popular franchises (such as Lord of the Rings, Avengers, Star Trek, etc), are they inherently homoerotic stories?

Should a wizarding business be able to deny a former Death Eater work, assuming the ex-Death Eater was cleared of charges or served their time in Azkaban? What if they are unable to conceal their Dark Mark?

Is Magitek Armor morally acceptable to use? Especially given Espers are essentially a sentient endangered species? Can you excuse the soldiers who use it by saying Emperer Gestahl ordered them to?

Which world in Kingdom Hearts is best? Why? Level design, music, close to source material, plot, Heartless, scenery, characters?

Do Sasuke's actions make sense? Can he be excused for turning to darkness given the Uchiha massacre? How do traumatic events in childhood change people?

Why are orphans so prevalent in sci-fi/fantasy stories? Is having a familial support system a weakness? Can friends truly replace family?

Do you think Newt is celebrating evil by getting Kaiju tattoed on him? Is it similar to getting a Hitler tattoo? Can he be excused of moral shadiness based on scientific curiousity and appeal?

What do you think of the karma system in games? Should hacking/lockpicking count as negative actions in postapocalyptic survival games, such as Fallout 3? Are there some characters you HAVE to kill in these games, or is the right thing to do always letting people live--including the marauders, slavers, etc?

Are competetive or cooperative board games better? Or a mixture--teams, traitor mechanics, etc? Give examples.

Is Aang or Korra a better Avatar? Is it better to be passive and laid-back or aggresive and straight-forward? Which character is a better leader of people, better at stopping wars, or has an innate quality which allows for spiritual guidance?

Those are a few of the many varied and intricate conversation topics you can bring up! If none of the above interest you or spark your imagination at all, please don't bother messaging me. Fandom geekery is all I talk about. Looking forward to getting to know whoever is still interested after all of that!
The two of us