38 Tulsa, United States
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My self-summary
I am an introvert trapped in an extroverts body.
I don't consider myself a pessimist or an optimist...I am more of an idealistic realist. (that means that I think of the ideal outcome for a situation and then I specifically don't expect that. :P If it happens then I am pleasantly surprised and if it doesn't happen then I am proved right - Win/Win).
I enjoy deep conversation and spending time with friends. I think women who are highly intelligent and not afraid to speak their mind are the most attractive. But I also think humor is one of the highest qualities one can attain. I work in film and love most movies. I love to use new words in an effort to discover all the ways possible to describe normal situations and conversations. Onomatopoeias are the coolest type of words, even though they get very little credit.
Whether you think that my adjectives are pretentious or not, you have to admit that "perspicacious" and "onomatopoeia" are fun words. ;p

I am entertaining, perspicacious, and voluble

Edit Dec 24, 2010:
(I am back at home again. I got out of the hospital yesterday and am doing better. I started the hospitalization back at the start of December. I did end up losing my right leg below the knee which really limits my driving right now. On the up side I have more leg room on trips. ;) Thanks for the thoughts, prayers and messages). :)

Edit May 12, 2011:
I finally did get my new leg at the beginning of May. I just had my fourth day of physical therapy and am glad to be out of the wheelchair or off the crutches. I have even had two different nurses and one physical therapist tell me they didn't know I had a prosthetic leg. Yay! Anyway, I will attempt to stay up with this profile again if anyone should care to write.
What I’m doing with my life
When I finished my degree I never thought I would be working in the film industry. It is amazing and I really love the fast pace (and the lulls in-between). One of these days I would like to direct but at this point I am a Line Producer/Production Coordinator. I do get to make a lot of important decisions but not on the creative side where I would like.
I’m really good at
Thinking outside the box. Dealing with difficult people. Whatever I put my mind to.
The first things people usually notice about me
My deep blue eyes and my unique sense of humor. Maybe my brilliant personality... :p
No, I'm serious about the sense of humor though. Unfortunately, I usually have to tell jokes for myself and occasionally other people catch the underlying jokes as well. (If other people get them it is entirely a bonus result).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read I just don't have as much time for it now. Fantasy, adventure, and science fiction are the most fun but I like biographies and history too. Some favorite authors include: John Bunyan; C.S. Lewis; J.R. Tolkien; Stephen Lawhead; Terry Goodkind; and John White.

With Movies I like anything that is unpredictable or creative. I will watch almost anything but enjoy the plot twisters best. Of course there are always favorites like The Princess Bride; Mirrormask; or Vampire Effect but that is not the complete list.

For music I enjoy everything but cannot listen to really hard stuff for long periods of time. **Currently, I am cracking up because someone played Lily Allen's stuff for me. She really can sing but what gets me is her lyrics. Very creative but real.**

Food: Italian, Mexican, and Homemade...I can cook almost anything. My all time favorite dessert is angelfood cake. Though cherry pie and chocolate cake hold a close second.
The six things I could never do without
God : because in every situation I have found myself in He has helped me through.

Humor : because if I hadn't developed a good sense of humor I never would have survived this long.

Vocabulary : because every good pun deserves another. :)

Friends : because they, not I, have been the foundation for me to build on.

Family : because they are always there when I need them.

Dr. Pepper : it is the drink of the gods. ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything! Multi-Dimensional theories, Movies, Humor (word plays, puns, double-entendres, etc.) The time 'Train A' will meet Train C, if Train L parks on the tracks in Kansas City...You know, whatever happens across my mind. I usually am working out deep personal insights, a creative new film plot, or cheesy one-liners all the time.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching a movie with friends, playing the Wii or some other gaming platform, reading a book or trying to catch up on the sleep I missed during the week.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I came here for the tests but the more I am on this site interacting with people I find myself intrigued by the relationship possibilities.

I am the coolest guy on the internet!
You should message me if
Feel free to message me or IM me. If I am signed on then I usually have time to talk to you... I enjoy talking to almost everyone.