37 Lafayette, United States
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My self-summary
Update 8/27/2016: The battle between The Kraken and Cthulhu has been temporarily halted due to accusations of Cthulhu using performance enhancing human sacrifices. Zadok Allen, director of the Innsmouth Athletic Association, adamantly denies these accusations and said that "Any human sacrifices performed were simply a part of Cthulhu's regular dietary routine, and in no way enhanced his performance beyond providing metaphysical nutrition." Dr. Herbert West, noted physician and Miskatonic University alumnus, has been called in to perform a medical examination of the elder beast and will, hopefully, settle this issue before the stars fall out of alignment.
In other news: Godzilla has accepted an endorsement deal with the Pepsi-Cola company and will soon be the official spokescreature for the new Pepsi-Green cola which will be available in your local supermarkets in the near future.

Update 8/25/2016: The Kraken and Cthulhu are still fighting. The battle has moved to Antarctica and was briefly paused when an emperor penguin was mistaken for a referee. Some shoggoths removed the penguin from the field of battle, and the battle resumed. Currently Cthulhu seems to be winning do to his overwhelming size, but The Kraken is holding its ground for the time being.
In other news: Godzilla is getting ready to face the winner of the match by practicing Krav Maga moves against a series of tornados of escalating size.

Ok, it's time to settle this once and for all. I've summoned Cthulhu and will be releasing the kraken momentarily. Whoever wins this fight is up against Godzilla in the second round.
What I’m doing with my life
Converting food and air into biological waste products.
I’m really good at
This, sometimes that, occasionally other things.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Having thought about it, I think my favorite book is John Dies at the End by David Wong. I don't think I have ever identified with a main character as much as I do with David. I don't know what that says about me, probably nothing good, but there we are.

I recently read You're Never Weird on the Internet (almost) by Felicia Day. I really enjoyed it and found it to be very inspiring.

It's hard to pick favorites.
When it comes to movies, I tend to enjoy sci-fi and horror. I like comedies, though a lot of what is currently considered funny doesn't appeal to me. I am enjoying the Marvel movies and I'm looking forward to all the Star Wars we're going to be getting in the next few years. My favorite romantic comedies are Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Scott Pilgrim vs The World. My favorite movie parodies are Cabin in the Woods and Shoot 'Em Up. Now neither of those are officially considered parodies, but they have more in common with classics like Airplane and Top Secret than the official garbage they've been putting out for the last decade or so.

As for books, I like Neil Gaiman (American Gods), Stephen King, Terry Pratchett(Discworld Series), Jim Butcher(The Dresden Files), Richard Kadrey(Sandman Slim Series), David Wong(John Dies at the End), J.K. Rowling Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman, Red Shirts by John Scalzi, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and so many other books.
I love to read.

TV shows. My current favorites are The Flash, Supergirl, Person of Interest(sadly cancelled), Agents of SHIELD, Doctor Who, The IT Crowd Sherlock, Ash vs Evil Dead, Supernatural, and Firefly.

My musical tastes are very broad. Billy Joel, Weird Al, David Bowie, Rob Zombie, Elvis, AC/DC, Disturbed, Florence and The Machine, and many, many others. It really depends on what mood I'm in.

As for food, I enjoy Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and the usual hodgepodge of American food. I don't like fish though, never have. Not sure why, but something about it just doesn't mesh well with me.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What if Jason Voorhees is actually a defective Terminator? Maybe Skynet found out that Sarah Connor went to Camp Crystal Lake as a child and sent a Terminator back to get her, but something happened during transit. Its programming got scrambled, its tissue regeneration system got messed up. Now it's wandering around following its basic programming: terminate the humans. As far as I know, ignoring the remake, Jason Goes to Hell, and Freddy vs Jason, they never really confirm, or even have a way to confirm, that that actually is Jason. And, one may ask, why would a Terminator feel compelled to wear a bag over its head or a hockey mask to hide its messed up features? Well, that is the Terminator's disguise protocols coming into play. Just like Arnold started wearing sunglasses in the first movie, after cutting out his damaged eye, this Terminator is making an effort to hide the damage it has received. But, because of the damage it has, it doesn't do it very well.
That is what I am currently thinking about.
On a typical Friday night I am
Mostly I can be found at home. Reading, playing games, watching TV. Just generally relaxing. Occasionally I will go out with friends and spend most of the evening being excessively goofy.