32London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
"But maybe action's all that matters now. What people do together overshadows Who They Are. If I can't make you fall in love with me for who I am, maybe I can interest you with what I understand." [Chris Kraus]

When I created this account Lehman Brothers still existed and the price of Brent crude was beyond $100 per barrel. Since then I have met quite a few people through OkC who have become part of my world (as friends, partners, correspondents...) and I am open to meeting new ones.

I value freedom, friendship and affection. Sometimes I sleep with some of my friends. I think I don't work well in the context of "romance" and exclusive relationships (been there).

I am aware that my picture doesn't show my face and I am also aware that some people feel rather strongly about this matter. I am happy to send you links and I hope it's a satisfactory arrangement (if not, as Fritz Perls would say, "it can't be helped"). You can ask directly or send me a link to anything (an interesting article you have read today?) and I will reply with a link to a picture.

(To answer some FAQs: this is just because I do not like being identifiable in public on the internet; no, I am not hiding, in particular not from some partner; no, there are no unethical reasons for my wish not to be identified; yes, I would message someone with no picture and in fact it's how some of my best connections began; no, I do not use Facebook, Twitter etc either.)
I’m really good at
Daydreaming. I wish I could make a living out of it, and 'toil not', like 'the lilies of the field'. https://pastebin.com/Pa7DhBQk

Since I can't, my life has been absorbed by work for some time now, my daydreaming has been almost non-existent, and it all doesn't feel right.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1. What can I know?
2. What ought I to do?
3. What may I hope?
4. Can I find a walk through my hometown that would cross each of its seven bridges once and only once?(NO!)
5. None of the above.
6. All of the above (including 5).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I pretend to be a member of the Bavarian Illuminati, but I am actually a double agent for Erisians.

I use LaTeX for non-sexual purposes but with the same kind of obsessive-masochist attitude. (Now experimenting with generating it from Markdown rather than writing it directly.)
You should message me if
You could write me for instance if (but not only if):

The joke told by the Sphynx makes you laugh.

You find this symposium by Carl Rogers and BF Skinner interesting, funny and relevant and you'd like to discuss it (I can send you the full text if you want).

You would like to see a picture of me. You can ask directly or send me a link etc (see above).

You too find this inspiring:

· Free political action from all unitary and totalizing paranoia.
· Develop action, thought, and desires by proliferation, juxtaposition, and disjunction, and not by subdivision and pyramidal hierarchization.
· Withdraw allegiance from the old categories of the Negative (law, limit, castration, lack, lacuna), which Western thought has so long held sacred as a form of power and an access to reality. Prefer what is positive and multiple, difference over uniformity, flows over unities, mobile arrangements over systems. Believe that what is productive is not sedentary but nomadic.
· Do not think that one has to be sad in order to be militant, even though the thing one is fighting is abominable. It is the connection of desire to reality (and not its retreat into the forms of representation) that possesses revolutionary force.
· Do not use thought to ground a political practice in Truth; nor political action to discredit, as mere speculation, a line of thought. Use political practice as an intensifier of thought, and analysis as a multiplier of the forms and domains for the intervention of political action.
· Do not demand of politics that it restore the "rights" of the individual, as philosophy has defined them. The individual is the product of power. What is needed is to "de-individualize" by means of multiplication and displacement, diverse combinations. The group must not be the organic bond uniting hierarchized individuals, but a constant generator of de-individualization.
· Do not become enamored of power.

The two of us