33Lausanne, Switzerland
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My self-summary
I'm a geeky gay guy living in Switzerland.
Let's see... I'm open-minded, easy-going, joke-loving, shy, smart, and probably a few less appealing adjectives but I'll omit them from this list. I'm supposed to make myself look good here ^_^
Not a party animal, I prefer hanging out with friends, taking a trip somewhere, go for a walk or cuddle with my significant other over smoke-filled party rooms (No matter how cheap the alcohol is). Well there's hardly any places that let you smoke indoors, but let me ask you this, does the smell of sweaty partygoers make it better? I think not...

Guess I should add a bit to this... further descriptions are in order maybe, although it's better if you come and talk to me. I'm a bit of an anime fan, movies are also a big part of my life. My culinary preference goes to japanese food although asian food in general has my vote. I like to cook as much as I like videogames and spend quite a bit of time on the net, partly because of work (I wuz a webmaster for my school, and now work as a Biotech Engineer for EPFL) and partly because I like to know what the latest gizmo or piece of design furniture around is or if Chuck Norris came back to life by roundhouse kicking the Creator.

Recently, I've acquired a fondness for cocktails. But not that sweet syrupy stuff they serve you nowadays, the old-school ones, before they chopped half the ingredients off and doubled the sugar. For example did you know that the Singapore Sling - A nicer refreshment than, say, the everywhere-present Mojito - was cut short of 3 ingredients over the course of its life? The new one tastes of cheap fruit juice laced with lab ethanol but the previous one, oh, the previous one, so interesting and full!

I love irony and sarcasm, but I'm still usually quite a nice person... no really, I swear... sometimes...

Hope to find some interesting people I can talk to, make friends and even maybe meet them in real life (Audible gasp, what a concept!)

Soy un Suizo quien vivió en Venezuela y a ahora de vuelta a Suiza (Bueno, ya van 10 años pero bueno...).
Cuidense todos!

Je suis un ingénieur en biotechnologie à l'EPFL à Lausanne. Je cherche à faire des nouvelles rencontres et des sorties!
Un petit intello doux attentionné, voire même chiant, avec de la conversation et une myriade de défauts aussi normaux que drôles, alors laissez-moi un message.
Au plaisir!

I am hopelessly romantic, geeky, and rather shy
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working inImage Processing for the BioImage and Optics Core Facility at the EPFL in Lausanne Switzerland and enjoying it a lot! Basically I get to boss scientists around when they're not doing their job right in terms of image acquisition and help them develop methods for analyzing their data.

I worked on the characterization of an artificial gene expression control system based on Acetaldehyde (It's a gas, in case you were wondering). And as any Masters Project, I couldn't get it to work even if my life had depended on it... Though that didn't matter. We didn't get quite along with my supervisor and I ended up getting kicked out of the lab.
As faith would have it, I then worked in a Proteomics Core Facility (Where they study proteins, you should open Wikipedia if you feel a bit lost, nowadays scientific studies have too many buzz words anyway) and helped develop a protocol for sample preparation for mass spectrometry analyses (Wherein we shoot tiny amounts of ionized protein into a big arse electric and magnetic field and see how long it takes for them to splatter onto a detector, now who says science is boring).
After that proved to the people in charge that it wasn't my incompetence, I found an amazing professor who took me into the field of Systems Biology (Where you model the f*** out of biological processes in-silico - Yay! More buzzwords -), a field I had never even studied!
"You work on an exploratory project for me so that 1. My PhD students don't waste time on it if it's not worth it and 2. I give you your Masters" A great philosophy. Turns out the project was well worth it and earned my masters a Prize and everything. For the technically inclined, it involved a Monte-Carlo simulation using a modified version of Gillespie's Algorithm to evaluate the effect of queueing of ribosomes on the rate of protein translation. If for some obscure reason you want to know more about it, feel free to ask, though we should probably discuss movies or something like that on a website like this...

And after that I found a job as a Software Developer and consultant in image processing and light microscopy. Been there for about 2 years now and still enjoying it very much. Though the pay will certainly make me want to go elsewhere soon enough!

Accommodations-wise, I'm living with my significant other in an awesome flat in downtown Lausanne. Before that, I used to live in a flat with two guys (harr..harr, no there was nothing kinky going on... although it would have been nice *_*), then with two girls, then with two guys again (Still nothing kinky).

I'm also caring for a cat, my cat (Well, technically the BF cares for the little monster too). Lady Leilani Kahlua von Lausanne. We got her about 4 years ago with my two first guy flatmates. Not exactly one of the finest examples of feline stamina but awfully cute and friendly. Bit of a whore if you ask me, but the cute kind...

Oh and I'm currently playing Supreme Commander, Assassin's Creed 1,2,3, whatever umber they're at, Mass Effect, Batman, Arkham Everything and watching not nearly enough anime and TV Series in general...
I’m really good at
Freaking people out, being friendly, making people laugh, cooking, fixing computers, fixing the house (I learned how to set up wallpapers! Yay for me), spending money, videogames, wasting time, procrastinating, wasting time, being ignored.

Also, I find that I have reached a point in my life where I have accumulated enough knowledge that I can rationalize my way out of almost anything that I do. I do this, of course, to make people laugh.

Also I have a knack for misunderstanding what people are saying (( "Can you get me a glass of water?" can become "Could you lend me a classic quarter?")) Friends call it the "Panda interpretations", and I like it!
The first things people usually notice about me
That I'm rather strange, like a mixture of opposites. That I don't laugh at my own jokes, which makes people usually wonder whether I'm joking of not. Usually joking ^^
They also notice that I'm way much cuter with very short hair or a cap on, this is probably from the receding hairline (Daaaaaamn you, genetics!)
I'm also building up a sense of fashion (t-shirt and jeans worked well for 13 years, now I want to try something more... recherché :-P)
Also, about two minutes into a conversation, their Geek Alarms go off. Some run, some hide. The bravest stand their ground and those become good friends ^^
Six things I could never do without
The Internet, Sex, Laptop (lol, unclean thoughts seeing those 3 words together...), My friends, beaches, money (whaaaaat?)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
That I should get to work,
Exams (Not really, I don't have exams anymore but I get awakened at least once a year from a nightmare where I didn't study enough for an exam I had forgotten about... Geez brain, that happened once, let it go!),
General daydreaming too (Like Pinky in (duh) Pinky and the Brain)
... and sex ¬//¬
On a typical Friday night I am
At home, or at the lake swimming and having a BBQ. Movie nights are fun too. More often than not these days, call it complacency, I'm just hanging out at home on the couch with the boyfriend or playing board games with friends (Arkham Horror rules)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You want private things about me? Get to know me, I've got plenty :)
You should message me if
You'd like to get to know me, or want to establish a business plan for setting up a dating website for plankton.

Usually I have this '6 months rule' where something I suggest or do seems like a bad idea or uninteresting to other people. After 6 months (average statistic with 95% confidence), they will realize my idea was actually good and go with it.

So don't be other people. Say hi to Oli.
The two of us