30 Indianapolis, United States
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My self-summary
Hello, Guys you have a sweet, highly intelligent person here. My high intelligence seems like huge red "X" against me as it seems the trend is the more air headed and ditzy the better.

I'm hopelessly romantic yet somewhat pessimistic female. I have done these profile things before but it all gets old typically a bunch of perverts, stalkers and immature losers.
I figured I'd paint my nails or try this again. I chose the latter.

I'm natural loner, creative and a Geek by default so if you aren't cool with that then keep it moving.
I'm also kinda Gothic and emo well in mood and subtle dress I'm the blackest Gothic you will ever meet ha ha.
I don't have any tats, chains, collars, piercings though.
I'm also kinda religious so I still love god and everything.
I'm a strange combo think the "emo" chick in dark clothes with the cross on the neck that's me.
I'm creative, very philosophical and with a really funny sarcastic sense of humor.
I'm very mysterious too so don't expect to learn the world about me overnight.

The real me is deep "dark spirited" emotional mysterious writer and that's all there is to see here folks.

I'm a home body typically but I'm known to jet off on a airplane when I get bored or go have some fun somewhere.
I club rarely but I often wonder why was I there anyway
then I remember the fruity drinks and it all goes away.
I do things without planning them out and am often careless like the wind. It's just more fun that way but I just might need one of those plan it all types to slow me down.
If you're fun and careless too the adventure won't ever stop but will probably end badly in Mexico over tequila.
I'm always thinking of the universe,
Why we are here and what happens when we leave it ?
The open ended questions that spark thought.
You should like these questions too.
I love things from 17th century and expensive ink pens

Race is open 100% I've dated more white guys than Michael Jackson lol ouch sorry Michael R.I.P.

I want somebody who thinks and makes decisions on his own. In other words be independent and a free thinker.

I like foreign exotic guys so bonus points if you are one.
e.g Latin, French, British, Italian or Finnish)
Black men too :)
We are all just decaying pieces of organic matter anyway. If it's love it's all good.

I believe I only match with -0.1% of the population as the perfect kinda guy would just naturally blend with me well.
He isn't your hanging out at the club chasing after ladies guy.
The kinda guy I'm looking for is likely at the bookstore hanging out in back away from all the people or composing something pretty somewhere by himself .
You know because most people suck !
He also isn't a snot nosed nerd who drools over call of duty or Star Wars and lives in mommy's basement either.
I'm not a gamer but you can be just please don't be a serious one unless that's your job.

You should be sweet, sensitive, very intelligent and can hold a conversation.
You should have big goals in life and hopefully a job
(I know it's hard out there ) exceptions to this are people studying med or law school etc.
Artistic, scientific, creative types, goths, are pluses !
I guess I'm looking for a dreamer, a star gazer, a thinker get the concept ?

Glasses and black shiny hair, black clothes are pluses !
Guys with black nail polish are cute too !
These are just bonus points not mandates so chill out.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently finishing a screenplay and an overdue novel. My goals are to become a writer, rain, sleet or shine.
You should read my stuff they say I'm pretty darn good. Eventually I plan to get the hell out of Indiana to make a better mark on writing.
From writing for TV or film, even starting off with plays it is all good. If that don't work eh I'll just be a greedy lawyer or an underpaid professor.
Right now I currently run which provides quick tech support remotely
I’m really good at
Writing, thinking, trivia, acting silly, singing , being a total computer geek, songwriting, role playing ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm really tiny, my eyes are big and dark, that I seem smart, and I speak faster than lighting.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Just to let you know I'll pass on Harry potter and Twilight thanks and most mass produced crap.
Let's say Balzac,
mark levy,
Gaston leroux are great starts.
(cough my own stuff I love reading)
Of course Shakespeare as well.

Music: most symphonic metal bands
opera and classical seem to always stay on repeat.
Latin music and rock gets fair airtime.
Rap, pop, R&B rarely grant a listen.

Nightwish! !!(Don't ask about them I'll talk for hours) ,
within temptation
linkin park
goo goo dolls
Andrea boccelli
Anything emo or goth
Anything opera

I love Broadway plays and musicals. I like romantic movies and emotional dramas, foreign movies with subtitles.

I don't watch TV but I'm trying to start it because I'm writing a pilot for a existing show.
American Greed
Intelligence squared
Big Bang theory

I like a variety of foods, super hot spicy foods (I've tried and liked some the hottest sauces in the world)
Indian and Italian foods are great.

Just because I'm a size zero doesn't mean I want a freaking salad either. I eat a lot actually tons of junk food but I work out too when I get around to it.
The six things I could never do without
1. My kids even though It seems I'll always be without them now
2. God even though I'm kinda pissed at him
3.Love but I'm not sure why I still believe in it
4.For the small amount of family and friends who I still care about
5. Money cant take with us but makes time here a lot nicer
6. Ask me after we've been serious for some years then I'll tell you the great sixth thing.

more items,
High heels
The ability to write
Fiji water
Sambazon Acai berry juice as well.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1. My kids :(
2. Goals, dreams, future,
3. God asking the big questions.
4. Money
5. The answer to number 6 in the six things
6. Writing
7. Love and ideally you

What the fuck is reddit ? I just don't like it.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home likely 70% of the time working, or writing, I could be out hanging with the chicas or the family. I could be on an airplane flying far far away.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I sometimes read these darn profiles just to laugh at you and all the crap people write in these things.
I'm a professional liar
You should message me if
If you wear sunglasses at night
If you're cute
You think dark skinned Gothic chicks are cool
You are intelligent and want to debate me
You are artistic, intelligent and a loner
You a bit manic, melancholic poetic or weird but not a psycho killer way
You know what you want and not caught between your mom's belief system and possibly dating four possible ex girlfriends.
You have a bunch of overly expensive ink pens and want to give me one lol
If you think you can win against me in any trivia game or scrabble
You wear glasses and think outside the box
You aren't a pervert, and not just creeping for casual sex
You aren't over 31 okay 35 max for an exception
If you are a gay male and want a new straight girl best friend to see a Broadway show with
If you can see beauty in art and the darkness in life.