35 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
i enjoy: fashion, traveling alone, people watching, extravagant footwear, getting lost, watching movies while eating whole tubs of ice cream, insomnia, falling asleep to the rain, used book stores, falling in love with the wrong people, coffee and cigarettes, dancing til seven in the morning, cracking pistachios, organizing and categorizing obsessively, stomping on leaves, a good two hour cry to cleanse my soul, sexy food people like nigella lawson and anthony bourdain, the smell of matches, sunday afternoons, three hour meals, feeling tragic

i am curious, passionate, intolerable, and a nomad
I’m really good at
living beyond my means
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
nabokov. miranda july. hilda hilst. marguerite duras.
jeffrey eugenides. lorrie moore.

wong kar wai, wes anderson, tarantino, park chan wook, coen brothers, woody allen, godard, jeunet,
anything with audrey hepburn. secretary. delicatessen. pierrot le fou, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. mother. i am love. me and you and everyone we know. melancholia.

chopin. nina simone. serge gainsbourg. little dragon. belle & sebastian. katerine. arto lindsay. the magnetic fields. optiganally yours. kahimi karie. stereo total. jane birkin. camera obscura. astrud gilberto. cornelius. mia doi todd. blonde redhead. buke and gass. beirut. busdriver. thao. blue scholars. k'naan. bach. pink martini. mikado. wilco. m.i.a.