48Somerville, United States
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My self-summary
Things that MUST be said... so here's an update BEFORE even THINKING about contacting me:
1) When it comes to relationships, distance is an issue... think about YOU having to travel the same distance for us to be together.
2) I am looking for my #1, "ride or die" relationship... if you're not... then you are wasting your time with me!
3) There NEEDS to be a mutual physical attraction.
4) I'm not a health fanatic but please be somewhat proportionate
5) Are you a prude or not sexual at all? If so... definitely won't work!
6) Can't handle honesty and openness? Not gonna work!
7) I am dominant by nature. If you're looking for someone to be your boy-toy or someone you can control or whatever... I'm NOT THE ONE FOR YOU!
8) If you're not ready for a REAL relationship... why are you looking at my page?
9) Frumpy or too conservative? Not gonna work.
10) I am a non-practicing catholic.
11) STOP SMOKING! No one wants to kiss an ashtray! On top of the fact that it is BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.
I'm sure I'll be adding more because this is RIDICULOUS!!

My philosophy for having a HEALTHY relationship:
You MUST have the following:
1) Mutual Respect
2) 110% open, HONEST, non-judgmental communication
3) Trust
4) Friendship (not just a friendship... your significant other should be your PRIMARY best friend. PERIOD!)
If ANY one of those elements are missing... then your relationship is destined to fail.

"If you judge a book by its cover, you may miss out on an amazing story."

I have dated women of all races / nationalities... I do not have any racial issues or hang-ups. You should be with whoever you are attracted to and who makes you happy.

I am 6'3" tall
240 pounds
Hazel Eyes
Shaved head
1 tattoo... I might get one more...I just haven't decided on what to get or who to do it yet.
I am part Seminole Indian (father's side) and Apache Indian (mother's side) and black

I am an educated man and consider myself to be pretty intelligent. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh.

I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

My kids are grown and gone... I'm open to possibly having another...but it is not mandatory.

I am pretty good in the kitchen. I am far from being a chef... but I sometimes like to experiment when time allows.

I listen to just about all types of music and would LOVE to learn to dance Salsa. I would like to re-learn spanish because a lot of my photography clients are spanish speaking.

I am looking for a relationship in which we can be each others equal. I am looking to have an HONEST connection with someone. I am looking for a best friend (because that's where a lasting relationship begins). If you smoke...occasional smoking is fine... but don't be offended when I ask you "soooo...when are you going to quit?". I quit years ago... and now after seeing the new smoking commercials on tv... I'm so glad I did!

Just ask a question and I'll be glad to answer it. NO TIME FOR GAMES!!! I'm not here to waste my time, or yours.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a sales supervisor and also have my own photography business.
The first things people usually notice about me
Usually my eyes and my bald head. I am taller than most people that I come into contact.
Six things I could never do without
* Breath in my lungs.
* My computer
* My phone
* My camera
* My open mindedness
* My ambition to succeed
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Living life... taking it one day at a time and trying to remain as humble as possible, being thankful for the little things that have come my way thus far.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Get to know me, and you'll find out
The two of us