43 Somerville, United States
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My self-summary
bookish with a twist. I contra dance on average 4 nights a week. One night I slow things down a bit and do english country. I like the sultry dances as much as the fast ones. music turns me on as does intelligence. I like directness. Some people say I think too much. I'm volatile, electric, eclectic, energetic, [[sublime, surreal. moody, even, happy, sad and somewhere in between, smart, sexy, seductive, mundane, insane, spontaneous, cautious, dangerous, captivating, elevating, distracting, nervous, anxious, relaxed, alluring, revealing, witty, clever, shy, evolving. revolving. sensual. currently I'm addicted to the food netwrk and Bravo's Top Chef.

I am more fun than the 5, string banjo, and dynamically enticing
What I’m doing with my life
trying to survive. thinking, transitioning, contra dancing, learning new things everyday, trying to figure out how to be happy, listening to music, meeting new people, abstracting the absurd from the everyday. Laughing at things nobody else finds funny.
The first things people usually notice about me
my hair, my spectacles ( they are black with lime green on the top), my laugh
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
amazing adventures of kavalier and clay, middlesex, partly cloudy patriot driving mr albertcivil warlands in bad decline, favorite authors- george saunders chuck p demon dog zadie smith simon winchester
Wu Li Masters
byGary Zukov

anything by David Lynch,Jim Jarmusch or with subtitles. quirky, surreal, dry... i also love documentaries. i love to learn new things. definatleyindependent movies, movies that make you think and feel. though i do have a weak spot for the"Kill Bill" sequence- i like the tough women. wes anderson breakfast at tiffanys fire walk with me when harry met sally anything by tim burton ghost world
LAST MOVIE SEEN: the fountain before that a sneak showing of Inland Empire ( David Lynch introduced it.

twangy bluegrass is my latest obsession, mix that with a little folk and you've got the combination that really turns me on. the fiddle, the banjo, music that surprises.tuvan throat singing I loved the [[doors in highschool as well. international music has been turning me on lately. Yat-Kah tuvan throat singing,asylum street spankers, mark mothersbaugh, wilco mark erelli Greg Brown Tim O'Brien Tom Waits marvin pontiac del mccoury blugrass gospel project
jake armerding joy kills sorrow patsy cline leo kottke danny barnes Kronos Quartet and Asha Bhosle
Iris Dement
LAST CD BOUGHT : Tom Waits- Orphans, which I've been listening to every chance I get since I bought it.

I'll try anything. used to be a picky eater but i got over it. love indian, thai, itallian, ethiopian, love middle eastern, love diners - especially ones that are open 24 hours. if you can cook that's a plus. love a nice dinner in with wine... and good conversation and then some uhmm hmmm...

These are things I'm really into: action, aged cheese, albert rosenfeld, anais nin, artichokes, asking questions., author readings, bagels, banjos, ben horne, big ed, billy bob thorton, black and white movies, blue skies, blueberry pancakes, blueberry waffles, bluegrass, book signings, books, breakfast, breakfast at tiffany's, bukowski, cherry pie, coffee, coffee and cigarrettes, coincidence, connecting, contra dancing, conversations, crushing, danny barnes, david lynch, deserts, diners, documentaries, double r, douglas firs, dounts, dreams, elvis costello, fawlty towers, fiddles, fishing with john, funky glasses, ghost world, good cheese, gordon cole, graphic novels, greg brown, henry miller, independent films, inspiration, intelligence, irrevenancy, jack nance, jim jarmusch, john lurie, kathy reichs, kavalier and clay, kindness, learning new things, learning to ballroom dance, live music, magnet making, mark dunn, men, michael chabon, miguel ferrer, movies, nadine, noodles, northern exposure, nostalgia, old time radio, one eyed jacks, palindromes, paul collins, radio drama, ramdomness, reading between the lines, rocks, sarah vowell, scrabble, secretary, silent drape runners, snail mail, steven wright, stranger than paradise, subtitiles, sudoku, the bbc, the big lebowski, the color green, the dude, the great northern, the lamplighter inn, the life aquatic, the log lady, the motorcycle diaries, the straight story, tibet, toast, tom waits, truth, tuvans, twin peaks, wes anderson, when harry met sally, whiddling, wilco, wit, word freak, words, zadie smith, zoning, zooming
The six things I could never do without
contra dancing, my hearing, bluegrass, my friends, books, coffee, intelligent conversation
I spend a lot of time thinking about
twin peaks, books i'm reading or want to read or have read, music, the giant squid, random things-i can't concentrateon one thing for very long- tend to think about a lot of different things at once, which leads to a lot of segways that people either find confusing or funny- you tell me john lurie,contra dancing where all the romance has gone. Why most people don't know how to kiss anymore?
On a typical Friday night I am
going to a movie ( see above for type) or listening to live music .... , maybe contra dancing if I can find a dance, talking with friends,
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I get really turned on by bluegrass and bluegrass gospel music and I go to bed with Einstein every night.
You should message me if
you're into an unconventional gal who will accept you for who you are and not try to change you. If we click, we click and that's enough. sometimes you laugh at things that other people around you don't find funny- i.e. you see the humor in everyday things and can appreciate subtleness... you have a strong desire to see the world biggest ball of string and you would take a trip specifically to see it , or any other biggest, largest, or greatest. you want a cool friend to go see independent movies with and hear great music with a downhome soul. you don't go out drinking all weekend. you either know or want to know what contra dancing is you appreciate a gal who reads (a lot) you like to talk to cab drivers or think it's cool that I do. you appreciate a dry sense of humor and random segways. you get turned on by bluegrass too. you still beleive there is romance left in the world and you understand why romance is sexy. you still kiss women standing up. you know how to kiss. when you like someone you go after them without any hesitation.