48 Carmel, United States
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My self-summary
My interests include running, golf, basketball, and swimming, as well as hiking and anything else outside.

I am a pretty laid back person, but I do get competitive when it comes to work and sports. I enjoy a wide spectrum of things from a weekend night chillaxin’ (yeah I said it) at home, to getting dressed up for the theater, to just hanging out at a local bar with friends and/or music and dancing. I am comfortable with my lifestyle and would like someone with which to share my adventures.

I'm a bit of a joker. I'm looking for that someone who will start off as friends and grow from there. I'm not interested in head games or one night stands

I am an introvert at heart, but I know how to be an extrovert when necessary. So yes you can bring me to a party with friends and I will enjoy myself and not sit in the corner.

I really want someone that does not make me laugh. Better yet, someone that does not like to do interesting things. Please don't be physically attractive. Do you ladies even read your own profile?

What I really am interested is a woman...not a clich?. I am intrigued with women that claim they are not into clubbing, yet all of their photos are at a club. We all want someone that can make us laugh....but that is all about connection and how much you relate to a person. I am looking for a nice woman, a best friend, not a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. Two of the most important characteristics of any woman for me are honesty and intelligence. I gravitate to people that also enjoy being silly…..a woman who is comfortable in their own skin.

I am looking for that someone who will make my heart race when I see them, and in whose eyes I can forget about all the troubles in the world. Someone I can lie in bed with and feel her heart beating against my chest, lulling me to sleep. Ok, I know that sounds kind of sappy. Well, that's a start on what I am looking for, if you are interested let's talk. So if you are simply here to keep meeting the same assh#les that you typically date move on. If you agree with me that a “tea party” is something little girls have...I would like to talk to you.

I can carry on a conversation, I am physically fit and I know what I like in a woman. As I said before, I do not take myself too seriously as I am just a speck in a very large universe. If you are interested in a nice guy, (Actually point of clarification....a nice guy is not the same as a guy that is interested in you---please don't confuse the two) that lives a healthy lifestyle and is a big boy that can handle a lot of responsibility go ahead and send a wink or even a message.

NOTE: Please have minimal baggage... we all have baggage, but you have to put it behind you. I am tired of meeting people who keep talking about past relationships, obsessing about past relationships is not healthy, and probably is just going to annoy the person you are currently dating. Don't dwell on the past, learn from it, and live for today and tomorrow. Sorry to be so blunt, that's how I am. Someone actually wrote and told me I was being mean, with my last comment about emotional baggage. It’s not meant to be mean. I just feel that if you are still hurting from your last relationship, you are going to drag those issues into the current one and end up messing that one up. We've all been hurt by someone sometime, I just think people need to take the time to heal up before they jump back into the dating world. Well I guess that's it for right now...
Anyway I’m not going to give up everything here so back to you…

Do you want to feel that ‘click’? ‘Click’ me and let’s see if we can feel it together…
What I’m doing with my life
Reading, working, exercising, laying out by the pool.
I’m really good at
I used to have 18 inches of hair and sing in a band....some people say that I am a good singer but you can never really hear yourself so how would I know. On the other side, I must be really good or others would not say that I was......right?
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair. Everyone says I have perfect hair. I was even getting pizza a few weeks back and the cook stopped and said, "Mr. you have the best hair I have ever seen."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
You know I love all kinds of movies from guy stuff like the Godfather, James Bond, and Scarface....but I really loved the Notebook and Brokeback Mountain (as a love story, stop thinking about the other was a love story).

Love Mexican, sushi, Italian, pizza, hamburgers, fish. I'm a guy. You name it, and I'll probably eat it. And if it is free I definitely will eat it.
The six things I could never do without
1. Iphone
2. Internet
3. Golf Clubs
4. Car/Transportation
5. A yearly trip to the beach
6. Diet Coke
On a typical Friday night I am
Lately watching movies. Which I love. But I also love to dance.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was in college I watched one of the IU BB players loudly pull out a crib sheet and cheat. Wide open for everyone to see. I still cannot he got away with it.
You should message me if
You want to learn more....or just to say HI!