49Montreal, Canada
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My self-summary
Ok ... This is like the phrase they say in every interview : "so tell us why we should hire you".

Well, first of all I'm single ... Not a little bit single "my girlfriend is on vacation " or "I'm getting a divorce, things are terrible at home". SINGLE . I though important to mention as it seems not to be the case for every one these day :p.

I'm actually a great guy lol ... Like you never heard that before :p.

And that you should trust me ... Again, you should beware of that kind of statement USUALLY .

But I'm my case both statement are true ... So let begin

44 year old man, 6 ft tall, 170 pnd, blue eyes and crooked smile .

Simple guy that can take care of himself ( I'm not looking for a mother or a maid ), actually pretty good at cooking, enjoy most kind of food ... But i like simple recipe, that just enhance the flaror of the product you use .

It try to enjoy life at its fulless " sound cliché I know ". I have a job that permits me to spend most of the time outside and after 25 years of working in restaurants it's just what I needed.

I had many relationship some great... Some bad ... Sometime because of me ... Sometime not. Had a full life ... many experiences ... Some I'm proud of .. Some I'm not. BUT all that helped me make me the man I am today and that ok by me and I regret noting.

I'm looking for something simple based on communication, trust, honesty and the desire to take thing as they come.

Haa ... almost forget ... Kissing, passion and little random attention are also things I'm good at .... Just in case :p
What I’m doing with my life
Mostly walking outside ... Really ... And trying to enjoy the little things ... I mean I like the big things too... but by finding pleasure and beauty in simple thing ... I find I appreciate more the things that should be considered as extra ... And if you understood any of the previous rambling ... We should really meet .
I’m really good at
Being aware of other people needs and mood, I'll be first in line in an emergency situation to take controle and help out .
The first things people usually notice about me
Is that I seem at ease in every situation ... That I mingle well ... And that I'm not afraid of jumping feet first in any situation.

And that crazy buff muscular body of mine ... Lol then I know they're looking at the next guy.. I'm just that slim guy in comfy clothes ... But I also dress up very well VERY WELL.
Six things I could never do without
Six ... Humm ... The changing weather as its brings different mood and occasion i.e Spending time in bed on a rainy day ... Preferably making sweet love to ?? You??

Food ... As food is pleasure at its best ... The taste ... The texture... The colors

That perfect place to whatch a masterful sunset ... And share it ...

The fell of warm water on my skin and how it just seems to make everthings better ... Even more if you can share that feeling ;)

That feeling you have after you do something selfless or that you did something that you know made a difference.

That moment when you and your partner are just holding each other sweaty,spent, out of breath, looking in each other eyes knowing that between the to of you nothing can stand in your way.

It's not conventional ... But it's my list
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How much society is taking the wrong choice... The wrong paths... That our leader don't seem to get it ... That every millennia the great society crumbles to make way for something better ... The Greeks... The roman... The egyptian... The middle age .... And today with a lack of leadership from those who we turn to traditionally .... Church ... Government ... Maybe it's time go fort with something new ... Something that should reflect better the best of man ... Not its worst
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I look forward to taking long bath with oils and bubble lol
You should message me if
You're looking for a real and simple relationship. I'm not complicated and I'm open to take it witch ever way it comes. The only thing I would like is honesty, I'm tired of games ... So if all this wring a bell ... Let's meet for coffee ... Apple pie ... Or any thing you can think of ... Don't worry we'll have a good time.
The two of us