52Tampa, United States
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My self-summary
Im becoming more available with my former youngster needing less of my attention, and I continue to co-parent and remain an involved dad. I'm doing less volunteer work this year but i provide transport and maintain the canteen during road trips.

I'm active, charming, thoughtful with my friends, and I have a general compassion for the people of the world. I am a northern transplant and sometimes it shows. I'm pro union, i worked with IATSE in Tampa, and think about organizing at my work site but know they would throw me out or close down the shop entirely.

I'm liberal to the point that I know not to volunteer my thoughts in public and prior to our holiday time this year, i had arranged several meetings with my siblings so we could have a civil family gatherings - it worked mostly with only my nephew stomping out.

While very analytical, I am also very empathetic. I have a generally positive outlook despite my awareness of unfairness and dysfunction in the world. I appreciate people and animals and trees and rocks, and the ocean. I used to scuba and fish, but being a parent replaced that, and with my son becoming more able, i thing I;ll start adding those back in. I prefer to volunteer my time instead of go to bars.

I like a super strong cup coffee and I tend to get a little technical about it.
What I’m doing with my life
I am working to assure to the best future for my son. I'im going old school with my backyard chickens, and I\ve hatched a few clutches with an incubator, and I even sold some pullets. its pretty cool.

I'm fixing up a rehab project. Got a jeep too, it's a mid life thing..

I'm interested in seeing someone who's actually read this far.
I’m really good at
Statistics, fishing, camping, sailing, grilling and instapot stuff; being a dad.

Things I don't want to be good at but am:
-Reheating the second portion of meals cooked for two -- it's getting old.

When its something important, I do a good deal of thinking before I make decisions and you can be pretty confident that I've considered the possibilities and when talking, sometimes I don't complete my sentences.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books are a rare pleasure, and I've found the tablet essential. I do news, trade journals, and technique books.

TV: I stream everything and wait for the next travelers, follow Dr. Who, and enjoyed Dexter, the walking dead, the strain, anything with Watson in it (Elementarty, Watson, Shirlock...), Ripper Sreet, bbc anything, and appreciated glee more than the talent shows due to the manufactured suspense though i enjoyed some outtakes on youtube. I prefer food podcasts to cooking shows and would rather do than watch, and I miss Norm.

I appreciate the theater and see cinema out, and i volunteer to get to see concerts (I could buy tickets and take a date, but haven't found the right combination of woman and song).
Six things I could never do without
Questions like this would not be on that list. Honestly, there's not much we really can't live without.
On a typical Friday night I am
I get invited to cook, Its funny cuz for me its just throwing things together, but folks like it. I get access to peoples kitchens and prepare meals for friends.

Typical depends on the season, I'm not 'going out" ever, though happy hour at loves is becoming more frequent.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This is sad to admit, I don't feel as emotionally attached to my npr affiliate as I am to the syndicated shows carried by the station. I'm podcasting more and the local station has less relevance. But not WMNF, they still rock and I have a bumper sticker.
You should message me if
You want to date. If you feel curious about something. If you enjoy engaging conversation.

If you'd be open to going sailing with a group of academics who don't take themselves seriously at all.

If you need a dancing partner for a night of dancing or a dance class though i'm less inclined to do the dance class at a community center. If you'd like to learn to dance without going to a class, but need someone help break the ice whom you can ditch later.

If you want to take me horseback riding or you need help on your ranch, or you have bees.
The two of us