52 Tampa, United States
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My self-summary
I've got a school age son and I co-parent and i was recently told that someone thought my child had special needs because of how involved I am, but I'm just involved. Please be patient with me as I'm on here sporatically.

I love a bargain at a yard sale and when a strong wind pushes the boat Or a breeze in the afternoon and the semi silence of nature. I enjoy fishing and kayaking; but I'm ginger, so I try to stay covered in the sun. Pure nerd. I like camp too. I frequently take my dog to the beach, and consider her needs as important.

Many of you write on your profile how you love the beach: I love beach when.... I visit running the dog, while fishing from or arriving by boat, when we'd swim. frog around or cook. I go there to do something. When we weekend at the beach, I dig in the sand with my son, and or fish; and get up early to catch the tidal ebb and search for shells. I could do sunsets.

I am active, charming, thoughtful

and sometimes I don't complete my sentences.

When its something important, I do a good deal of thinking before I make decisions and you can be pretty confident that I've considered the possibilities.

so, I'm thinking about taking the atheist thing off my profile and changing it to secular humanist or something noting i'm atheist but not the jerk type. Im seeing some traffic on my profile but people who are 'spiritual may perceive atheism as like stoic or like an unemotional accountant w no depth of emotion or unavailable for a 'spiritual connection or something.... I mean, you know... I feel deeply, love with intensity and form meaningful relationships that transcend casual dialog and go deeper... I just accept that fairy dust is a marketing gimmick, our world around us is it, and the heavens is where the moon is. Surely, there are primal forces at work and the moon does things to people, but I believe it's within the realm of science to figure it out, there's nothing magical. whats a guy to do.

I miss contra, Swing and ballroom dancing, and communicating with a partner who who is verbal and witty, and while I've been out several times lately, and find I miss dancing with a partner who knows me. Also, I need new dance clothes -- the styles have changed, men carry kerchiefs now and they wear kilts which is cool.
What I’m doing with my life
I am working to assure to the best future for my son. I'im going old school with my backyard chickens, and I\ve hatched a few clutches of eggs in an incubator, and I even sold some pullets. its pretty cool.

I'm fixing up a rehab project. Got a jeep too, its a mid life thing..

And I am seeking someone like you! Yes, you.
I’m really good at
Statistics, volvos and mgbs, fishing, camping, sailing, grilling and crock pots; being a dad.

Things I don't want to be good at but am:
-Reheating the second portion of meals cooked for two -- it's getting old.
The six things I could never do without
Questions like this would not be on that list. Honestly, there's not much we really can't live without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think about questions OK Cupid (most should be ok stupid questions) (Not a lot, but while i visit the site).

I find myself wanting to answer questions just so I can fill in the comment section. Some answers lack the depth and I want to add a few details to more capture me. For example, for question about cats -- I like cats, but don't know how to cook'em. Some questions are good but the answers available make no sense to me. Other questions are bad, and commenting is a way of making fun of them.
On a typical Friday night I am
Lately, and this is only lately, its working on projects, and I've learned to appreciate the feed store.
A past one was not a friday, but a Saturday. My brother gave my his flat digital tv because it wasn't working... so I took it apart, found what appeared to be wrong, soldered in a few capacitors (available at radio shack if you can believe that). It took some google searching, but consensus pointed to capacitors -- no one had video, pics, or descriptions showing the location or detailing how to get to those, but it appeared easy enough for my stump like fingers, the tv was fixed.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't feel as emotionally attached to my local npr affiliate as I am to the syndicated shows on the station, and I'm finding some of my favorite show have podcasts so the local station has less relevance. My local station's needing to up it's game to keep my pledge. I think it would be cool to have a bumper sticker from kcrw or wkut.
You should message me if
You want to date. If you feel curious about something. If you enjoy engaging conversation.

If you'd be open to going sailing with a group of academics who don't take themselves seriously at all.

If you need a dancing partner for a night of dancing or a dance class.

If you'd like to learn to dance without going to a class, but need someone help break the ice whom you can ditch later.

If you want to take me horseback riding.