32 Addison, United States
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My self-summary
Honestly can't think of a way to talk about myself without sounding totally conceited. But you're here reading this because the modern day world is really just awkward. Why don't we try conversation for a change to get to know each other?

Here's the absolute basics...My name is Brian, I'm a geeky Asian guy, so basically a living stereotype. I enjoy drinking, online gaming, anime, and for you emo girls my sexiest feature is my wrists. I'm born and raised Texan but I moved out on my own to Seattle for 8 years and just got back.
What I’m doing with my life
Lately I've been working 3rd shift doing NETSEC so I'm pretty busy. If i'm not at work I am rock climbing, working on the house I just bought, or riding around with people on my motorcycle. If I have a spare hour or two then I'll try and sneak in a game of League of Legends. (Kingofchardonnay - Add me if you play) Lately I spend my Fridays going to karaoke at the Magic Time Machine or having a group of poeple over for games and drinks. I love cooking elaborate meals with people but thats usually sunday brunch.
I’m really good at

for those unfortunate souls who don't know what that is,
click me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: lol did you know there's a manga version of mein kampf? But do you really want to read a laundry list of crap I've read? I care mostly about the writing style of the author when I read. It has to be so graphic and relatable I can picture myself there. Sorry Harper Lee.... Chuck Palahniuk is more my style.

MOVIES: I like the movie going experience, more than the movie itself. Of course I'd rather watch a great movie than a lousy one. But the right person can make the lamest movie a night at the Oscars. I retract that nothing can save Twilight *sorry future date just no...

The Event
Family Guy
Game of Thrones
Guilty Crown (anime)
Happy Endings
How I Met your Mother
Its always sunny
Modern Family
Peaky Plinders
sherlock Holms UK
Skins UK
Sons of Anarchy
The I.T. Crowd
The League
The Office
The River
The 100
(now we can share inside jokes)

MUSIC: Just to save myself from sounding like everyone else "I listen to everything" I gravitate towards music from the 1920's - 40's era and 60's-70's folk music. I'm basically rinsing your grandpa's vinyl collection.
The six things I could never do without
someone who's brain I can pick
meaningful conversation (i'll settle for witty banter)
sleeping in
A cold pint collecting condensation on a hot summer day ( if you're not a beer drinker you don't know what you're missing)

(would've thrown in bacon but the list is for 6 things whatever though)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Stuff that needs to be in my Zombie apocalypse go-bag. That's right, you can all rest assured link up with me during a zombie apocalypse and you're sure to survive.

*whispers, so we can re-populate the planet.
On a typical Friday night I am
with my friends, who are the best around!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Even though people refer to me and my best friend as Harold and Kumar I have never eaten white castle.
You should message me if
Looking for a connection that's a little deeper than what facebook, and text messaging have to offer. Looking to meet someone that's actually excited to see me instead of just ok with seeing my facebook feed. I am the Admin for the reddit group in Dallas so I don't mind people Adding me
I guess this way you also know i'm not married, and actually have a normal life.