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My self-summary
If you have gotten this far, please read what I wrote about smoking, a few lines down at the asterisk.
Don't waste your time with me I will dissapoint you.
I am a witty, humorous, mature guy who is curious, adventurous, loves learning and travel, a person with character and intelligence interested in spiritual matters (I am very liberal and open to ideas, but not religious in the traditional sense of the word), the origin and nature of the Universe, and human behavior, past and present. I try to live the Scout Law (rules for being a "good person;" these rules are not just for adolescent boys), the 10 Commandments (more guidelines), and what Jesus taught. Conversations with God is my second Bible. (Extra points if you know that trilogy, lol.) These are my values, and a summary of who I am; at least the person I aspire to be. This doesn't mean I am stiff, dogmatic, or a prude, quite the contrary. It means I respect the Universe (am in awe of it), and my fellows and try to be the "greatest version of the grandest vision" I have ever had of myself, and a positive force for not only civility, but community (in the largest sense) also. I also like beer, wine, champagne, and brandy, lol.
*About the smoking, which I know is a problem for many of you. I am not proud of that part of me, but I enjoy it, especially when I am having morning coffee or an alcoholic beverage. I didn't start until I was about 27, which fact, of course "macht nicht" as the Germans say. I am very considerate, only smoke outdoors, don't throw butts on the ground, can go months without indulging, especially when among other people who don't smoke. I smoke when I am alone and/or hungry or stressed. I am an Eagle Scout (it's about building character, learning skills, gaining knowledge, not just camping). I can survive in a Spanish or French speaking country. I spent my earlier working years in local government, property renovation and management (mostly 19th century inner city Baltimore properties and probably my most significant achievement in this life; more later), mortgage lending, food service and sales. I can do most of the residential construction trades (licensed master gas fitter - (Baltimore City) but I have also worked in areas that required more mental effort than hands on work. Post-college I took all the accounting courses offered at Howard CC (elected to Phi Theta Kappa honorary fraternity) as I am business oriented. I have designed and general contracted a 3000+ sq. ft. Williamsburg reproduction residence on a 3 acre wooded lot just outside Columbia, MD.
In the mid 1970s I partnered with a fellow who had assembled a group of rundown properties. I had a free hand in shaping a real business. By the early 1980s I accomplished that and was able to pay myself $44k in salary and benefits after all other expenses were paid. I was the first property manager the local arts college (MICA) sent out-of-town students to for housing.
I rarely ran credit reports on prospective residents and I was correct 95% of the time; all of my associates had master keys and there was never an incidence of theft or misbehavior. When I interviewed someone for a job, I asked them How much do you desire to be paid? He/she told me and I said, Write your hours down, give me the bill, and I'll write you a check on Friday. If someone came to me 6 months later and said, Boss, I need a raise, I said How much? OK, give me your bill on Friday.
I relate well to people of all races, religions, and socioeconomic strata. I can easily start a conversation with any seemingly friendly person and they seem to feel good about it. If they don't seem friendly, I talk to them anyway: one would be surprised at how many "closeted" friendly people there are out there. I can also be sardonic.
I fathered and help raise 2 intelligent, accomplished, and beautiful children (their mother was good looking, too, lol). Son graduated Carleton, has an MBA from NYU, daughter graduated Washington U., St. Louis. Both have what we call "good jobs."
I have performed (minor roles/chorus) in high school (National Thespian Society) and community theater and sang in an informal college group.
I can sail a 50' sloop (Annapolis Sailing School bareboat charter captain course out of St. Croix) and drive an even larger powerboat. (I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay.) I can scuba dive ( PADI certified advanced open water diver) and water and downhill ski. I am comfortable in a kitchen, in the woods, and in/on water. Prefer warm weather to cold.
I graduated from a well known New England university and was admitted to Mensa, on my SATs. I belong to a final (social) club at Harvard. I love to discuss just about any topic and I read anything at hand (especially the signs in Spanish on buses, lol) if I am not immersed in the book that I am carrying. I feel insecure about all that I should know, don't know, haven't learned. We grow too soon old and too late smart (German/PA Dutch proverb).
I have traveled to Canada, Tijuana, USVI & BVI, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Nassau, Colombia, Costa Rica, London, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland and Berlin. (Please don't feel intimidated; I am seeking a woman friend and companion, not a travel writer.)
I don't have any chronic degenerative disease that I am aware of (never had an STI either), and don't take any drugs, Rx or others. I like to walk. I try to stay neat, clean, and organized in my personal life; if I am an invited houseguest no one will have to clean up after me in the kitchen or bathroom.
If I can't find a compatible partner to keep me in MD I am planning on traveling the US and elsewhere (South, Central America, maybe Mexico, look good) with a backpack, staying in hostels, Airbnbs, campgrounds while I am still young and fit enough to do that. I'd love to find a traveling companion. An ideal situation would be a combination of both, a relationship with someone who would like to take a month now and then and go to Ecuador, Mexico or any place warm, fun, and interesting.
All of the above is true, Scout's honor. I doubt that I will ever find anyone but I still search.
I won't probably ever tell you everything I think, because most will perceive it as weakness on my part.
What I’m doing with my life
Finishing up old business and planning for some new adventures.
Trying to find a kindred spirit to share the future with.
I’m really good at
a lot of things, especially "academic" things, talking with people I have just met, listening and remembering what they said. Can also sail, dive, ski, do construction trades, write extremely good expository prose, analyze and evaluate (anything), especially businesses. I can engage anyone one on the street in a conversation.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I am a "young 69" years old, my thoughtful mind, amiable personality, and charm, and that I am still handsome after all these years, lol. However, I can't get a job, lol. (Joke)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Just finished The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, Code Name: Johnny Walker (no, it's not about Scotch whiskey rather an Iraqi interpreter who worked with SEALS), Bourne trilogy+ #4, The Right Stuff, Patton, As Good As It Gets, We Were Soldiers, Platoon, Up in the Air, Eastwood's later films, George Clooney's films, and of course, Jack Nicholson's films and many more. Books: Leading from Behind-the Obama Administration, 11 Million, the actual number killed by the 3rd Reich, Ed Rendell's autobio, O'Reilly's Killing of Kennedy, and many, many more. One of the last books read was by Bart Erman, chair of UNC religious studies department entitled Misquoting Jesus, about how the New Testament got to 2014 in its present form. I have seen several shows on Broadway and in London and DC, including Cats, Phantom, Les Mis, Aspects of Love, Rent. I enjoy ethnic foods, especially East Indian, kefir, and try to eat mostly vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds, like quinoa. I like most music, not so much jazz, and of course not what most people here say they don't like: you know what I mean.
Six things I could never do without
NPR, morning coffee with blackstrap molasses, beer, wine, the Bible, my laptop pc. That's six, but there are many more, like the outdoors and warm weather. Why just six?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My relationship with the part of the Universe that we can't see, touch or feel but we believe, "know" or suspect exists. Some call it God. I also think about current events and where the U.S. and the world are heading. I also think about how I can communicate who I am to some ones who would appreciate who I am.
On a typical Friday night I am
Right now, being in a location I am planning to escape, eating a sub from Subway (cheap, wholesome, fresh), listening to NPR.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Now it's no longer private and it may not be the "most" private thing: I lament that I never had a "friendship" relationship with my parents, my siblings and my fellows; that I was the Lone Ranger without Tonto, through every stage of my life, including marriage; that I am striving not to repeat the past. I did it my way, with huge success: Harvard degree, successful businesses, etc.
You should message me if
you would like to chat with a high IQ gentleman, an introspective guy. I am courteous, kind, observe boundaries, have a quick wit and will make an extemporaneous joke you will laugh at in our first live or online conversation. Message me if you can text, email, and won't steal anything from me (nothing left, all the other women and a former landlord were here first), but it's ok if you borrow my affection, loyalty, my time and my mind.
The two of us