31 Crawfordsville, United States
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My self-summary
Big movie buff. Call me a nerd I don't care. I play video games from time to time but my job gets in the way of that. Good thing I love my job. Of course, I love music (who doesn't) and can pretty much listen to anything except country... It just all sounds the same to me. Mostly love electronic music, like Dubstep, especially here lately. I have a ton of DJ friends too so I'm always going to their shows, which the concerts are so much fun too.

I guess I'm on here because I live in a small Indiana town where it's hard to meet people. I would just like to meet and hang out with someone who has their life together. I undersrand everyone has issues and I'm far from perfect, but just to meet someone who has a goal, is working on something, or wants a particular type of future to work towards would be an extemely nice change instead of just PARTY 24/7. I'm still all about having fun and having a good time, don't get me wrong, but my responsibilities come first, and so far I have yet to meet anyone who sees eye to eye with me on that. I am 27 so you think by now people would mature a bit and figure things out but I guess people rely on their parents or whatever guy they are dating to take care of them and their habits.

Some things you may ponder:
Yes I have a stable job and car.
I don't have kids but I don't mind them.
I want some someday, they are fun.
Hate vegetables but I'll eat them in small doses. Only weird food thing. Everything else is awesome.
I love pets, they love me. Especially pitbulls.
Don't smoke but don't mind it. Well... I smoke when I drink socially.
Love drinking occasionally but not an alcy.
Don't mind recreational partying just as long as it isn't an everyday all night thing to the point where it ruins your life or job.
I can be pretty weird sometimes. But I come in handy with nerdy and geeky stuff.