46San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
Sorry to say that it's very damn hard and almost impossible for me to paint my own picture..so I'll let other people to summarize about me
Moreover "One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words"
and they're recent.
Thank you for checking and good luck to all.

Notes: If you're obsessing and playing games with your iPhone, embracing the TV every night, don't like and/or intention to explore around our planet Earth and lacking of exercises. It probably won't be a good match.

He is a good conversationalist, a real globetrotter, polite, cautious, friendly, cheerful, good friendship, has made very good impression at home and also to the other guest !
He is very clean, trusted person. We had a nice conversations about life on up and down time and many other things.
He is really great in cooking and the healthiest men I have ever seen :)
First, I’m grateful to found him ... my valuable friend! Then also many thanks to;;
;;you have an infinity love for life, that's why you conform in every condition without any complaint,,,
;;open the door and let me come to your universe,, share with me without any break,,,
;;make me very delicious and special foods, share your secret recipes and great shows on the pan:),,,
;;share and awake me with your huge life experiences,, i understand the philosophy ...no longer wait:),,
Your wise and respectful view and your smiling face felt me always comfortable, You are a wise man!
and so on,,,many thanks for more than these,,, So i recommend everybody to meet with that special person!
He is an amazing guy full recommendable, peacefully, with a big smile and in a calm way, with him we go out together... have chat around my neighboord.
Remained my friend " ryanair" if you going to M...... let me know.
Keep in touch and thanks
He güvenilir, akilli,ögüt verici ve ayni zamanda gizemli bir adamdir. Birçok alanda kendini asmis ve yeniliklere açik. (haha, that's great if you can read the language)
He is trustworthy, wise, good adviser and little bit beyond one's powers to know. He has been succeed over many topic of live. Open to new things and improvements. Living legend of Full Human Respect in all aspects. Well proven . Miss you

------------- ...and much more -----------

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The two of us