34Rhinebeck, United States
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My self-summary
REmix: So I wrote all this biz-nass a couple years ago, and now I'm moving back to New York, but this time I'm living in the small town of Rhinebeck, 90 minutes outside of the city, and chock full of nature-y goodness. Other than the location change, what's written below should suffice:

I better get into some really good liberal arts colleges for this one...

I find it awkward and repetitive reading a million times how everybody on this site is "laid back, down to earth," and has a "great sense of humor," so I'm going to try and avoid excessive adjectives and go straight for the verbs, and other random declarative statements:

I believe that young people are the freshest, strongest, most creative, innovative people around.

I tend to loose mundane but vital objects such as keys, phones, and phone chargers.

I love the English language in all its levels of formality and informality; but I will punch you in the testicles (or ovaries) if you try to drop an N bomb on me. I believe in reclaimed language, but we haven't come that far; come on now.

I'm at my calmest in the middle of a long run/bike ride/roller blade, floating in a lake, or at a quality concert (bad music gives me indigestion).

I think poop is hilarious. Seriously. Especially when above-mentioned young ones discuss its intimate details.

I love and fear my cello; a combination of guilt from getting so out of practice, and excitement at the prospect of getting back to those sweet sounds...

Enough about me...
What I’m doing with my life
I'm changing it! I'm rejecting the climb of the neo-liberal non-profit ladder, getting back to nature, and working directly with youth, not just supervising youth workers, raising money in a cubicle while youth play nearby.

I'm hoping to get back to playing music, writing, and just getting free.
I’m really good at
Youth work, direct communication, writing, learning, friend-ing, family-ing, goof-making, and music-ing!

(Um, ok, I *was* good at writing and music-ing, and then I started working more hours and being creative less hours, so I'm rusty, but ready to get back to it.)
The first things people usually notice about me
If we're talking, you'll notice that I'm a little loud, pretty direct, opinionated, and if I like you, I may tease you a little bit.

If you're just creepily (or not creepily) staring at me, you'll notice that I am what my sister and I refer to as ambiguously brown. My racial and ethnic identities are very important to me, and I'm cool sharing them, but I don't think that strangers have the right to make me explain myself just because they're not used to seeing folks who look like me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Listen: I'm about to give you some long lists, and it might make me seem like an asshole, but I'm *not* an asshole, I just love books and music, and really like movies! So remember, these are not the lists of an asshole, but rather, an excited, hungry mind.

Fiction: James Baldwin (especially Giovanni's Room and Another Country), Phillip Roth (especially American Pastoral), Roald Dahl (especially Matilda, the BFG, and all his nasty adult stuff!), Paul Beatty (especially White Boy Shuffle), Ralph Ellison, V.S. Naipaul, Haruki Murukami (especially Norwegian Wood), Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Chuck Palahniuk, Tom Robbins, Margaret Atwood (especially Handmaid's Tale), Kurt Vonnegut, Chaim Potok

Drama: August Wilson, Eugene O'Neal, Edward Albee, for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow was enuf, Eugene Ionesco

Non-Fiction: bell hooks, Franz Fanon, David Sedaris, Jonothan Kozol, W.E.B.Dubois, Frederick Douglas

Jazz: Charles Mingus is my hero because he started off as a Black cellist in public school (just like me!), and only switched to bass because folks told him Back people couldn't make it on cello. He is also a hero for his genius composing, and crazy mind. Billie Holiday, Dizzy Gillespe, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter

Hip Hop (here comes some 90's love): MOS DEF (sorry, Yassin Bey) is my hero, and an embarrassingly large part of the reason I moved to Brooklyn over Harlem. Jay-Z (I only really know the Black Album), Talib Kweil, Meshell Ndegeocello, Aceyelone, Atmosphere, Big Quarters, Dessa, NAZ (the little I know), Common, Outkast, Salt n' Peppa, TLC (only the two good albums), Aesop Rock, Beastie Boys (a couple albums), Fugees, Brother Ali, Big Quarters, Doom Tree (I know Dessa's stuff the best), Blackalicious, Outkast, Common, The Roots, Mankwe Ndosi (that's my homey in community organizing, too), Man.i.fest (I just found out that we went to college together), I, Self, Devine (another local community organizing homey), Maria Isa

Movies: Almost anything by Spike Lee (Except that stupid "She Hate Me" masturbatory shit), Cohen Brothers, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Brazil
Six things I could never do without
relationships (family, friends, lovers, and at least one arch enemy)
music (of all kinds, including opera, but no, not country)
youth (but I'll be honest, I'm less comfortable with the rich ones)
good books (mmm...)
water (for drinking of course, but also for swimming)
movement (both physical and social)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Youth, community, family, the inexhaustible to-do list, climate change, music, words, speeches I would make if I became president, education reform, education revolution, Black folks, Brown folks, White folks' interaction with us Black and Brown folks, prison reform, prison abolition, healthy food, junk food, men, relaxing, tension, how to clear my mind
On a typical Friday night I am
I suppose this section has to get a remix as well... I don't know what I'll be doing on a Friday night, but I know with my new job that my weekend might not always fall on weekends. I hope to see plays and concerts, visit friends in NYC and Boston, and visit family in Albany, Westchester, Vermont and Middleton when possible. I hope to have some game nights and dinner parties with new friends, go exploring on my bike, and learn to rock climb. All on Friday nights!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Let's see, I already told you that I lose things, and I think that poop is funny, even hilarious at times. Well, I'm easily distracted, to the point that colleagues have diagnosed me with ADD. I used to amuse myself with faces in the mirror back in college, and I'd like to get back to that. I also enjoy company whilst I use the loo, but I've grown to respect that many people are not interested in providing said company.

Basically, I'm not a very private person. I don't feel shame very often, even when I should, and I'm certainly not modest. In college, I lived in two apartments in which my room was the sun room, and I had ten windows in the first apartment and six in the second. Both times, it took me over 6 months to put up curtains. I thought it was fun to always see outside, and I called it "community service" when I changed (and other things) in the room. Ten years after college, I have a bit more sense, but just a bit.
You should message me if
...you want to organize some shit (in the the social movement sense, not the trapper keeper sense).
...you want to sing some not-too-serious karaoke
...you want to swim in a lake as soon as possible.
...you want to hear an awesome story about young people and dancing, crying, singing, learning, or saying "the darndest things" in general.
...you want to tell me an awesome story, true or fictional.
...you want to wrestle.
The two of us