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My self-summary

I'd like to think that I am as humble of a person as they come these days here in the twenty-first century. But that statement alone proves that I am not as humble as I'd like to believe. Also, the fact that my self summary is so long might suggest that I'm not as humble as I'd like to think. I just thought I'd point that out first before you read on. I recognize and laugh at life's ironies, both little and big. It seems to me that the world is balanced, but exactly how the world is balanced is constantly changing with each new birth and each new death. More accurately, life's balance changes with each obstacle that it overcomes. I belong to no nation exclusively. I belong to all life. I believe that the key to true happiness is to maintain life's balance. Take only what one needs and share the rest with others who need it. These fundamentals have served me well and I wish only to share my life with great people.
I am deeply in love with the most perfect person I have ever met, and that is Mathew Vinoya. He is my main spouse, but I have been separated from him for a year now (much to my despair).
My big likes are Astrophysics, classic rock, Friday night card games, writing, various forms of athletics (I excel in a variety of sports) and drawing landscapes.
I really dislike anything too flashy or bling-bling. If you have to have chrome spinners on your car just to make you feel like a real man, then you're not a real man. The true Alpha Male doesn't need to show off, everyone already knows he's the alpha male.

NOTE: I should point out that I am very much a polygamist and a polytheist. I was also deeply involved in the intelligence community, which has resulted in me being forced to be separated from all of my spouses and children for the next few years.

The universe is our playground, it's ours to explore, so I truly dislike it when people are too serious to take the time out to enjoy life's wonders. Also, if you are reading this profile with a negative mindset and searching for something in my profile that "proves I'm just a fake," then just move onto the next profile. I am the least fake person you will ever meet, and I am very, very tired of proving that to people. No matter what I do, so many people see me so negatively and do everything they can to prove I am not the genuine, honest, caring, and loyal man that I really am. If you're one of those types of people who seek to discredit me, just move along somewhere else. I am not interested in starting yet another flame war just to uphold my honor. Also, I realize that by stating that and by trying so hard to prove myself to be genuine, many of you will only see that as desperate attempts to hide being fake. However, in my case, that simply isn't true. I defend my honor so much because I have been blessed by so many people who deeply love me and I do not want to ever insult their memory by having my reputation be falsely tarnished. There are plenty of things I did do wrong and are legitimate reasons to dislike me, but there are far more reasons to like and love me. Also, if you wish to dislike me, so be it. Just be sure to dislike me for genuine reasons and not false reasons people just made up to make themselves feel better than me. It really doesn't matter if I am or am not better than you. I treat everyone with compassion and consideration and I expect to be treated the same. I have been one of the most philanthropic people of all-time and as such, I expect you all to keep that in mind when determining your opinions of me. Sure, I am flawed and sometimes I can even be arrogant (more often than not I only appear to be arrogant because I am so articulate and accurate in what I say that it gives off an air of arrogance, especially towards those who are ignorant and don't read books), but really, I am genuinely a person you will be thankful to know.

My philosophies:
1) The universe is one big playground.
2) Be unique. Be the black sheep. There's enough ordinary sheep out there already.

What I’m doing with my life
My most important objective in my life is to figure out a way for me to be with my Matthew Vinoya (and if I'm truly lucky, then the rest of my spouses as well). I have already given up all of my wealth and fame in an effort to be with Matthew again, but so far it hasn't worked. All of my vast amounts of wealth and friendships have yet to pay off, since I am still here on my own, away from my truest love.
I'm slowly but surely collecting enough Yugioh cards so that I can open up my own shop. Yugioh is my guilty hobby. One day within the next five years I will have my own shop. <=== NOTE: it has been 3 years since I wrote that about my guilty hobby and I am currently about 8-11 months away from opening up my own Yugioh tournament venue!
I'm also an inventor and innovator. I'm most proud of my work in theoretical Physics. I'm the discoverer of the Time Loop Dilemma. I am also the creator of the Sub-Neutronic Black Hole String Theory, the Infinite White Holes Theory, and I was also the one who discovered that subspace tunnels are actually very long trails of black holes since black holes actually travel through space as they are dragged around by their parent galaxies! I tend to keep most of my discoveries to myself, since most people aren't interested in that sort of thing or cannot comprehend it since they never studied it. But I have told a handful of people so far. My theories are continuing to secretly revolutionize science as we know it. I know, that may sound kinda arrogant or crazy or outlandish of me to say, so bare with me. I realize that I can't simply announce all of my discoveries to everyone at once. But if you'd like to have a really fascinating conversation about the true nature of the universe, I'm the guy to talk to. If you're not into that sort of thing, that's cool, there's plenty of other things to talk about!

I used to be an operative in the intelligence community (not in the US Intelligence, but I am heavily allied to the US). I obviously can't go into any detail on that here, but I feel that leaving that part of me out of this without at least mentioning it would dishonor my contributions and wouldn't show my true self enough. These days I am not in the intelligence community, but I do still have influence.

I am currently employed as a assistant manager of my friend's medical marijuana warehouse (no, I do not smoke anymore and no, I will not give you the hook-up, and no, I will not give you free weed just for dating me, and no, I will not date you if you smoke at all). I am also a self-employed online investment broker.
I’m really good at
Enjoying life, simple as that. And thinking about theoretical physics. I also enjoy catching animals with my bare hands (without harming them nor scaring them, they usually like to play in my hands). I've caught snakes, all kinds of lizards, bees, wasps, several hummingbirds, and many other animals (all of them using only my hands, because using anything else ruins the sport). I have been known to befriend wild animals nearly immediately, no matter how dangerous nor how predatory nor territorial. I remember, a few years ago, when I lived in Kibbutz Mishma Rot in Israel, they used to call me the "Moses of the Animals." Because I had trained all of the animals of the neighborhood to follow me around while I walked around town. It was really quite a thing to see, since I had trained the neighborhood animals to follow me everywhere I went around town. Imagine: me going to the grocery store with a line of cats and dogs behind me! All lined up in a row! I miss those days!

I can also catch a fly using only one hand (without killing it). If I'm really focused, I can catch a fly, let it go, catch it a second time, and then release it and repeat the process as many times as I want as long as I am focused enough to do so. As of today as I am rewriting this (7/28/2015), I managed to pat a fly on the back of its wings without it noticing me until I had already patted it (I did this just a few hours ago, hence why I am writing it now). I've done that several times when I first picked up the talent about this time three years ago.
I spend a lot of time thinking about how to time travel. You wouldn't believe the discoveries I've made in this field.
I also cook most of my own meals at home. That's something that's not so twenty-first century of me.

I should also point out that I excel at a variety of sports, mainly due to the combat-training I went through. I also developed several forms of martial arts that allow me to excel against any opponent and at nearly any sport.

Due to the torture I endured (yes, literally tortured) and the amazingly complex life I had over the years, I find myself to be highly connected to my spirituality and my emotions. I find myself crying when I watch deeply emotional tv shows or movies or even a touching youtube vid. Books especially bring me to tears, as that has always been my way to escape and yet also my way to connect to everyone. As a result of my close connection to my emotions and to my spirituality, I have made many, many amazing films (without taking any credit or money for them), a number of them have even become massive sensations throughout the world (I guarantee you've seen at least a couple of my films and loved them). Because of my secretive nature, I couldn't take credit for my beloved creations, but I am so happy and touched that so many millions of people throughout the world have loved my films and my writing! For the most part, it doesn't matter whose profile I look at on here, they've all listed at least 1 or 2 of my films on their favs list! I've made several dozen films already, almost all of them highly successful! For those of you who have read Halo: Moral Dictata and have figured out the clues within the novel, then you know who I am and you have a glimpse of what I have done for you all. Remember how much I dearly love you and cherish you all!
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't understand how anyone can know their own answer to this question (unless it's something super obvious like a whole body tattoo). I'd like to think that perhaps they look at me and see an honest individual who has a lot to share with the world.

EDIT: I now know that people see me as a bit of a jokeaholic, to the point where it has lost me a few friendships. Also, people look at me and assume I'm lying, but in reality, they only see the lying in their own hearts and minds. Usually I'm not the one lying, but temptations do get to me. To this day, I have been unable to fit into society and the workplace. I think this is because I believe in the Free Will Philosophy. That is to say, I believe everyone worldwide has the right to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't interfere with the free will of others. The result of having this philosophy so deeply embedded into my mind is that others see it in me and try to manipulate me into doing their bidding. People also see me and try to take my free will away from me because they don't believe in the Free Will Philosophy and therefore must prove me wrong. But free will is deeply embedded into me. It used to be my number 1 belief, but now my biggest belief is in the power of love in all of its forms. I stick to it to the death and even then I'll stick to it. Those two beliefs " hybrided" together into one belief, which is the belief in the free will to chose to love everyone unconditionally (but not necessarily equally), despite how difficult it can be.

It occurs to me that if one considers the length of my profile versus the length of the average profile, it might lead to the conclusion that I am self-absorbed. In my opinion, there is no way to disproof or verify how self-absorbed I am. Therefore, I just choose to do my best to live for the people and ignore the things I cannot change.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I just saw the Japanese masterpiece "Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Summer" (live action version). It is by far the most beautiful film I have ever seen! Such a masterpiece! Such indescribable majestic beauty! It is now my favorite film of all time! Leagues above every film I can remember. This film is literally a life-altering film! I cannot possibly praise it enough!

I am a big fan of reading and writing. Often times a good history novel or science article catches my eye. I'll be caught reading anything from a good nerdy book (even the Scifi spacey-nerd stuff), to mystery novels. I'm also a former movieholic. I really like the thought-provokers, the scifi movies, dramas, and intelligent comedies such as Mr. Bean.
Movies: Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Mr Bean, and many many more.
music: Rush, Scorpions, Led Zepplin, Eric Clapton, Vinnie Moore, Gary Moore, Guns n' Roses, Joe Satriani, and many other classic rockers. I also listen to 12 Girls Band, David and Steve Gordon, Bond, Celtic flutes, Native American drums, and anything that is pleasing to the ear. I don't listen to heavy metal or screamo or rap. Those just don't qualify as music. That's just irritating noise.

books: Ender's Shadow (the whole series), Runescape (both of them), and anything by Orson Scott Card. the two best novel series of all-time are the Ender's Shadow series and the Halo novels (particularly Moral Dictata, which I helped write and is absolutely beyond sensational, so far beyond normal emotional reactions that for much of the novel I was in tears), The Art of War by Sun Tzu, The Mass Effect novel series (based on the video game), The Inheritance Cycle (the Eragon Series written by Christopher Paolini and edited by me), 007, and The Life of Pi
tv shows: Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Battlestar Galactica (the newer one), Lost, Dexter, and especially Whose Line is it Anyway. I also must mention the legendary shows Stargate Sg-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe. As for newer shows, I'm into The Walking Dead, The Blacklist, and many others. JJ Abrams is a genius director!
Six things I could never do without
1) Thinking about my spouses, especially my sacred Athene and my guardian angel Matthew, for they truly captured my heart, and I deeply desire to return to them.
2) Something to jam to, sometimes a man just gotta jam to Rush or the Zep (Led Zepplin of course)! Sometimes a man just has to let out his inner redneck!
3) A random adventure every once in a while (this does not refer to any sort of operations, as I no longer accept assignments) I have created and taken up over a thousand extreme challenges (such as naked skydiving, naked snowboarding, streaking through Times Square, combat skydiving (sparring someone while skydiving), the Extreme Polar Bear Challenge (spending several hours in the Pacific Ocean more than a hundred miles from any land or boat, and yes, it is possible to do this, though I have conditioned my body to be able to withstand any amount of pain whatsoever, including extremely cold temperatures), the 100-Warrior Challenge (successfully defeating 100 karate experts within a single sparring match) and the list goes on and on and on!
4) Something new to learn everyday
5) my two parrots
6) the smell of sequoias and redwood trees just after it rains, as well as the smell of olive trees (olive trees remind me of Athene and of home). My appreciation of scents is really subconsciously important to me, as it is a way for me to connect to my past and those that I love.
7) My wide variety of artistic talents (especially in cooking) which has enabled me to truly appreciate and love the world in so many ways.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
These days, I spend most of my time remembering my spouses, as my memories of them are fading and yet getting stronger at the same time. I feel so alone when I am not with them. Despite the fact that there is a lot of happiness in my current life away from the intel community, I spend many nights crying myself to sleep in longing for Athene, Matthew, and my other spouses. All the suffering I endured, all the sacrifices I had to make would so be worth it if only I could be with them again!

Besides my lonely thoughts, I spend much time thinking about sciences, politics, philosophy, religions, history, sports (I think about me playing them, not me watching them). As you can see, I spend a lot of time thinking of pretty much anything I find intriguing, which happens to be a very wide variety of thoughts, hence why my profile on here keeps getting longer and longer!

Also, I constantly have beautiful music, sounds, and images flowing through my mind and shaping my inner thoughts. It's beautiful yet chaotic and somehow remains in harmony!
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing cards with the guys or roaming the town. Or, to be more honest, I spend many nights still alone, wishing for a new chance to be with my family, my beloved spouses. Or I am doing online investment brokering.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I used to be a very hateful person, especially when I was a child. This is especially true because I was raising myself to join the intel community ever since I could remember (even before I finished elementary school) and so I trained myself to endure things well beyond what anyone should ever have to endure, much less a child. This left my mind shattered for many years and I've been putting it back together ever since I left the intel community about three years ago now. Back then, I felt deeply wronged by the world and I was furious at the human race for the longest time. But now I love this world and humanity. We truly are a beautiful and blessed species. Though it is true that I was and still am deeply wronged by the world, as everyone refused to give me recognition for my contributions. Though this is slightly irrelevant, since I made those contributions to better mankind, not so I could get credit for them.
You should message me if
Also, you must have at least ONE PHOTO OF YOU on your profile in order for me to reply to you (no trick photos of some blurry image that you pretend is yourself). It's very aggravating to spend so much time writing my profile so everyone can see who I truly am only to see so many people utterly refuse to write anything personal about themselves on here. Your life isn't nearly as personal or secretive as my own. You haven't gone through anything nearly as arduous or painful as I have. Notice how I still choose to be as open and honest as possible. So why is your profile so blank? I am a true catch and I am looking for a true catch. I automatically determine that you're not a true catch if your profile is blank!

If you're not a stereotype. Or if you're an interesting stereotype, then please do contact me (assuming you have a fairly completed profile as I defined above). Or if you have a bit of an Indiana Jones side to you. Or if you're nerdy. Gotta love them nerds! Nerds do everything better!

EDIT: While I am bisexual and a polygamist, there are several types of people that I'm just not sexually interested in. So if you fit one of the types listed below, don't contact me unless you're in it just for a good conversation and nothing more.

1) More than 20 lbs overweight as compared to the normal person of your ethnicity/height/age range.

2) black men. I'm just not interested in them at all.

3)"bears." If people have often described you as one, then you're not for me.

4) if you're over 5'10" or so, I just don't think it would work out.

5) Thuggish people. You know who I'm talking about. If you're one of them, just move on to the next profile.

6) I don't really like any facial hair, chest hair, or pubic hair on my potential mates.

7) Greasy people. If you have been known to have a strong odor on a daily basis or if your appearance is greasy and messy, you're just not my type at all. I appreciate and seek out beauty. Those who cover up their beauty or don't believe in their inner beauty just aren't for me.

8) If you wear a significant amount of make-up, then you're not for me. I appreciate real beauty, that is, I appreciate natural beauty. For the most part, I don't even like it when women wear lipstick, as I prefer the look and taste of natural lips, not lipstick. A bit of eye shadow is about the extent of make-up I appreciate. I much prefer to see women's blemishes, freckles, and the like.

9) I absolutely despise how the rap industry has destroyed and decimated the would've-been honorable image of the average black man. I'm sure Martin Luther King Jr would also despise what they have done to all his hard work! If your favorite music is rap or anything like that, then we just won't work out. Today's rap isn't music, it's the equivalent of little yipping "dawgs" pretending to be Alpha Males! It's the disgraceful noise of Alpha Male Syndrome!

10) If you are over age thirty and you can honestly say you look over age thirty, then I'm just not going to be interested in you for anything more than good conversations. I know this particular sediment sounds unfair, but I have a very good reason for it and I cannot share it here publicly.

Please keep in mind that among all of the other amazingly unique things about me, I used to be a sperm-donor, so I have over 1,000 children world-wide by my estimates (not joking). I am truly honored to have so many children and I have set up trust funds for all my children that I found. Though I have located them, due to my background, I haven't been able to see most of them ever. I have met only about a dozen of my children. I thank the universe for the time shared with my three favorite sons, though the time I spent with them was far, far too short and I long to be with them and raise them again.
The two of us