70League City, United States
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My self-summary
I am disabling this account at this time. I have not been getting what I expected out of it and fine tuning answers/tests does not seem to be correcting it. If you are curious why, look at my 'You Should Message Me..." to see
I had deleted this and basically tried to go dormant on this site awhile back for a variety of reasons but mainly because I was getting too many unsuitable matches and receiving angry replies from others being matched. Recently I was contacted, even with this profile empty by several that seemed to actually match and of some interest to me.
I am retired bisexual male, not particularly active but interested in meeting some others (men, women, or TS in some fashion) who just want to talk about their experiences. I have travelled extensively but, with retirement, find my circle of friends limited.
What I’m doing with my life
I have been active in volunteer activity, have a small quiet consulting business, and exploring new interests.
The first things people usually notice about me
Don't know. Like 'good at' what I suspect and what is real is probably different.
--Even though I don't think I smile enough, I have been told I have a welcoming smile and am handsome
--Intelligent, at least those that agree with me.
--Outdoor skills (camping, cooking, some canoeing)
You tell me!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books. Too many to name (I read a lot and have a library numbering in the thousands). I favor:
---Stranger in a StrangeLand, Hobbit, E.E. Smith novels, David Weber series, Eric Flint's Ring of Fire series, etc. Lackey's Companion world, McCaffey's Dragonworld,
---Sherlock Holmes is top but like Anne Perry's Monk, Alexander McCall's First Lady Detecive Agency, etc.
--Religious History
--Great stoies introducing me to other cultures (gee! maybe that is a clue to my interest in SciFi)
--History and Biographies. More lmited but includes
War of 1812 (which wasn't if you are British), science history
Movies. Follows my book interest although my favorite movies tend to not be adaptions or, at least, took the story to a different level such as some of the Marvel adaptions.
--Shakespear adaptations
--Chocolat, Julie/Julie
--Meg Ryan/Julie Roberts/Sandra Bullock
--Folk songs, especially the ballads
--Light and classical jazz
--Many classics, especially with 'modern' interpretations like the Swingle Singers
--Mannheim Steamrollers (yeh, its elevator music but, at the time, it strectched and refreshed.)
--Some blues and soul
--Christmas songs
--Great Bands dance music or modern variations.
Food. Eclectic
-- Stir Fry cooking, especially when I reach into the frig and build something based on what's there.
-- BBQ especially Memphis/Kansas City but some Texas
--Seafood, especially invertebrae but also Mahi/Mahi, Trout, and Sashmi grade tuna
Six things I could never do without
Okay, this is almost a challenge--to be honest or outrageous.
--Air. It is verrrry difficult to do without this!!
--warmth in Winter
--air conditioning (or at least air flow) in summer
--food--simple when I am busy by myself, gourmet shared
--Friends (probably second to air but a lot more enjoyable in the presence of the other items
--Freedom (but not licentious, for the best freedom respects others)
--Books (a little selfish but it is the most portable entertaining and aids learning)
Hmmm! I am a math major and I can't count!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My faith and how I should practice it
Computers and how they are programmed (I am only a little nerd--well, truthfully, maybe a little more than that)
Loved ones and what I need to do to let them know
On a typical Friday night I am
Cuddled with my lover or at least with them going to plays, movies, or dancing (ballroom)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That wouldn't be private anymore.

However, I will throw this out. I try to do the tests in OKC honestly but so many are ridiculous and have such bad questions that I find myself projecting/anticipating what I want the outcome to be. If you are interested in my test results, before you seriously believe them, talk to me. Many of the questions true answers are not listed in the test.
You should message me if
(Hint, 'Im looking for' is a similar situation to a lot of the tests. The true answers were not listed). So
- If you are involved or interested in alternate lifestyles rather than just heterosexual. My current circle of friends are very conservative and liimited in attitude.
- You have something you want to discuss about that lifestyle with a friend
- You are not on a campaign to convert the world or me!!
- You are not yelling at me!!!!
- You are a mature adult (Note that some of the most mature adults I have meet are in high school and some of the most childish are between the ages of 18-99)
- You are not just trying to see how many friends you score. This isn't Facebook or Twitter
- You have something to say that is either reasonable curiosity or will interest me.

(Casual sex: misleading . Part of that is I only want to get intimate with those that I share respect and trust and many of those friends will not be casual sex partner; another part, in contrast, is I want intimate contact with others--not to hold them off because we use the same restroom.)
I don't expect many contacts but I will ignore those that wasting my time. I try to answer all but after my early experience (see top comments) I reserve the right to ignore or skip over those that are abusive or harmful.
The two of us